Reports Of All-Time Record Low Northern Hemisphere Temperature, But No Official Confirmation

UPDATE: This story has only been confusion. It appears the new record was never set. Now it seems the source has been the Daily Mail, a story they wrote in January. Other outlets picked up on it, and information seems to have gotten lost and changed along the way. The Mail writes the -71.2°C reading was taken in 1924. But I guess it never became official, or something.

My conclusion: Nobody knows what the record temperature in Siberia really is. Someone else can work on it. I’m finished with this story!

Russia is a country filled with mystery and tales. Yesterday I wrote here there were reports that a new record low temperature had been set for the northern hemisphere, in Oymyakon, Siberia: -71.2°C.

However that record remains unconfirmed so far. But media outlets have been reporting on it, examples:


Село Оймякон — самая холодная точка на планете. На днях тут похолодало до минус 71 градуса — это самая низкая температура за всю историю измерения. Предыдущий рекорд был в 1933 году, когда ударил мороз минус 67,8 градусов.

In English (Bing translation):

The village of Oymyakon is the coldest point on the planet. The other day here it became colder to minus 71 degrees is the lowest temperature ever measured. The previous record was in 1933, when the frost hit minus 67.8 degrees.” reports here:

Oymyakon: Coldest Town in the World – 71 ° Celsius

It was just a few days ago that Oymyakon became famous. With -71° Celsius, it recorded a new record cold temperature, which until then had been unique to 2 villages. Until then the record of -68°C had to be shared with the town of Werchojansk – however, this is now history.”

Meteo Portale Italia:

Un nuovo record di freddo è stato stabilito nella giornata di oggi in Siberia. Nella città di Oymyakon è stato raggiunto l’incredibile valore di -71°C! Battuto il precedente record di -68°C che resisteva ormai dal lontano 1933. Tutta la Siberia e la Russia stanno sperimentado una fase di gelo intenso, con -50°C toccati anche nella regione di Dzalinda.”

In English, that’s something like:

A new record cold was recorded today in Siberia. In the town of Oymyakon the incredible value of -71.2°C was reached, beating the record of -68°C set in 1933. All of Siberia and Russia are in a phase of intense frost. with -50°C in the region of of Dzalinda.”

Germany’s Die Welt:

The Siberian location of Oymyakon has broken the record for the lowest temperature of all time. With -71°C it is the coldest town in the world. Even the traffic signs are iced over.”

Record? So far no one has been able to confirm it officially.


2 responses to “Reports Of All-Time Record Low Northern Hemisphere Temperature, But No Official Confirmation”

  1. stephen richards

    Most I’ve seen this year is -53C. Difference from last year has been it’s persistence.

  2. Jesse Ferrell

    I don’t know about previous years, but this year it was definitely only “Minimum temperature: -56.3ºC”

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