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Europe Shock Freeze...Catastrophe Winter Continues...German Televison Warns: "Coldest Night In 100 Years"!

Europe Shock Freeze…Catastrophe Winter Continues…German Televison Warns: “Coldest Night In 100 Years”!

Boy, this sure is some warming! German RTL television online reports on the nasty wave of bitter cold now currently gripping Germany and Eastern Europe. The report’s title: “Germany Continues To Shiver: Coldest Night In 100 Years Threatens.” Europe gripped by ice age conditions – in the springtime! Photo credit: NOAA The report’s photo caption […]

Worldwide Doubt Over Germany’s “Energiewende” Grows…German Flagship Daily Calls It “An International Flop”

International Doubt Over The Success Of Germany’s Energiewende growing by Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Germany’s Energiewende [energy transition over to renewables] is being watched closely in foreign countries. Already bets are being made on whether the expensive experiment is going to work. Meanwhile increasing numbers of international experts are expressing […]

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