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The Real Reason Why The Warmists Totally Dread The Future Of Rising CO2...Divergence!

The Real Reason Why The Warmists Totally Dread The Future Of Rising CO2…Divergence!

Share this…FacebookTwitterI was looking at the chart Joe Bastardi used in a recent post. It shows the CO2 and the temperature curves. In it we already see the first signs of why the warmists are getting seriously nervous. The divergence is beginning: Figure 1: TODAY: CO2 concentration and global temperature. The divergence began in […]

WeatherBELL: "Major, Historic 3-Day Cold Outbreak" To Grip Northeast USA

WeatherBELL: “Major, Historic 3-Day Cold Outbreak” To Grip Northeast USA

Share this…FacebookTwitterNo, NTZ has not been taken over by Joe Bastardi and WeatherBELL (But I’m open for offers :)). Seriously, it’s just that Joe has had some interesting news lately, and here’s another that’s happening in our time of “global warming” and “record” 400 ppm CO2. Mid-May frost forecast to wipe out fruit. Source: […]

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