WeatherBELL: “Major, Historic 3-Day Cold Outbreak” To Grip Northeast USA

No, NTZ has not been taken over by Joe Bastardi and WeatherBELL (But I’m open for offers :)).

Seriously, it’s just that Joe has had some interesting news lately, and here’s another that’s happening in our time of “global warming” and “record” 400 ppm CO2.


Mid-May frost forecast to wipe out fruit. Source:

The latest comes from his Saturday Summary 5/11. At the 5:50 mark:

But what the GFS has been insisting on, is the major historic 3-day cold outbreak.”

Are things ever going to warm up?

Over the long-term Joe says it’ll probably cool “worse than we thought”. Read my last post from yesterday.


One response to “WeatherBELL: “Major, Historic 3-Day Cold Outbreak” To Grip Northeast USA”

  1. Alex

    While the 400ppmv CO2 threshold has been broken, the AGW crowd and their MSM lap dogs seem to be avoiding the news lest people start asking about what happened to the More CO2= More Global Warming meme following 5 freezing winters in a row while CO2 keeps increasing and the 17 years stasis in the global average temperature.

    AGW gets Fail.

    People are not stupid. We know what corelation

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