Climate Bullshit Bingo Hottest Game In Town – Now All The Rage At UN IPCC Conferences, Climate Speeches

Are you’re getting bored by all the repeated nonsense you hear when listening to a climate speech by an alarmist, or watching a climate report on TV, or just reading a newspaper report on climate? Then try playing “Climate Bullshit Bingo“:

Bullshit Bingo Climate 2

Whenever you here one of the climate buzzwords on the card above, check it off and call out “Bingo!” as soon as you have a row of five in any direction. Play it with your friends at the next conference or speech (be sure to use different cards).


“Amazing! I recently saw a speech by Al Gore and yelled ‘Bingo’ after just 23 seconds!”
– Naomi O., California

“I set a personal best record at a recent speech by Prof. Michael Mann: Bingo after just 11 seconds!”
– Gavin S., New York

“I have to admit I’m addicted to the game, and play it every time I see Obama make a speech.”
– Andy R., New York

“Climate Bullshit Bingo has helped my speech writers immensely.”
– President Barack Obama

“Can’t wait to try Climate Bullshit Bingo at the next UN IPCC Convention!”
– Roger H., London

“I hardly ever called out ‘Bingo!’ at a Heartland Institute climate conference. No wonder I’ve stopped reporting on them.”
– Seth B., Washington D.C.

“My speeches on climate science must be getting better and better. I hear people shouting out ‘Bingo!’ earlier and earlier, sometimes after less than a minute!”
Michael M., Pennsylvania

“Climate Bullshit Bingo has crossed the Atlantic and is now sweeping across Europe, especially Germany!”
– Stefan R., Potsdam

“I’ve stopped falling asleep at climate speeches by warmists.”
– Pierre G., Germany

“My attention level at climate speeches by James Hansen has shot up dramatically!”
– Marc M., Washington D.C.

“It was fun at first. But with so many people shouting ‘Bingo!’, it’s kinda become a distraction at UN conferences.”
– Anthony W., California


21 responses to “Climate Bullshit Bingo Hottest Game In Town – Now All The Rage At UN IPCC Conferences, Climate Speeches”

  1. Ed Caryl


  2. Ed Caryl

    One is too easy. I suggest five in a row.

  3. Harry Dale Huffman

    Arnold the 13-year old nerd inside my head says you have to get a whole row, column or diagonal filled before you yell “Bingo”, or you’re a dirty rotten cheat. When I asked him, what if they made different rules for this version, he rolled his eyes and stalked off, insulted. I do think he has a point.

  4. DirkH

    Peter Gleick promotes photo of melting traffic light; thinks it’s Global Warming; gets corrected.

  5. Casper
    1. DirkH

      That’s only the EU parliament. Its only competency is to rubberstamp suggestions by the commission. The soviet of ministers still has to agree. (I like it that I can use the word soviet here and it’s the exact right word.)

      1. Rog Tallbloke

        To create the illusion of democracy, they occasionally vote down a measure on first reading, and rubberstamp it on the second.

  6. John F. Hultquist

    Some folks have waaay to much free time.

    Actually warmest speech writers use a 3 column list with directions to pick one from each column. Occasional sentences may use only 2 columns.

    climate catastrophe refugees
    inferred acidification feedback
    extreme scientist footprint

  7. oeman50

    Great humor to get ready for the 4th, Pierre!

    BTW, do they have the 4th of July in Germany? (JK)

    1. goldminor

      I belive they have a very long 3rd of July and then go straight on to the 5th. Don’t ask me why though!!!

  8. John Silver

    Change “Missing Heat” to “Deniers”.

  9. mwhite
  10. TimiBoy

    Good work. I needed a laugh! Australian Politics is making me cry 🙁

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  12. Dab Hand

    Has this been pierre reviewed?

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