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Over A Quarter Of The World’s Population (1.8 Billion People) Have Never Seen Global Warming In Their Lives

Steve Goddard here wrote, “Every current elementary school child on the planet has seen only global cooling during their life.” Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs Well, how much of the world’s population is that? According to this site here, that’s 26% of the world’s population – or 1.8 billion people. Soon global warming will be a […]

Washington Becomes Burma On Climate Science…Krauthammer Calls It “Appalling…Anti-Scientific…Scandalous”

When the president chooses to bypass Congress and the usual institutions to enact minority-supported regulation, and decides to decree it on his own, then he’s proven his utter failure to lead and has embarked on the ruinous path to tyranny. Hat-tip: Marc Morano at Climate Depot That path is one of arrogance, a despise for the will of […]

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