Over A Quarter Of The World’s Population (1.8 Billion People) Have Never Seen Global Warming In Their Lives

Steve Goddard here wrote, “Every current elementary school child on the planet has seen only global cooling during their life.”

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Well, how much of the world’s population is that? According to this site here, that’s 26% of the world’s population – or 1.8 billion people. Soon global warming will be a thing of the past; adults won’t know what it is.

Almost half of all Africans have never seen it

Because of Africa’s population distribution, with many countries there having 40% or more of its people with an age of 15 or less, almost half of the continent’s inhabitants have never seen global warming.


8 responses to “Over A Quarter Of The World’s Population (1.8 Billion People) Have Never Seen Global Warming In Their Lives”

  1. Mindert Eiting

    Perhaps you mean, Pierre, that the global warming swindle will be a thing of the past. Among those 1.8 billion young people, there must be one who will become a historian and give the world a detailed account of how this happened.

  2. DirkH

    O/T AfD has 1,000 audience in a rally in Hamburg; astonishingly, Die Welt (nominally conservative paper) doesn’t deliver their usual smear piece with stock photos of skinheads. Black bloc threw some eggs and a bottle but police did protect the rally (astonishing yet again).

  3. Eddi Rebel

    And I guess 95% of all Africans have never heard of AGW. They wouldn’t care anyway, AGW is a sickness of postmaterialistic decadent and bored western people. Like anorexia nervosa, I don’t think that’s a problem in Africa.

    1. DirkH

      Not so. It is a political weapon. The development of this weapon and the actors used to propagate it follow a Hegelian dialectic or “Pressure from above, Pressure from below” approach. Where the governments play the “rational” actor, the NGO’s (who have been funded since 1971 by the UN , the EU and the governments) play the “radical” part; and the “compromise” reached in the end has been the desired goal from the start.

      To maintain this strategy, all media have to be controlled – and they are; through infiltration, ownership and laws (esp. anti discrimination / hate speech laws) – and all opponents have to be outlawed or ridiculed (by branding them extreme right or conspiracy theorists).

      Case in point, have you ever seen public media explain that it is water vapor, not CO2 , that is the dominant greenhouse gas? The media are obviously not interested in informing anyone. What do you expect from a deliberately misinformed population? They are not stupid; they are intentionally never given information.

      1. DirkH

        The purpose of this political weapon is to make people accept higher energy prices and a reduced standard of living; leaving more of the resources for the powers in the background.

        Major players are the UN and the EU; the UN has been created by the CFR; the EU is a second attempt at creating a USSR; serving as a blueprint for a future world state as envisioned by the Fabians, see e.g. H.G. Wells “Men Like Gods” which, ironically, he has written while being in Switzerland, so it describes a earth like planet with a kind of global Switzerland – this is heavily ironic because Switzerland has never been invaded by anyone – they have at least one automatic rifle in every household… Maybe Wells didn’t know that.

        If any country will not be overrun by the future world state it’s Switzerland…

  4. Hugh K

    It’s not about firsthand experience of raw data. It’s about implanted perceptions. How many of these elementary school children that have not witnessed global warming have been forced to sit through algore’s film stating as fact, global warming is a real threat with dire consequences? In other words; growing up in a static climate or a propaganda film — Which do you think ultimately will have a greater impact on developing minds?
    At that age, the fate of their critical thinking development lies not with the educated but the educators. In the US, post ‘No Child Left Behind’, with numerous testing scandals having been perpetuated by educators, we have witnessed that many teachers/school administrators are less interested in the successful exchange of reliable information to their students than the successful lining their own pocketbooks. Yet, as with global warmists, the establishment media comes down time and again on the side of the education lobby.
    The real ‘inconvenient truth’ is that, whether it is Hollywood or 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the media always rallies around the wrong side of the issue. Unless we change our propagandist media, we can’t defeat wrong perceptions….especially with our youth.

  5. dp

    Science has shown that CAGW hysteria can exist forever in the absence of warming thanks to the continued conditioning of our youth.


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