Greenland Temperature Plummets To 40 Degrees Below Zero!

Recall how we were told over and over again that nowhere on the planet was warming faster than the Arctic. Greenland melting was supposed to be melting rapidly and a tipping point was fast approaching.

But things seem to be swinging the other way now. This year has not been a good year for the Arctic meltdown catastrophists.

Not only has the Arctic seen one of its coldest summers since data has been kept and sea ice up there has jumped an astonishing 60%, now we are getting news about Greenland from who writes that a temperature of -40°C was recorded there already in mid September! He writes:

A deep area of low pressure spinning over the northeast Atlantic has brought the 2nd spell of snow to parts of Iceland and 100 mph wind gusts over the tops of the Scottish Highlands. In the wake of the deepening low, skies cleared, winds fell light and bitter cold settled over Greenland with a rapid rise in surface pressure. These conditions, all thanks to the exiting low to the south, allowed the temperature to plummet to -40C over the Greenland interior last night, the lowest value so far this autumn.

Read the whole story here:


2 responses to “Greenland Temperature Plummets To 40 Degrees Below Zero!”

  1. Jimbo

    The climate is indeed changing. 🙂 Warmists have had such a bad year and the fun is just beginning. Next the IPCC propaganda. Get your popcorn and soda now, while stocks last! -40°C in mid September is worse than we thought.

  2. Paddy

    -40 C is equivilent to -40F.

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