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ADMISSION!…German Delegation, Politician Concede: “Climate Policy Needs Element Of Fear” In IPCC Report

Now we know what this is really all about: scaring the public into “rigorous climate policies”. In my last post I mentioned that the English language Spiegel here has a comprehensive piece on the IPCC’s ideological struggle on whether or not to include the 15-year warming hiatus in the AR5 Summary Report. Spiegel quotes Mike […]

Spiegel: “Climatologists Face Inconvenient Truth…Germans Are Losing Their Fear Of Climate Change”

The English language Spiegel magazine has lengthy piece on the crumbling climate science consensus. Yes folks, soon we’ll be hearing that 97% of all climate scientists say there is no consensus. This Spiegel piece is tantamount to yet another cruise missile direct hit on alarmist climate science. The alarmist climate science bunker appears to have finally been […]

MVP On The Losing Team…Merkel’s Empty Victory Risks A Worsening German Energy And Climate Policy

The media today are raving over Angela Merkel’s “huge victory“, with some even calling it “historic” or even a “blowout”, as Drudge does. But this isn’t so by any means. Merkel’s government LOST and will soon no longer be in power. The perception of media outlets from Great Britain and in the USA surely has been distorted […]

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