ADMISSION!…German Delegation, Politician Concede: “Climate Policy Needs Element Of Fear” In IPCC Report

Now we know what this is really all about: scaring the public into “rigorous climate policies”.

In my last post I mentioned that the English language Spiegel here has a comprehensive piece on the IPCC’s ideological struggle on whether or not to include the 15-year warming hiatus in the AR5 Summary Report.

Spiegel quotes Mike Hulme who says that the German delegation is “certainly more in the direction of ‘alarmist’” and thus are insisting that the warming hiatus not be mentioned. Why not? Spiegel tells us why (my emphasis):

German Green Party politician Hermann Ott, on the other hand, is satisfied with Germany’s conduct in the negotiations. Since Helmut Kohl’s government, Ott says, there has generally been consensus on the significance of climate protection, making it possible for “a great deal of continuity and a high level of expertise” to develop within Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment.

Despite resistance from many researchers, the German ministries insist that it is important not to detract from the effectiveness of climate change warnings by discussing the past 15 years’ lack of global warming. Doing so, they say, would result in a loss of the support necessary for pursuing rigorous climate policies. “Climate policy needs the element of fear,” Ott openly admits. “Otherwise, no politician would take on this topic.”

Unbelievable. Ott is saying that the German government and its Ministry of Environment, where his good friend Jochen Flasbarth is a director, needs a report that scares the public! We appreciate the honesty.

Also, someone needs to remind Hermann Ott that there hasn’t been any warming since Helmut Kohl’s government ended in 1998 – completely contradicting the models. In fact, there hasn’t been much warming since the IPCC’s second report from 1995!


9 responses to “ADMISSION!…German Delegation, Politician Concede: “Climate Policy Needs Element Of Fear” In IPCC Report”

  1. Bebben

    Unbelievable is the word Pierre…

    But this time it seems it will be hard for them to “resettle the science”. 🙂

  2. Bruce from Oz

    See quote of the week from Professor Judith Curry (one of the few main stream climate scientists with integrity)

    Physicist Jochem Marotzke, director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, in Hamburg….

  3. Richard111

    I think this whole exercise is about population reduction. Just think how well PV panels perform under a foot or so of snow and how well windmills behave with ice on the blades. Problem is the cold is coming earlier than expected and people are beginning to smell the coffee.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Smell the coffee? I’m surprised that they still have a source of energy to boil the water.

      One cold, long winter with the inevitable series of deaths resulting from people being unable to afford to properly heat their homes still wouldn’t be enough to break through the cultivated stubbornness of Germans. The government has already told the population to prepare for extended electricity outages.

      The journey back to the caves is a quick one.

  4. E Martin

    Maybe it is the right time for NTZ to again post your report of the Prof. Othmar Edenhofer quote that was published in the Neue Zuecher Zeitung c. 2 yrs ago about the motives of the IPCC.

  5. Ike

    I think, anything is possible in Germany right now. No one really knows what the politics will come up within the next weeks. A coalition between CDU and the greens…holy cow…please not!

    But keeping the people scared is a good way to control them. And the Germans are good at this. The German Angst!

    And Rahmstorf…well he doesn’t has to do anything with scary climate stories: “Da haben wir damals auch nicht gesagt: “Ganz schrecklich, die globale Erwärmung läuft doppelt so schnell ab wie erwartet.” Read here ->

    And “Die kalte Sonne” just published this about Rahmsdorf ->


  6. R. de Haan

    In the news now: New climate report, Global warming continues, ocean rise continues and will accelerate due to melting ice caps, it’s all our fault and we have to act now.

    I think the time has come to get a lawyer and sue the The State, the media and the scare mongers.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Dig up the fish and hold it under their noses.

      People who remain unaccountable for their actions/advice/soothsaying must be ignored and unrewarded. Those who still listen to them, must be held accountable.

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