Vahrenholt’s And Lüning’s Controversial Book “The Neglected Sun” Again In Print And On Sale

Neglected SunUPDATE … Now available in USA:

It’s the book they don’t want you to read.

The Neglected Sun is back on sale (at least in the UK) after the first printing was sold out.

Some readers wrote me saying that they were no longer able to order the book. I don’t know how many copies were printed this time around, but if you are planning to pick up copies to give away for Christmas, for someone’s birthday, or to educate some hysterical warmist, then do get them while you can.

The book makes a strong case against the one-sided IPCC AR5 report, whereby unbelievably its authors are now struggling with whether or not to mention the significantly 15 year warming pause that embarrassed their models.

The German version was released one and half years ago, and so far all the recent studies are confirming precisely what Vahrenholt and Lüning are claiming and showing: no warming, Co2 exaggerated, oceans play a major role, models are totally inadequate, etc.

Last I’ve heard, the IPCC AR5 authors will claim sea ice will be melting faster as temperature slows down. Now that’s confusion. Obviously they are bending over backwards to insert alarmism in the report.

Order here! or at Amazon in your own country.


?????????????????????????????????????????????While I’m at it, you may also want to pick up a copy of Bob Tisdale’s excellent book:

Climate Models Fail is now available for sale.

A full-sized cover is available here.

The Free Preview. The book includes many of the model-data comparisons he published as blog posts over the past year. And you’ll note that there are brand new presentations.


10 responses to “Vahrenholt’s And Lüning’s Controversial Book “The Neglected Sun” Again In Print And On Sale”

  1. Kevin R. Lohse

    I was able to pre-order through I’ve just received an email telling me the book is on it’s way at a much-reduced price, presumably due to the increased print-run. Additionally, I’m off to London of Friday to listen to Messrs Singer and Carter brief on climate Change Reconsidered II. All in all, a great week for this Climate sceptic .

  2. Ed Caryl

    Last week I received an email from Amazon US telling me they could not deliver and sending me to the used market. I will monitor the situation here.

  3. Don B

    Here in the US, I have preordered through, and they are saying delivery will be early October.

  4. Loodt Pretorius

    I’ve just received my copy of the Neglected Sun from Amazon UK. It was on pre-order and evidently I received a copy from the second batch of printing. Initially I thought that the publishers was doing a publicity stunt to release it in the same week as the most authoritative and coveted IPCC report, which, as we all know, will be a best seller in its own right.

    The book is printed in Turkey and the price came in at £9-09, the Queens currency, what a bargain. A certain Pierre and Doris Gosselin is responsible for the translation.

    I am still reading the Preface and am happy to report that so far so good, the translation is excellent, the English flows and the style is not stilted as all. I have read my fair share of translated works in my life – a lot of Heinz Konsalik – and always found the German voice and sentence structure somehow finding its way into the translation, distracting from the narrative and making reading just that little bit more difficult.

    Perhaps we should give a special thanks to Pierre and Doris, if there is a prize for the best translated work, this book should be entered, its up there with the best.

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