Winter Forecast Models Continue Showing Killer Harsh Winter In Store For Eastern And Central Europe!

Meteorologist Dominik Jung at takes another look at the winter forecast for Europe. It hasn’t changed; it remains miserably cold.

And if the last few days are any indication, then things are going to get awfully mean this winter. Expect sky-high heating bills and lots of frost damage, especially to streets. For example here are this morning’s lows for Germany – and October has barely begun:

Widespread frost over Germany. Source: tiefst werte/.

The press release today explains the winter forecast for both December and January taken from US weather models. The December chart from shows the Beast from the East, a.k.a. Siberian Express, rolling across central and southern Europe, before seriously intensifying in January.


Jung writes:

The American long-term model remains true to a cold winter when compared to the 1961 – 1990 reference period. The two charts show the expected mean temperature in Central Europe in the months of December and January.”

Jung writes that there’s been a shift over the years to colder winters in Europe. After the last, at times, really cold winters, this is no longer a surprise. “The mild westerly wind pattern of the 1990s that provided us with mild and stormy years have gotten markedly less. Increasingly the icy high pressure weather patterns are dominating,“ explains Jung.

Though these long-term forecasts entail a lot of uncertainty, they do tell us what has already become clear: Europe has entered a period of cold winters – like those experienced in the 1970s. It tells us that the chances for a cold one are greater. This winter the dice is loaded in favor of a cold one.

To know for sure, we’ll just have to wait until April.

See press release:


9 responses to “Winter Forecast Models Continue Showing Killer Harsh Winter In Store For Eastern And Central Europe!”

  1. Stephen Richards


    The last time the models/forecasters all agreed about winter was 1962. The winter 62-63 was vicious. Let’s hope that is not on the cards.

  2. DirkH

    O/T International drivers of the Global Warming lie GLOBE international, represented in every parliament in the West, now push for something they call “Natural Capital Accounting”.

    “between now and 2020 – by which time GLOBE legislators seek to see natural capital accounting laws enacted.”

    So what happens to you when your country slavishly enacts Natural Capital Accounting Laws? This sounds a lot like UN Agenda 21 and the push to cram the population worldwide into stack and pack cities. Obviously another attempt by the EU ultrastate to curb the consumption of its slave population:

  3. Graeme No.3

    If a bitterly cold winter comes so soon after the IPCC report and all its hype, then all their scare tactics will be in vain.

    Claims that warming is continuing will be measured against the incoming electricity bills and public anger will rise. With widespread public scepticism it will be very difficult for politicians to continue feeding money into the cause, if they want to continue in office. Certain occupiers of cosy positions in publicly funded Institutes and Government Agencies and Departments will also feel the chill.

  4. BobW in NC

    It would be interesting have a few folks from Germany attend a meeting to be held in Chattanooga, TN sponsored by the Society of Environmental Journalists. Apparently, the news media has not been adequately getting the word out about the seriousness of CAGW.

    An excerpt from The Daily Caller: “The Society of Environmental Journalists will be hosting a meeting on Friday that will discuss the media coverage surrounding global warming, which will include a panel of journalists from left-leaning news sites.” Source:

    Anyone want to attend?

  5. Chris Frey

    As I said before, be careful about Mr. Jung. He might be a good meteorologist, but he also likes the headlines.
    He refers to models. If these models are of IPCC quality, I won’t consider them too much.
    However, there are other strong indications that there might be a severe Winter. According to my friend, all ocean oscillations of relevance for Europe are in negative phase (whatever that means).
    Well, I asked him whether indications are a forecast. He smiled, but did not answer.

    Chris Frey

  6. Chris Frey

    Addendum to my last comment: November 18th will mark the begin of the next IPCC session to be held in Warsaw, Poland. Well, if the so called “Al Gore Effect” is due, winter should beginn then at the latest.
    Wouldn’t that be something to go bananas about?

    Chris Frey

  7. DirkH

    O/T The EU’s very own MiniLove:
    has created a draft for a European social engineering law containing amongst other “Group Libel Laws”

  8. RC Saumarez

    The worrying thing is that if these short term models are correct, they will be taken as evidence that the IPCC models are correct.

    Let’s pray for a mild winter!

  9. Ike

    ok, so far understand that GW will not produce warmer winter in Europe, because the artic is melting and so on….bla, bla, bla. Several years ago, they said “warm winter, no snow in Europe!”. Now the oposite is true. Warmer Artic, colder winters in Europe! Thats sounds like bull*

    Now SZ writes, thats winters, according to IPCC, are getting more wet in Europe. ->

    huh??? Does wet means rain? No snow? Definately! So, what meterologist Jung suggest, that this winter might be freezing cold, like the last 5 winters….

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