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Online Spiegel Top Headline: “Contradictory Prognoses: Scientists Discover Discrepancies In UN Climate Report”

Online Spiegel as of right now has an unflattering report on the UN IPCC AR5 climate report as its top headline. This hardly helps the credibility of climate scientists. The headline article is dubbed: Contradictory Prognoses: Scientists Discover Discrepancies In UN Climate Report, written by Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski. The bold print introduction: The UN warns […]

IPCC Projected 2100 Temperature Range Corrected Downward Almost a Full 1°C, German Blog Shows

The IPCC corrects projected temperature range for 2100 downwards by 1°C By Michael Krueger, Science Skeptical (Translated and edited by P Gosselin) The IPCC AR5 Summary for Policymakers was released at the end of September, followed some days later by the Working Group 1 Report. The press directed much of its attention to sea level […]

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