Schellnhuber Warns: Ocean Belch Would “Shock-Heat” Lower Troposhere Another 36°C Celsius (To Over 122°F)!

Schellnhuber_Photo Dirk E.That’s summertime Death Valley conditions!

Austrian flagship daily Der Standard here has an interview with Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellhnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany – the Vatican of climate alarmism.

Photo right: Schellnhuber (see credit below)!

In the interview Schellnhuber says that he thinks (not surprisingly) the latest IPCC report is too conservative. He also explains that global temperatures have not risen very much over the last 15 years because “93% of the global warming goes into the ocean, only 2% goes into the atmosphere“.

And in yet another classic example of PIK dramatization and alarmism at its best, he tells readers what this means:

In 2012 a paper by Levitus et al. was published. In it the warming of the ocean from 0 to 2000 meters deep from 1955 to 2010 was estimated. From the increased greenhouse gas effect a warming of 0.09 degrees Celsius was given – evenly distributed over the ocean. Now we only need to calculate the energy contained by this 0.09°C. Just imagine if the ocean released this heat into the atmosphere with a belch. That would shock-heat the first 10 kilometers of our atmosphere – the layer that we live in and where weather occurs – by 36 degrees C …36 degrees Celsius!”

To be fair, Schellnhuber then states that this of course would never happen at once and that this is just a heat conversion calculation. But he adds, “When just a fraction of that is released, such as during the next El Niño, then the air temperature will again jump significantly. Then people will say : ‘Aha, now they are there, the new temperature records.'”

Photo credit: a reader. (Of course photo is not really Schellnhuber himself, but a good look-alike!)

10 responses to “Schellnhuber Warns: Ocean Belch Would “Shock-Heat” Lower Troposhere Another 36°C Celsius (To Over 122°F)!”

  1. DirkH

    “Just imagine if the ocean released this heat into the atmosphere with a belch.”

    That’s nothing I tell you! Just imagine an invasion of acid-spraying zombie worms. Please send money.

  2. Harry Dale Huffman

    Incompetent science and insane politics. Non-scientists (and incompetent scientists) cannot begin to imagine how ugly and twisted is the mind of this man, and the others like him, in politics, science, and the media. That so many–and all of our responsible institutions–have been suborned by such utter nonsense (where was “ocean heat content” in all the years before now, when they did not feel the slightest need to consider it, and yet claimed certain knowledge) is beyond the pale. This man is a criminal fraud, the whole of climate science is a criminal fraud, and the world will blow up when the truth finally hits home to all those who have invested their belief in it. And the world, and science, will only have itself to blame, for failing to keep faith with a natural world, changing only in overarching and necessary natural cycles, that was designed to sustain and teach mankind, as it obviously has throughout man’s experience on Earth.

  3. Ric Werme

    “the air temperature will again jump significantly”

    I hearby claim that if a new El Nino were to hit tomorrow, the extra temperature rise will be no more than 0.09C°.

    Okay, it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Maybe 0.10° if it happens in the next year. But only if all that deep hot water is already warmer than the equatorial Pacific SST.

    1. Rob

      Quite right Ric,

      You’d think he’s never heard of the second law of thermodynamics.

      If all this heat is going into the deep oceans, whats he worried about?

  4. Ike

    Then people will say : “Aha, now they are there, the new temperature records.’” –

    Nope! I would never say that!!

    Nice Photo 😉


  5. Bob Tisdale

    Obviously Schellnhuber doesn’t understand that downward shortwave radiation (sunlight) fuels ENSO, not hypothetical downwelling longwave radiation from manmade greenhouse gases…or maybe he’s electing to misrepresent the process.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Pierre.



  6. Keith L

    Seems to have missed the basic physics of thermodynamics which makes it clear that no matter how much heat energy is stored in the ocean it cannot make the atmosphere hotter than itself.
    Heat flows from hotter to cooler. No exceptions, even for climate alarmists.

  7. Rich

    So if the impossible happened something astonishing would be the result! I wish I was a scientist.

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