Another European Directive That Really Sucks…EU Now Banning “Energy-Hungry” Home Appliances

The EU is now in the process of taking away larger size electric appliances from consumers, saying they consume too much energy. Small appliances are enough for the citizens and they’ll just have to learn to like them.

EU banning “energy-hungry” vacuum cleaners

Incandescent light bulbs have already been removed from the shelves. Next being removed are larger size vacuum cleaners. Germany’s online flagship daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports: “Beginning September 2014 in the EU only vacuum cleaners that consume less than 1600 watts may be sold. From 2017 only a maximum of 900 watts will be allowed.”

Hat-tip: DirkH

The FAZ writes that the ban was very quietly passed by Brussels some weeks ago, going unnoticed by the public.

Vacuum cleaners will also carry a sticker informing the consumer of the appliance’s energy efficiency rating. The EU thinks it can save energy by forcing consumers to buy only small appliances.

Whether the intrusion by the state will have an effect on overall electricity consumption remains a question. Smaller vacuum cleaners will only mean that housewives (and many husbands, of course) will have to spend twice as long vacuuming to get the house clean, and so may end up using even more electricity. This is the latest Brussels eco-justified intrusion into the free market and our private lives.

To be fair, the FAZ does write that the manufacturers of vacuum cleaners have pretty much accepted the law without protest, as most cleaners are already below the 1600-watt limit. However, a couple of high-end vacuum cleaner manufacturers, such as Vorwerk, are resisting.

What’s next?

The FAZ writes that not only light bulbs and vacuum cleaners are targeted for higher efficiency, but also an entire range of appliances. This is all in the wake of the European Ecodesign Directive, which will go into effect on November 1st for clothes dryers. “For condensation tumbler dryers, the weighted condensation efficiency must not be less than 60 percent.”

This latest additional government encroachment into private lives is necessary, European bureaucrats believe. Citizens have to stop being wasteful and it’s past time to rescue the planet from dangerous climate change, so claim the nannies in Brussels and other European capitals. It’s all for our own good.

How could people have come to accept being treated like irresponsible children who need to be nannied 24 hours a day? Surely if a poll were taken in Europe, a majority of citizens indeed would agree that they really are too stupid to make their own personal decisions and so it’s best that the state decides simple things for them, like the purchase of an appliance.

A large part of the European citizens have been brainwashed into believing this.

Recently the EU attempted to force consumers to have only the option of buying cars that emit low levels of CO2. But Angela Merkel resisted the move, claiming that Germany’s powerful automotive industry needs more time to make its cars more efficient.


112 responses to “Another European Directive That Really Sucks…EU Now Banning “Energy-Hungry” Home Appliances”

  1. G. Watkins

    You really should have a direct line of communication to the Daily Mail/ Telegraph. So many items that the British press never seem to discover.

    1. DirkH

      Look at the Daily Mail’s Syria war reporting. They’re basically the NATO’s printing press. No photoshop job too silly. Daily Mail has a history of that at least back to the start of WW 2.

    2. Prof Darell

      Learn how to spell October. It’s not Oktober, ha ha! The government should have a high tek way to control how much power people use so like if they use the washing machine for more than 2 hours a week the government can shut it off so it don’t work until next week. Since less coal is available and power plants shutting down so government should oversee what people are using too much in the home and turn off wasteful appliances. Also government should be able to turn heat thermstat down so everybody’s is the same. Government should try this in a cold weather state like minnesota as experiment

      1. George Johnson

        Aren’t you the cutest little communist……

        Um, prof, it is the GOVERNMENT that is shutting down the bloomin’ power plants, not because we’re running out of coal. My god, are you really that stupid? We have enough coal to last the planet at least 600 more years.
        And I would love to know your “reason” for everybody’s thermostat being the same.

      2. Alum Minium


      3. Ellen

        In Germany it’s Spelled OKTOBER. You are making assumptions unnecessary. Europe is for the most cold in Winter and they do not have AC. I suggest you live in a colder climate at 10 degrees lower than normal. Stupid is priceless.

  2. mwhite
  3. roger

    Supermarket bags for life found to be festering with bugs, cool water washing machines having a similar effect, vaccuum cleaners that won’t clean – all brought to you by the cesspit of Brussels.
    Who’s the dirty man of Europe now?
    Bubonic plague anyone?

  4. Mike Heath

    Don’t these turkeys have something better to do for Christmas?

    1. John Rambo

      Christmas? These vampires will be drinking fresh baby blood that day. Socialism=the philosophy of death.

  5. George B

    I have a feeling that the EU isn’t going to be much longer for this world if they insist in perpetuating this insanity. At some point people are just going to ignore them.

    1. Jack Ryan

      Brussels = Sacramento writ REALLY large.

  6. Walter H. Schneider

    It would be far more effective to make energy unaffordable for the average consumer, but they are doing their best to make that happen.

    1. dave

      A few weeks ago Obama directed his EPA to make coal powerd electric plants pay high fines or stop running . All to make wind and solar more attractive. Well most of the USA’s electric power comes from coal…. so I guess we all will be taking it up the @as cause he needs to give money to GE or some solar buddy that gives him cash.
      Its a sick world when you are told you must pay more for less.

    2. D McIntyre

      I really like this concept. There are 1 million possibilities for government to intervene in wasteful energy utilization. Several that I really like are setting a maximum horsepower for marine engines on pleasure boats at 15 (11 KW) and cars at a maximum horsepower of 30 (22 KW). Similarly, lawnmowers could be restricted to those not having a motor.

      There are all sorts of big power users in hospitals. This might result in a few more patient deaths, but healthcare costs would tumble as doctors would be back to 18 century practices.

      NHS would be rolling in money as they would have nothing to spend it on.

      It would also be interesting to investigate the savings involved with eliminating motorized vehicles from the military. It would also give horses more to do them carrying around red clad millionaires chasing foxes. There is no end to the possibilities.

      1. DirkH

        “NHS would be rolling in money as they would have nothing to spend it on.”

        I am sure the directors of the NHS have enough cousins who could serve as very high-rated consultants to solve that problem.
        I think the German state broadcasters operate under that principle.

  7. John

    Ban politicians from re-producing, we don’t need anymore useless eaters with horrible ideas.

    1. John Rambo

      What if people just start shooting them instead? Lol if they’re going to make life hell we might as well make it so thy can no longer appear in public. Lol oh wait. They banned most guns in Europe. Never mind.

  8. DICK R

    How will we stop these lunatics interfering in every aspect of our lives

  9. David Joss of Downunder

    Absolutely bizarre. How long per week does the average domestic vacuum cleaner work? It’s hardly a full time job. And as you point out Pierre, it’s likely more time will now be needed for those using underpowered machines.
    Just another example of seeming, not doing.

  10. EricStoner

    I get the feeling we are watching the EU swirl around the toilet bowl on their way to the bottom. Hope they don’t depend on Chilean fruit:

  11. Steadfast

    Well a Sunday law would fix all of this ! No working on Sundays, and vacuum sales can only be done on say, saturday ! Oh shucks, everything’s only for sake Saturday’s, to make Sundays better !

    This WILL fix the problem, permanently.

  12. Chris F

    Yes Pierre, it’s on Drudge US.

  13. stargirl

    this will have two unintended consequences:
    1) people using lower-watt vacs will vacuum for twice as long as before, so there will be no decrease in energy consumption. when the US mandated toilets that used less water, people started flushing multiple times.
    2) the value of old vacs will soar, and shops that repair them will see more customers.

    1. Johannan Baptiste

      3) These European elitists have never picked up a vacuum cleaner in their lives.

    2. Prof Darell

      Get rid of the carpet floors and can use a broom and dust pan :). Think green

      1. Greg

        Of course you will lose the insulating benefit of the carpet causing you to need additional energy usage for heating.

        Think smart not stupid!

  14. Jeff

    Why are left-wingers always banning shit?

  15. margie

    I might be wrong but…. if you have to run the vacuum twice as long, do four loads of wash rather than 3, turn your easy bake oven on for 2 hours rather than 15 minutes, won’t you use more energy? I’d suggest the Euros cut back on immigrants; that would save way more.

  16. Bebben

    My first thought was that it is too ridiculous to be true. But then…

    Vaclav Klaus:

    “The green movement is trying to dictate, control, regulate, mastermind our lives. This is what we see every day. They want to discuss how many children we can have because the man is a creature which damages the atmosphere because of breathing. They are dictating us what kind of cars we can use, how big the refrigerators we can have. I speak as someone who lived in a communist era and who knows what it means to eliminate freedom, as someone who knows what it means to eliminate the market economy, someone who knows what it means to regulate, to command, to mastermind the economy from above.”

    1. Pedro

      But then … Do 7 Billion people each have the right to drive a Hummer??

      There’s not enough gasoline on earth to support that so it has to stop somewhere.
      Lets hope it doesn’t descend into a food-fight where only the guys with the biggest weapons get access to the resources.

      1. DirkH

        Pedro, that is regulated by supply and demand already. I drive a tiny car because I have better uses for the money. If somebody strikes it rich why shouldn’t he drive a big expensive car?

        Can we all at the same time do it? No – it would drive the price of gasoline up to the point where most of us would have to restrict ourselves again.

        If you think like a leftist and want equality, then yes, no Hummer for anyone.
        If you are a free marketer – then there can be Hummers for those who find it a worthwhile use of their money.

        I like the free market world much better. I don’t want a Hummer; I want something else. That’s up to everyone.

      2. Alexander Mackenzie

        Of course the Hummer manufacturer would love to have 7 billion customers, but it would be difficult to supply them all with a vehicle. Now electric cars need to be re-energized every day, and electric production is not pollution friendly. Such a enlarged ability to generate enough for any nation to supply all their transportation needs would add more to pollution than todays few Hummers. All the while such rules like this article is about making live harder for first world citizens, the pollution cuts made in these nations are made up “plus” by shipping these dirty jobs to third would nations by both Europe and the USA, causing unemployment and lower living standards in the west while actually increasing pollution into the atmosphere by putting said jobs in nations that have no pollution controls, and will take any work to establish a economy. Oh, not the armed but the wealthy will still have all the good stuff available, only the serfs will be limited with what the elite’s allow them availability too.

      3. Jimbo

        Do 7 billion people need a hummer? Absolutely not. And if you let them buy what they want, only a small portion of them would. Quit worrying so much about what other people do with their money.

        1. MarkAmerica

          Here you’ve hit on a key to the statist mindset: “If I can’t have one, nobody should.” It’s easy to sit around speculating on how others ought to live, or how they should spend their money. You tend to find perfectly useless people who produce nothing of value engaged in this pasttime-become-profession.

          Another problem is the woeful state of economic education. Many people don’t understand the notion that the chaos inherent in the market system is a good thing for the whole of its participants over the long run. They see the chaos as a bad thing. These are people who would have forced a standard for consumer-level video recording to Beta, when the market decided VHS.

          Somebody above carps about whether we could all drive Hummers. If seven billion people wanted Hummers, the market would eventually find a way to supply them, or the cost would become so prohibitive that they would change their minds. The same would be true of the fuels on which they rely. I have two vehicles. One is an agile car for my commute to work and so on. The other is a large pickup truck for work on my farm. I buy the vehicles that suit my life. I live out in the country on 40 acres. I work in a smallish town M-F. If I were an apartment-dwelling bachelor, I’d certainly drive something else. I don’t have the diesel-gulping F350 because I like burning fuel.

          Another basic problem is the narrow-mindedness of most people. They live their lives and seemingly cannot conceive of any other. Because I live out in the country, I am quite literally live at the end of the power lines. Because of this, I wind up popping light-bulbs two times per week at least. If I had to buy compact flourescents each time, I’d go broke or live in darkness after sunset. Being able to buy 100w bulbs before the ban was important to me. It was important enough that I have now a lifetime supply. What this article portends is that I should now stock up on vacuum cleaners, because it’s only a matter of time before the statist Obama administration follows an increasingly communistic Europe.

      4. Gabor

        If we were all mandated to drive the same car, then it would end up being the equivalent of the communist era Trabant, or maybe the Yugo. Equality is only possible in equal misery.

      5. Snurdley Biscome

        Stupid red herring hysterical straw man arguement.
        Not only because Hummers are out of production, but because most of the 7 billion do not know how to drive.
        However there is enough oil to refine all that gasoline.

    2. Bruce

      Communists never disappear. They just become environmentalists.

  17. Wild Bill

    Good luck finding willing export markets for their crummy appliances.

    1. DirkH

      Wild Bill, even cheap European appliances survive for 10 years. Try to do that with a GE fridge.

    2. Jimbo

      Yes, but will they buy their appliances when they are less effective than their competitors’ products due to home market restrictions?

  18. rich34952

    After it fails in Europe, when consumers uprise against their government regulations, it will come to America with more government control over our lives and less thought in what is decreed by the elite politicans. How can we get rid of these egg heads and replace them with common sense leaders? Elections do not seem to change policies, because the voters keep voting for the same type of representation.

  19. mbzguy

    Typical left wing tactics. It’s all about control. The more annoyed you are with the day to day crap you have to put up with the less you will think about the big things like government, freedom, civil liberties and the like. One day though, it will happen, that people will be tired of it, and will yell out the windows, “I’m not going to take it anymore.” Until then, the left wing loonies will keep getting away with more and more control tactics, like healthcare, food, being offended for everyone, vehicles, etc., etc.,…. .

  20. Bob

    The appliances in Europe are already built for dwarves. I thought I was shopping at a special appliance store for dorm rooms in Helsinki and I find out that is their major department store! My hosts had a normal size house and a refrigerator that could hold about a days worth of food.

    1. Hank

      Very true – a local “Euro-style” furniture store began importing a line of European kitchen appliances, and failed miserably. The small appliances were well made, but expensive; the only people who would NEED these itty bitty items were those living in cramped “efficiency” dwellings because they couldn’t afford something more spacious – which meant they couldn’t afford expensive European mini-ovens, mini-refrigerators, or mini-dishwashers. People with more money have larger kitchens, and don’t WANT the mini-appliances.

  21. Pedro

    I wonder when they’ll dictate an outright ban cars over say; 70 HP.
    (That is, after all, what you need to travel at 100 MPH which should be enough for anyone, right?).

    Answer: They won’t because virtually the entire German auto industry relies on the politics of ‘aspiration and envy’ to make people want 150HP+ cars.

    So much for environmental politics. The principles go out of the window when you threaten to take the man-toys away.

    1. DirkH

      You are right; these prohibitions just serve to erect barriers to entry for would-be competitors to the established industries.

    2. The Bruce

      “So much for environmental politics”

      Pedro, the environment is much better than it was just thirty years ago. How much further do you want environmental politics to go; when we’ve all gone back to living in caves and huts?

    3. Justa Joe

      Why don’t they just ban people? Where does this end with you people?

  22. Reality Check

    The is just the foreplay to saving the Earth.

    Elite’s who are true believers will move on to the only true way to save the earth from humans.

    Kill the non-elite humans by the 100s of Millions at a time and only leave enough non-elite humans on earth to service the robots that will cater to every whim of the elites.

  23. RC Saumarez

    I only hope that the UK will leave the EU. What happens then?

    1. rabidfox

      The people of the UK prosper.

  24. sjohnson

    Remember when people switched from paper to plastic to save trees? Now back to paper, LOL. Stoopid enviros, just chill trying to save the world, it will be here and look exactly the same way eons after your bones have been re-birthed 20 generations.

  25. Mollie Hatchie

    How is using a little vac and spending twice as long cleaning
    better than using a large vac and spending half the time cleaning ?

  26. BCreek

    Crony socialism. Picking the ONLY winners.

  27. RoyFOMR

    Old Scottish saying.
    You can’t teach your granny how to suck eggs.
    New EU diktat
    Yes, you can.
    Gossip has it that a major European electrical manufacturer has patented a method whereby ionized mercury vapour can, when driven into a vortex by low wattage, UV stimulation, attract household dust into bio-safe, disposable pellets that can be disposed of in the same containers as discarded CFL bulbs.

  28. kayha

    This is just the beginning for the U.K they reduced their coal fired electrical generation capacity.They then went whole hog into solar and wind now they are finding that it was a fools errand.Rolling black outs are just around the corner the ship E.U is sinking.There refusal to use Dirty coal as they like to call it will bring misery to the E.U.

  29. Rourke725

    Disgusting. Thankful that I no longer live in Europe, but so sorry for the good people tied there, that they have to live under the increasingly heavy thumb of those small minds in Brussels. May the reign of the utopian statists be short-lived.

  30. Diego Roswell

    The EU has its citizens brain washed by junk science to further the socialist agenda, bigger government more centralized control, and less freedom. The “entitled” masses cannot complain because they are given everything and therefore, must obey. Is it worth the price of your freedom? You people make me sick.

  31. RS

    There is NO lower limit to the micromanagement of YOUR life demanded by green progressives.

    Naturally, THEY will continue to fly in private jets and ride in limos while YOU are limited to a Soylent Green existence.

  32. LeChat

    When Europe collapses into economic chaos due to those fools in Brussels, I’ll know that America cannot be far behind. Europe is the canary in the coal mine for governmental idiocy.

  33. Paul in Sweden

    P. Well, I still have time in Sweden to get a good vacuum to stick in the closet for when ours dies. The other EU Ban that concerns me is the Ban on High End Graphics Cards:

    New EU Energy Guidelines Could Cripple High-End Graphics Cards | techPowerUp – Monday, October 15th 2012

    One of the biggest consumer electronics markets, EU strictly regulates materials, radio-emissions, and energy-efficiency of consumer electronics items eligible for sale in its member states. A new such energy-efficiency regulation is taking shape that specifically mandates integrated graphics cores and discrete graphics cards to live up to certain energy standards. This has GPU maker AMD worried that it could affect next-generation chips, as they could be barred from sales in the EU.

    The EU classifies graphics cards on the basis of on-board memory bandwidth, which is a reliable means of segregating the various market segments. The various classes are tabled below. The top tier “G7” is classified as graphics cards with 128 GB/s or above memory bandwidth. EU wants to cap graphics cards from achieving bandwidths above 320 GB/s (possible with 6.67 GHz at 384-bit width, or 5.00 GHz at 512-bit width). The EU sees memory bandwidth as proportionate to power-consumption. It’s possible that the EU sees today’s hardware more than sufficiently fast to handle games, and every new generation that increases performance does so with increases in power-consumption. With the sheer size of the EU market, GPU makers could be deterred from making low-volume high-performance products for the rest of the world as well.

    1. DirkH

      Now this is really interesting – as GPU’s these days are used for number crunching. This could make it impossible for the EU to compete in cutting edge AI. No power toys for the kids – no prodigies.

      Related: China just lifted their game console ban – which they had for 10 years or so. Now I expect them to come on the market with their own console.

  34. Keithp

    EU is still beating that Climate change dead horse, that al gore mad millions from. What it really is about is. It’s about Population Control.

  35. Harrison Price

    It used to be that nothing sucked like an Electrolux.

    Now it’s Brussels.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      That’s just because “lux” rhymes with “sucks” 🙂

  36. johnnyC

    The European economy is on pins and needles and these idiots are worried about vacuum cleaners. To make matters even sillier most of the vacuums alread conform! Sheesh. When will the Euros wake up and boot these idiots out.

  37. a jones

    So you think EU regulations effective?

    Costly maybe.

    But I posted this below on WUWT a few hours ago. See what you think.

    Kindest Regards


    a jones says:
    October 27, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    Herewith a cautionary tale about greenie weenie legislation.

    A while ago I met an old friend and ex colleague for a rather grand not to say bibulous lunch at a very smart London venue which he paid for.

    He seemed very prosperous which surprised me since he is the business of making and supplying incandescent light bulbs. Which I imagined would have been hard hit by the EU legislation banning them.

    Quite the contrary. Apparently the supermarkets had taken over the business for common or garden incandescents, 100 watts and the like, supplied in packs of four or six many years ago. These used to come from Eastern European manufacturers at very cheap prices and later were imported under various brand names from India, China etc. which put many EU makers out of business.

    This trade has ceased since the import of such to the EU is now banned. And the supermarkets have stopped supplying them.

    Moreover my friend could not compete and so did not make such items, he specialised in rarer designs which sold through wholesalers to small retail outlets.

    But now the world is upside down, he imports these standard 100 watt and the like from Poland, part of the EU, and repackages them for the UK market supplying wholesalers who in turn supply small retailers. And in very considerable amounts.

    How so? well the EU directive does not apply to rough service bulbs so they are sold as such. When i queried that he chortled and assured me that the bulb was exactly the same one I could have bought before, the difference was each bulb was packaged in a glossy little carton which said it was ‘Rough Service’ but otherwise there was no difference except that he added a few pennies on the price as no doubt did the wholesalers and retailers. And said business had never been so good.

    I was amazed. Prior to the ban i had bought up stocks of 100 watts etc, and haven’t needed to buy since.

    So I hied me down to my local ironmonger, you call it a hardware store, where they keep all sorts of things including light bulbs. And inquired of the owner, an old friend, who in response showed me racks and racks of incandescent bulbs of every shape and size, every one in a little glossy carton quoting its EU number and ratings and displaying the notice ‘Rough Service’. Can’t get enough of them it seems.

    So as my old schoolmaster used to say, read, learn and inwardly digest.

    Kindest Regards

  38. TruthInSpending

    Okay, so we buy an appliance that uses one half the energy of a larger one. Unfortunately it takes you three times as long to do the job.

    It’s not the amount of energy a product consumes to operate. It’s the amount of energy that is consumed to get the same job done. In some cases, the larger vacuum may be more efficient.

    It’s like banning tractor trailer rigs because they consume too much fuel. Nothing larger than a pickup truck allowed, because a pickup gets 20 miles per gallon while the semi rig gets four mpg.

    The fallacy in that kind of thinking is that it will take ten or more pickup trucks to do the work of one tractor trailer rig. The fleet of pickup trucks it will take to replace the semi rig will burn three or four times more fuel to do the same work.

  39. Casper

    /Sarc on
    I wonder if this directive is written for SIEMENS or BOSH.
    /Sarc off

  40. John Campbell

    Well, the bottom line is this is socialism. It’s dictatorship and brainless beyond belief, yet there it is. Most of the nations involved with the EU are quite socialist. It’s no surprise that the EU is as well. Just another dictatorship and with Europe ripe with dictatorial history and the fallout to show for it. One would think that at some point they’d learn from their own history, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. They’d rather be lied to and lead about by the nose like cattle.

    There is one other way to look at this. If they really are so ignorant and mere willing sheep maybe they really do need someone else how to run their lives for them. With all the innovative idea for generating and supplying more power in many forms one would think that would be the growth direction. I wonder how long it will take them to figure out that as long as population grows there will always be a need for more energy? When they do figure it out I have no doubt that they’ll simply deal with it by way of infanticide and geronticide. The answers of the final solution crowd.

    1. DirkH

      Mr. Campbell; Eugenics was invented by the cousin of Charles Darwin; Francis Galton, and endorsed by such Anglo-Saxon luminaries as Woodrow Wilson, George Bernard Shaw and John Maynard Keynes, a relative of the Darwin clan. Shall I go on to discuss the history of M Sanger and forced sterilisations in the US?

  41. egoist

    The implication of the story is that this is beyond the fringe and that it would never happen here (in the US). While this particular reg may not be a reality, yet, there are many similar examples; it’s a comm’n. Also, many cities are also in this biz, of limiting your footprint.

  42. michael hart

    All the extra exercise you get from using the under-powered vacumn cleaner will keep you nice and warm.

    Of course they are designing ‘smart-meters’ that might be able to turn down your heating while you use the vacumn-cleaner….It’s going to be like that Luc Besson movie “The Fifth Element”.

  43. DirkH

    HERE is the entire torture arsenal

    “After a product group has been selected and listed in the working plan, the next steps to obligatory regulations are as follows:

    1.Compiling background data in preparatory study
    2.Working Document drafted by the European Commission, discussion in the Consultation Forum; depending on the development of the discussions, draft documents can be revised several times (only the most recent version is linked below)
    3.Draft Implementing Measure (voted by the Regulatory Committee)
    4.The draft regulation is sent to the EU-Parliament for scrutiny
    5.Mandatory regulation – published in the Official Journal of the European Union”

  44. DirkH

    More about the EU’s ecodesign directive.
    “The implementing measures focus on those products which have a high potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at low cost, through reduced energy demand.”

    Well, at least that is the pretense.


    […] More here. H/T: Fjordman […]

  46. Bob

    Just as the “peace movement” was run by communists, so is the “green movement”.
    In the U.S. we now have “smart meters” on our homes. They can see our energy usage at any moment. With the Hyde Park leftists in the White House now, expect any type and amount of control over free market capitalism.

  47. DirkH

    The requirements for computers that are sold from 01. July 2014 onwards in the EU. This directive also contains the upper limits for GPU’s.

    To me it looks like this directive is in force in all EU member states.

    The document does not seem to contain commandments about how many devices one prole may own or use. I did not read every word, though.

  48. fenbeagle

    Civil disobedience is now the way forward.

  49. David Morris

    Apparently “alternative” energy methods are not sufficient to meet demand and the response is to forcibly reduce demand by attacking lifestyle choices.

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