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Environmentalist Group BUND Releases Baby-Gassing Video…Shows Agriculture Gassing Field Of Babies With Chemical Pesticides!

Another tasteless, shock-effect promotion video has been released, this one produced by one of Germany’s most prominent environmental groups BUND – for fund-raising! The video, dubbed “Pesticides – manufactured to kill“, shows hundreds of beautiful babies in an agricultural field who end up getting gassed with pesticides sprayed by a passing airplane. Hat/tip: Reader DirkH This is […]

Meteorologist Dominik Jung: Climatologists’ Projections Of Warmer, Snowless Winters “All Complete Nonsense!”

The online German daily Die Welt here looks back at the month of October 2013 in an interview with meteorologist Dominik Jung, who is often widely quoted in the media and runs the German weather site Photo: Meteorologist Dominik Jung, Overall this year’s October was warmer and wetter than normal, and featured “surprising” snowfall early in […]

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