UN Admits Practically No Chance Of Meeting CO2 Emissions Target – Ignores 15-Year Temperature Stagnation

Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars diverted into CO2 reduction, man-made CO2 gas emissions continue to rise unabated globally. The latest UNEP report says it sees very little chance of the world reaching CO2 reductions targets.

The ever widening gap

Yesterday the online Die Welt here reported that UNEP is warning of “a growing gap” between the target and actual emissions. The UN claims that only by meeting the CO2 reduction targets will it be possible to keep the planet from warming by 2°C by the years 2100. Alarmist scientists say 2°C of warming over pre-industrial level could send the planet over a tipping point. However the science underpinning those claims is very much in dispute.

The UN claims that it is necessary for the global population to reduce its CO2 emissions from 50.1 gigatonnes annually today to just 44 gigstonnes by 2020. However, rather than going down, CO2 emissions are growing, and doing so quite strongly despite the massive investments in renewable energies. Spiegel here writes that CO2 emissions are actually accelerating.

Die Welt adds that at the current rate of increase, CO2 emissions will rise to 59 gigatonnes by 2020, or more than 34% above the target of 44 gigatonnes. Therefore the spending of hundreds of billions of dollars on Co2 reduction has had no effect.

Shift moves to agriculture culprit

What’s remarkable about the latest UN report is that it shifts the focus to a new climate villain: agriculture. UNEP is now claiming that agriculture produces too much Co2 and that new agricultural techniques could lead to savings of 4.4 gigatonnes. The potential here, they claim, is greater than the potential in the electricity sector, where a maximum of 3.9 gigatonnes can be saved. Large CO2 savings can also be achieved sustainable forestry management, the report says.

UNEP completely ignores 15-year temperature stagnation

Die Welt points out that the UNEP in its latest report ignored the 15-year warming stop altogether:

The debate on the stagnation in climate warming over the past 15 years and on man’s share in warming was completely ignored in the calculations by the UNEP: The scientists continued to argue within the established paradigm of a manmade climate change.”

The UNEP is obviously living on another planet and refuses to believe that the climate catastrophe is not happening.

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