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Leading German Meteorologist Slams Climatologists For Lapsing Into A "Feeding Frenzy" Over Single Storm

Leading German Meteorologist Slams Climatologists For Lapsing Into A “Feeding Frenzy” Over Single Storm

Share this… Facebook TwitterGerman meteorologist Dominik Jung comments on the near hysterical reaction of climate scientists concerning typhoon Haiyan at his site. He slams them for lapsing into a “feeding frenzy”. Typhoon Haiyan. Photo: NASA In the last part of the article Jung writes: What’s climate change got to do with it? As always: immediately after […]

German Scientists: Solar Cycle 24 Points To Dalton Or Maunder-Like Minimum, Boding Ill For A Climate Cooling

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe Sun in October 2013 – Minimum lies ahead By Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated by P Gosselin) In October 2013 there was a considerable rise in solar activity as the sunspot number (SSN) climbed to 85.6. That’s 77% of the mean value reached at this time into a solar cycle […]

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