Leading German Meteorologist Slams Climatologists For Lapsing Into A “Feeding Frenzy” Over Single Storm

German meteorologist Dominik Jung comments on the near hysterical reaction of climate scientists concerning typhoon Haiyan at his www.wetter.net/ site. He slams them for lapsing into a “feeding frenzy”.


Typhoon Haiyan. Photo: NASA

In the last part of the article Jung writes:

What’s climate change got to do with it?

As always: immediately after an event is observed on the planet that supposedly ‘had never happened before’, a discussion about the cause breaks out. And once again the discussion turns to the term: ‘climate change’.

‘Haiyan was one of the most powerful typhoons ever observed’ – at first that sounds very suspenseful, but an important small piece of information gets left out, namely: ‘Since weather records started being kept’.  And when it comes to tropical storms, regular weather records have been kept only for a few decades! When we speak of the strongest storm of ‘all time’, this ‘all-time’ is not even 100 years long.

The earth is really already more than 100 years old, and we don’t know at all what natural catastrophes occurred 500 or 1000 years ago – and we also don’t know which tropical storms took place.

For many ‘climate expert’ this recent event is a feeding frenzy that allows them to pound the drums of ‘evil climate change’. And here not a single one of these ladies and gentlemen are able to show that such storms never existed over the past hundreds of years, let alone that this storm is connected to a man-made climate change.

What came out of the mouths of climate experts after the last cold winters had gripped Central Europe?:

‘A few colder-than-normal winters are in no way any indication of a trend change when it comes to climate change.’ Well, using that logic, how is a single large typhoon then supposed to confirm climate change? A truly fascinating thought process!


14 responses to “Leading German Meteorologist Slams Climatologists For Lapsing Into A “Feeding Frenzy” Over Single Storm”

  1. Casper

    This is a short report with a hysteric claim a visitor from Philippines. He made the AGW responsible for last hurricane on the island.


  2. alex

    In November 1970 hurricane Bhola hit East Pakistan (today’s Bangladesh) killing half a million people (actually it could have been more).

    1970 was a year within a colder-than-normal decade when scientists were convinced that the planet was on the verge of a new glacial period. Then the sun ran a fever and reached its grand solar maximum and scientists went into their AGW frenzy.

  3. Twanger

    Never let a good human catastrophy go unexploited…. /sarc off

  4. handjive

    Finland introduced the world’s first carbon(sic) tax in 1990.

    25 years of world wide carbon taxes and we still have extreme climate change.

    Typhoon Haiyan is further evidence carbon(sic) taxes will not stop the climate from changing, or decrease extreme climate.

  5. Mike Heath

    Succinct article!
    It’s content will never see the light of day on BBC or CNN but it might on RT.

  6. astonerii

    It will be really funny when the truth that the 235MPH claim was false and the actual number was 235KPH or 147MPH.
    BBC has finally changed the MPH to KPH. When will the rest of the news media do their mea culpa? Long after the mem has taken hold and in small print hidden in the funny pages?

  7. David

    Weather is climate when it gives the least-bit-plausible a handle to say “this is caused by climate change” (that is, when weather kills 3 or more human beings or inconveniences 2 or more media reporters or hair farming anchorpersons). Weather is not climate when it is contrary to the concept of a heating, boiling Earth.

  8. Jimbo

    If this cyclone was caused by global warming then so is the historically low hurricane land strike and the low tornado count for the USA this year. 🙂

    Let’s take it further, global warming caused the large increase in September Arctic sea ice extent over 2012, it caused the recent snowy and cold winters in Europe, it cause the record extents of Antarctica in the last few years, it cause snow in Brazil a few years back as well as the Mediterranean. We can blame global warming for every single weather event from now on. Even global cooling is caused by global warming. No joking. 🙁

  9. Jimbo

    This typhoon does not make it into the deadliest tropical cyclones on the record. The most deadly was the 300,000 deaths with the Hooghly River Cyclone in 1737. That year was in the depths of the Little Ice Age.

    Here are other graphics showing no trends etc. around cyclones and the Philippines and global.

    As sad as the destruction is the media should focus on helping and forget about blaming co2. These people are disgusting.

  10. Eve Elizabeth

    If the typhoon had passed over uninhibited land, it wouldn’t have been nearly as catastrophic, or attracted as much attention. Poor countries with dense populations, thousands living in shanty towns or on unstable hillsides cleared without any thought to stabilize the underlying soil have no chance against such storms that have been occurring for centuries. Where once virgin forests stood, there are now millions of people. Population pressure should take some of the blame.

  11. Ralf

    Today the top topic of German public TV channel ZDF’s “morgenmagazin” (morning magazine) is the typhoon and how the causers of such storms should compensate the victims through an international Loss and Damage Fond, currently discussed at the climate conference in Warsaw, Poland. Of course they take it as a given fact that the industrialized nations have caused Haiyan with AGW.

    A correspondent in Tacloban describes the damage to be “a catastrophe of biblical dimensions.”

    In an interview a green politician repeats the claim that actions to reach the 2 degree climate goal have to be taken now, being much more expensive in the future.

    In my eyes, if only a fraction of the money wasted with the attempt to stop climate change would have been put into an international Fond for Nature Catastrophe Victims, everybody would be better off today. But such a fond doesn’t give control over people’s behavior. Duh.

  12. Henning Nielsen

    Now the prime minister of the Phillipines says that the death toll is not 10-12000, but rather 2000-2500. 1800 deaths have been confirmed so far. The first disaster messages are almost always exaggerated.

  13. Casper

    A speech of an American guest in the huge demonstration in Warsaw:

  14. daniel

    So there’s no problem in the environment. Our happy days will continue and no need to take preventive actions with regards to our propensity to pollute the earth. Sad very sad perspective…

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