Multi-Millionaire, (Private)Jet-Setting Hollywood Actor George Clooney Requests World’s Poor Forgo Affordable Energy

What would George Clooney have against brutally throttling the plentiful supply of affordable fossil fuel energy that billions of people living on the planet rely on? Nothing, he recently said.


George Clooney puts on an Oscar-winning green act. And an act is all it is. Hollywood actor has a mammoth carbon foot print. Photo: Nicolas Genin, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

“All you’d be doing is cleaning up the planet a bit,” the actor said in a recent interview. Who cares if the poor have to go without it – so long he has more than enough to taxi between his two multi-million dollar mansions in California and Italy.

How green is Clooney really?

Expensive mansions in Italy and California

According to, Clooney owns an 18th century mansion in Laglio, northern Italy. The “house” overlooks Italy’s famed Lake Como and “boasts 25 grand rooms” and has “magnificent decorated ceilings”. The house contains an outdoor theater, a large swimming pool and a garage for Clooney’s assortment of motorcycles and scooters.

According to Bornrich, Clooney’s net worth is estimated at $160 million

The Hollywood actor also owns a 7354 square-foot home in Los Angeles which he bought in 1995 from “Stevie Nicks” for $2.2 million. Today the home is surely valued much higher. The LA home features “comfy and well cleaned spacious rooms with brilliant light systems” and includes “a well equipped bar and a modern kitchen fully equipped with up to date appliances including custom cabinetry, oven and stainless steel fridge with George’s favorite salads and juices”. Outside the home has a basketball court and tennis court.

“Almost always flies via private jet…despite his claimed environmentalism”

Do you think Clooney commutes between his LA and Italian villas on a regular commercial jet, maybe even in economy class from time to time? No way, not for him. And what is not good enough for Clooney in air travel is much too much for the regular folks. Regular folks are supposed to forgo flying in order to save the planet. According to this site here: “George almost always flies via private jet…most of the time nowadays Clooney flies by private jet despite his claimed environmentalism as anyone who follows him knows.”

Clooney has the “ultimate solution to the world’s energy problems”

Clooney owns a variety of vehicles, such as a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible. He even lined the seats with high end leather. And in addition to expensive Italian scooters and classic motorcycles, Clooney also sports around in a Tango 600, which features “a unique battery-powered car design with dimensions measuring 39 inches wide and 102 inches long and offers an ultimate solution to the world’s environmental and energy problems”. Gee, now why hasn’t the “ultimate solution” been mass-produced in the hundreds of millions for the rest of the world’s regular drivers? Clearly neither the clueless Clooney nor the Clooney-ass-kissing Bornrich writer have an idea what’s involved in manufacturing the”ultimate solution” for the world’s energy problem. They likely don’t even know where the power to charge the batteries comes from.

Clooney also owns a 2008 limited edition Signature 100 model Tesla Roadster – er, well, he used to. Apparently it was auctioned to support a Sudan Charity. What the heck, the car only had 1,700 miles on the odometer anyway. Driving green wasn’t much fun after all.

Jet-pit-stop in LA on the way to Europe – to dine with friends

So where does Clooney spend his vacations? Do you think he vacations locally, you know, to help save the planet? Well, that’s the little people, and not for Hollywood sex-gods like Clooney. Bornrich reports how he jets to places like the French Riviera with his green pals, like U2’s Bono or super model Cindy Crawford. There they spend much time “jet skiing and chilling out in sun on a yacht.”

While in Europe, Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler might be “spotted boarding a boat with some other close friends in Lake Como” or visiting George’s Italian mansion – before jetting off across the Atlantic to “relax in the Mexican sun”. And before jetting back to Europe together, “they stopped in LA and dined out with his best pals. Reportedly, Jennifer Aniston also managed to link up with pal George Clooney recently while off on her European vacation”.

Burning all that jet fuel.

Acting all concerned about the climate and saving the planet, you’d think Green George would cut back a bit. Not chance. Clooney’s green act truly deserves an Oscar. In reality he is just a jumbo-sized eco-hypocrite.


9 responses to “Multi-Millionaire, (Private)Jet-Setting Hollywood Actor George Clooney Requests World’s Poor Forgo Affordable Energy”

  1. Stephen Richards

    Add Branson and his brats to the list. They jet back and forth to their carribean island although Branson snr has decided to live their now …… oh, but not for tax avoidance reasons.

    Slimeballs the lot of them. Bonehead Bono et al environmental bandwagon jumpers.

  2. DirkH

    Hypocrite is the Greek word for actor.
    Branson: Carbon War Room. The brother of the Figueres harpie is member of that one. Branson keeps his relationships with the globalists well-oiled.

  3. Scott

    It always amazes me that people take such stock in what actors have to say.

    People that make a living “pretending to be someone else” is not a great prerequisite for finding out the truth about scientific endevours.

    The excell at pretending to care about this issue, while they live their real lives completely at odds with what they preach.

    Anyone see the parallels between their job and what they do in real life??

  4. Jimbo

    The problem with most of the Hollywood warmists is that they are simply hypocrites. There are even worse examples that Clooney. Director James Cameron and John Travolta who owns several jets and a couple of Boeings! His home is in the shape of an airport!

    Here is list of what Travolta owns:
    Jumbolair Aviation Estate (Home)
    3 Gulfstream jets
    USAir Boeing 727
    Boeing 707–138
    Bombardier Challenger 601
    3 Classic Thunderbirds
    Jaguar XJ6
    Rolls-Royce Phantom
    1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

  5. Arthur Norton

    “forego” means “go before”; “forgo” means “do without”. Typo?

    1. DirkH

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