Swiss Journalist: Warmists Frustrated By Lack Of Public Interest, “Arguments Are Becoming More Adventurous”

Reichmuth Facebook photoSwiss veteran journalist Alex Reichmuth at the online Weltwoche here writes that despite the lack of warming over past 15 years, recovering Arctic sea ice, and slowdown in sea level rise, “the warners of climate catastrophe are not impressed. Their arguments are getting more adventurous”. This especially in the wake of typhoon Yolanda.

Swiss journalist Alex Reichmuth (photo right) writes that flagging interest is frustrating global warming activists.

Progress on hammering out a globally binding climate emissions treaty has been moving at a glacial pace. Reichmuth also adds that “it is not only the political gridlock that is frustrating the climate catastrophe warners, but also flagging public interest in global warming.”

He writes that major Swiss media outlet SRF did not even bother sending any correspondents over the COP 19 conference in Warsaw, and says “the loss of interest also comes from the latest reports coming from science where there are few signs of catastrophe.”

Another sign, he writes, is the disappearance of Swiss warmist climate blog of the ETH in Zurich. “Now the blog is called ‘Future Blog’ and offers popular articles like on how to prevent waste from buffets by using Tupperware.”


9 responses to “Swiss Journalist: Warmists Frustrated By Lack Of Public Interest, “Arguments Are Becoming More Adventurous””

  1. Ed Caryl

    LOL thanks.

  2. Figaro

    Also LOL: in my device, a banner appears between the running text and the comments section: Freedom for the 30 Arctic defenders. Sign the petition. Yours truly, Greenpeace. I wonder how many actually did it.

  3. Robin Pittwood

    Better tell my wife to get out that old Tupperware and start saving the planet.

  4. Stephen Richards

    “Adventurous” What a lovely turn of phrase. Hilarious.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    About the warmest climate blog now being called “Future Blog”

    Makes me wonder if the same folks are doing the writing – perhaps the warmists are now in a kitchen working around hot ovens, food preparation, and storage. Have they just now learned about Tupperware and plastic wrap? Is there a retirement home for displaced (by reality) warmists?

  6. mwhite

    ‘Future Blog’, Tupperware both in the same sentence, that’s just weird

  7. mpcraig
  8. Casper

    “Swiss Journalist: Warmists Frustrated By Lack Of Public Interest”

    Well, I wouldn’t say it. Do you want a prove?

  9. Mick J

    Excellent. 🙂

    On a more sombre note, it has been reported here previously about the number of German homes having their electricity cut, a report in the London Telegraph talks of the same happening in Spain. At least it is a bit warmer there.

    “The number of Spanish homes that saw their electricity cut off has more than doubled since the start of the economic crisis

    More than 1.4 million households in Spain saw their electricity supply cut off last year for failure to pay their bill.

    The number of disconnections has more than doubled since 2006, new statistics show, providing stark evidence of how deeply Spaniards are suffering in the economic crisis.

    The cost of electricity has soared by 60 per cent in the last five years while the average household income has decreased by 8.5 per cent, according to information provided by Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE).”

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