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Astronaut/Physicist Walter Cunningham: After 15 Years, Has “Not Found One Piece Of Evidence” Supporting CO2!

CFACT has a video of a speech made by physicist/astronaut Walter Cunningham while at COP 19 in Warsaw. He starts by saying that climate used to be a very respected science, but that it began to deteriorate about 20 years ago and has long become politicized and is being misused for more government control. He […]

Flagship FAZ’s Damning Book Review: Today’s Climate Hysteria Resembles Witch Hunts Of The Dark Ages

Perhaps some leading opinion-shapers in Germany have become aghast at the hysterical and hyper-irrational reaction coming from “climate scientists” in the wake of typhoon Yolanda, a single, destructive storm supposedly brewed by the misdeeds of darker forces, e.g. the 90 top carbon emitters of the world. Despite the progress science and technology we’ve seen since the […]

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