Astronaut/Physicist Walter Cunningham: After 15 Years, Has “Not Found One Piece Of Evidence” Supporting CO2!

CFACT has a video of a speech made by physicist/astronaut Walter Cunningham while at COP 19 in Warsaw.

He starts by saying that climate used to be a very respected science, but that it began to deteriorate about 20 years ago and has long become politicized and is being misused for more government control. He believes that it has morphed into something that no longer resembles science and that skeptics are now being asked to disprove hypotheses.

Just after the 6-minute mark, Cunningham calls the hockey stick chart “phony” and that he hesitates calling those behind man-made global warming “scientists” because they have abandoned the principles of science.

He reminds the audience that new hypotheses must be supported by data, and that the global warming hypothesis fails the test.

At the 12-minute mark he comes right out and says “Their climate models have never successfully predicted anything” and that they are “based on assumptions, which are opinions.”

Models are not data.”

At the 13:25 mark he adds, after searching for 15 years:

I have not found one piece of empirical evidence that man-made CO2 has a significant impact on global climate.”

Cunningham thinks that skeptics are winning the debate on the scientific front, but that the alarmists have the clear upper hand on the media front. “AGW is a matter of faith.

He pleads with the audience to look at the data themselves and to make up their own minds. He says, “The IPCC is not a good place to look for objective data.”

He finishes with 4 conclusions:
1. There’s no reason to be concerned about today’s temperature or temperature trend.

2. Human produced CO2 is a miniscule factor in global temperature levels.

3. There’s no justification for believing CO2 and temperature are the ideal ones.

4. Humans cannot have any significant influence on the Earth’s temperature. Believing they can is a fantasy.


11 responses to “Astronaut/Physicist Walter Cunningham: After 15 Years, Has “Not Found One Piece Of Evidence” Supporting CO2!”

  1. BobW in NC

    Dr. Cunningham’s conclusions should be published should be published everywhere!


  2. John M

    Meh, he and Harrison Schmidt…bunch of deniers.

    Don’t you guys know that the latest intellectual thought and research by the best and brightest hybrid social/climate scientists says guys like this are flat earthers and don’t even believe in the moon landings?

  3. G Mitchell

    Isn’t it ironic that CFACT’s little Polish show was co-sponsored by 3 ultra religious groups (“Instytut Edukacji Spolecznej i Religijnej Piotra Skargi”, “ / Polonia Cristiana” and the fervent anti-gay “Krucjata Młodych”), all of which deny Evolution?

    1. Soarer

      So, you can’t attack his facts, because they are correct.

      You can’t attack him, because he is a respected astronaut and scientist, who shows respect, honesty and integrity.

      So instead you try & attack a few of the sponsors of the conference at which he spoke.

      Is there no depth to which Drama Greens will not stoop to avoid having a rational discussion on the facts?

      And will you be complaining about the next meeting organised by Greenpeace, that it is sponsored by pirates?

      1. G Mitchell

        Oh, I can attack his ‘facts’ but the amount of text available here is just too limited.

        That he is respected in many ways by some is obvious; yet that does mean he is right. Scientific achievements are gained through science, not through one’s career (no matter how impressive) nor by giving speeches.

        It is ironic because in 2010 Mr Cunningham published a pamplet titled “Global Warming: Facts versus Faith” in which he wrote:

        “The current debate is not unlike Galileo’s historic disagreement with the Catholic Church, or the battle over evolution versus creationism. In all three cases, facts are pitted against faith and science against religion. The conflict over global warming has deteriorated into a religious war between true believers in AGW and non-believers, the so-called “skeptics”.

        Yet here he is giving a speech co-sponsored by 3 groups directly linked with Galileo’s historic disagreement and who to this day still deny Evolution.

    2. DirkH

      “ultra religious”, “fervent anti gay”, “deny evolution”; methinks you’re foaming a bit at the mouth. Maybe a little less DailyKos?

      1. G Mitchell

        No DailyKos needed to inform myself.

        Just ‘good ol’ Google’ !

        1. Ed Caryl

          And an unhealthy helping of bias.

  4. stan stendera

    Go away G. Mitchell, please, please just go away with your lies!

    PS: I am an atheist.

    1. G Mitchell

      The truth hurts, I know.

      PS. I am an atheist too.

      1. DirkH

        You blew your cover already when you said “ultra religious”.

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