Europe Climate Policy Blows Engine…”Giant Failure” … Scientists “Failed Tricking Their Way Past Democracy” … Mood Of Resignation

Good news!

This is about one of the most damning pieces on the European climate movement I’ve read all year, and that from Germany’s equivalent of the Washington Post. An atmosphere of resignation is truly sweeping through Germany’s climate movement. Flagship media are waking up.

We’re winning!

“Failed tricking their way past democracy”

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) has written a blistering criticism of Hans Schellnhuber’s WBGU and climate activists’ efforts to impose a green authoritarian society over the rest of the world. They overshot and missed the curve. The FAZ introduction reads:

The rescue of the planet gets cancelled. The climate advisory council to the government played high stakes poker. And lost. They failed at tricking their way past democracy.”

In the eyes of one Germany’s leading flagship national dailies, the renowned FAZ, the attempted green coup led by a small group of elitist scientists and a mass of activists has come to grinding halt.

Germany and Europe again escape a (soft) tyranny – at least for the time being.

Background – the Potsdam doomsday factory

German professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber is the director of Germany’s infamously alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, which includes alarmist climate radicals like Stefan Rahmstorf, Anders Levermann, and economist Ottmar Edenhofer. For years Schellnhuber’s institute has busily and relentlessly crafted data showing alarming climate change and putting out doomsday scenarios in an attempt to get spooked policymakers to stampede into enacting radical climate policy.

Schellnhuber is also the director of the WBGU, the German Advisory Council on Global Change. The Council is made up of nine “renowned scientists”. Their primary task: to advise policymakers in Germany and worldwide on how society should proceed in the face of dangerous climate change.

Master-plan for transforming global society

Three years ago the WBGU authored and released a 446-page “Master Plan” for “The Great Transformation of Global Society” designed to put global society on the fast-track to “sustainability” and an almost carbon-free society by 2050. In it the council even called for policies to water down democracy. One journalist once summarized: The WBGU is in favor of democracy, but only so long as the people make the right decisions.

The master-plan called for a so-called future council, made up of prophet-like wise men, who would have the power to veto democratic decisions it felt were not in the best interest of future generations.

“Climate protection as moral as abolishing slavery”

The FAZ writes that one of the fundamental aims of the WBGU was changing Germany’s constitutional law: climate protection was to become an official state priority and that going green was “as morally imperative as the abolition of slavery“. More importantly, the “transformation to a climate-protective society would have to happen very rapidly“. Dissenters would have to be stigmatized and marginalized, and so denied real participation.

Though highly controversial, the WBGU never backed down from their radical proposal, always insisting that the fate of the planet was in imminent peril, that there could be neither compromise nor delay, that time was of the essence, and the science was unanimous. The WBGU even called it a test for democracy, claiming that if society failed to act, it would tell us that democracy was no longer capable of functioning in the face of crisis.

“Failed to trick their way past democracy”

Since the release of the WGBU’s master-plan in 2011, most of the world has not heeded the council’s recommendations and CO2 emissions continue their rapid rise unabated. To the council members, democracy appears overwhelmed and no longer able to cope with the crisis of climate change. The FAZ asks: “Has democracy failed the test to check if it’s adequate for the future?” The FAZ answers:

Not at all. It appears much more so that the attempt by some climate-political advisors to the government to trick their way past democracy has failed.”

It’s truly encouraging that a major daily like the FAZ has come to realize this. We see that society once again indeed has narrowly escaped another tyranny.

“German climate movement is frustrated”

On the reaction by the WBGU scientists, the FAZ writes: “those who wanted to fire up the climate revolution are frustrated. And with them, the mainstream of the German climate movement.

Germany gets a new heretic

The FAZ also writes how a new climate-policy heretic has entered the German climate policy scene, Dr. Oliver Geden. Geden, a warmist and a climate policy advisor to the German government, has been sharply critical of the WBGU misusing urgency to justify any means. He’s become the latest persona non grata. The FAZ writes:

By using time pressure, everything can be justified: billions in expenditures, gigantic conferences – and tampering with democracy. The good cause justifies the means.”

The FAZ describes how a green regime of the sort advocated by the WBGU would of course never force green living onto the citizenry by enacting authoritarian laws, but rather it would impose the green regime psychologically using campaigns that would teach citizens what good behavior is, e.g. vegetarianism, and marginalize dissenting behavior. In a nutshell, it would keep making the lives of dissenters miserable until they learned to choose correctly.

However, the FAZ shows this is a lot easier said than done, citing the German Green Party’s recent national election campaign where they demanded one “Veggie Day” a week be imposed in Germany. That issue backfired big time for the greens, who on election day lost hundreds of thousands of votes and ended up in the single digits. A recent poll showed that 61% of the public rejected a “Veggie Day”.

But the WBGU was not at all impressed by the public’s rejection. The FAZ writes that one WBGU scientist brushed the rejection aside, claiming the question should not have been posed in the first place and that cafeterias should just implement Veggie Day without even asking. “Just do it, and don’t vote on it,” the FAZ quips.

Climate policy has been “a giant failure”

For warmist think-tank member and government advisor Oliver Geden, the WBGU scientists have gone too far. FAZ:

He and other scientists feel many climate advisors have abused their role for years: Scientists acted like politicians who applied pressure and exercised power, and did not act like scientists who show solution paths.”

The FAZ quotes Geden regarding the policy approach taken by the WBGU:

The whole thing has been a giant failure.”

According to the FAZ, Geden constantly receives e-mails from agitated scientists who write that it’s “terrible to even express criticism” or that it’s the wrong time for criticism, “We’re close to a breakthrough!

Mood of resignation taking hold in the green movement

At the end of the article the FAZ describes a mood of resignation that is sweeping across Europe’s climate movement. The FAZ concludes:

This year the nine scientists of the WBGU published a new book about the protection of the world’s oceans within the scope of the Great Transformation. In a mutual committee of the federal Ministries for Environment and Research, where they unveiled their results, there was not a single federal minister present, only state secretaries.”

Looks like the WBGU’s days have come and gone. Now is a good time to ask them: How does it feel not to be listened to?


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  1. John Shade

    Three heartfelt cheers for the FAZ.

    That’s a powerful insight into the efforts of some of those who want to alarm us about CO2 : ‘trying to trick their way past democracy’.

    I think that is an insight which deserves to be pursued in many countries as part of any effort into improving our understanding of just how we came to get into the modern mess of alarm and panic-legislation around climate. It is a disgraceful mess, one which will surely take quite a while to clean up. Articles like this one in the FAZ may help increase motivation for that task.

  2. michael hart

    It’s a start, but there is still a long way to go.

    1. R Slicker

      Agreed, and I dare say that Churchill said much the same after Tobruk, and Eisenhower after D-day. It turned out well in the end ‘though.

    2. Lars P.

      Exactly to the point Michael. Even the faz article has still many errors and acceptance of alarmism in it, but at least it is a start.

  3. Moose

    Good news!

    Now we can finally start removing the statues of the greatest scientific and politic hoax of all time and restore the landscape to its original state without those ugly monster windmills.

    Thank you.

    1. _Jim


      Do you really think these ‘greenies’ are going to go quietly into the night? Busy-bodies like this will surface again … do not be lulled into think this is over – ever!

      1. Joe Adam-smith

        Unfortunately, Jim, you are right. Such people who wish to tonctrol the masses will find some other way. Meanwhile, we’ve spent billions on this

        1. Brian H

          Tonctrol sounds dangerous. Does it hurt?

  4. JP

    In politics, there are always two approaches possible: the “normal” way, which involves persuading colleagues, friends, family members, political opponents, society in general, before a decision is made; and the “apocalyptic” way, which states that the “emergency” is so dire, that normal politics must be put aside, and the “solution” will be imposed by force. Not surprisingly, the apocalyptic approach inevitably has totalitarian tendencies.

    1. Carl F

      That is the same thought I had. Out of desperation, the Greens are likely to do something really stupid and violent. I hope not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  5. T Hancock

    23 Railway Cuttings


    I am taking bets on the likelihood of this being covered by the MSM in the UK within the next 48 hrs:

    Daily Wail 5-1
    Daily Express 6-1
    Times 7-1
    Telegraph 8-1
    Observer 12-1
    Independent 20-1
    ITV News 30-1
    BBC News 100-1
    Het Grauniad 110-1

    Double-Down Bet Option

    All odds are doubled if any MSM outlet publishes on Sunday 1/12/13, but your bet must stipulate that you are placing the 24hr bet option.

    All stakes to be placed as bitcoins or Kruger Rands in a Cayman Islands a/c advised by me. I can be contacted through BitMessage (do a ‘Google’) using the address BM-7DBXVtxt45qqW23Azzc89wGHt for further instructions and to place your bet(s).

    NO multiplier bets allowed. I am no longer made of money as I failed to get re-selected as East Cheam Ward councillor last Thursday.


    T Hancock

    Now, where’s that bloody expense claim form?

    What do you mean, Sid, that I’ve just blown my BitMessage identity? Who the hell are NSA and GCHQ? Shut up!

    1. DirkH

      Bitcoin = tulip mania

    2. Richard of NZ

      ‘Ang on Mr. ‘Ancock, just give us ‘alf an hour

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  7. Bob Tisdale

    “Veggie day?”

    The only way that would work in the States would be if people could super-size their French Fries.

  8. Chris Frey

    Indeed, this is good news as you shout in the very beginning. But there is another flagship newspaper here, the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”. In there, I still cannot find anything of that kind whatsoever.
    So I’m not that optimistic. I would rely more on a couple of severe winters – and there hasn’t be a real cooll summer for quite some time. So one is overdue.
    As I am a winter freak (is that an insult to other, warmth loving people?), I now have tweo good reasons to hope for a cold one this time.

    Chris Frey

    1. CNXTim

      With the reduction in sunspot activity, you may indeed have your wish, and if you do, please buy Australian fine merino wool garments, it is still the best personal insulator and so fashionable.

    2. DirkH

      Yeah, but Sueddeutsche is left of TAZ; Munich residents are not taken seriously outside their socialist hellhole.

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  10. clive

    I often wonder how the world got sucked into this mess.From the day Al Bore blamed Katrina on Climate Change I new it was Bulls..t.I had no idea that so many so called sane people would fall for CAGW.Shows just how wrong I was.

  11. John F. Hultquist

    And a big Thank You to Pierre for helping to shed light on the German and EU activities!
    And to all those who help by posting, commenting, and reading here.
    ~ ~ ~

    Another bit of good news (from the US) is the DoJ going after Duke Energy Renewables for bird kills at 2 wind turbine sites. A first time. Duke (the parent) has other real power plants and has not been a favorite of green types. However, other companies with wind power are also being investigated. This makes me wonder if the Pres knows what his DoJ lawyers are up to?

    1. _Jim

      Truly, if anything is ‘nuts’ this is it. If wind energy is not ‘safe’ (for all, incl. wildlife, in the minds of these whackos), what is?

    2. DirkH

      “Duke (the parent) has other real power plants and has not been a favorite of green types.”

      That might be, but Duke is a territorial monopolist and always in bed with politicians and eager to suck on the taxpayers teats when renewable subsidies are to be had.

  12. R Slicker
  13. David L. Hagen

    On forming the USA, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin,
    “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”
    With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,
    “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    The Weimer Republic of Germany was a democracy, until the Reichstag “burnt down” and Hitler claimed a communist conspiracy, persuading President Hindenburg to pass the “Law for the Protection of the People and the State.” Hitler’s SS thugs then prevented all except Nazi and Nationalists politicians from entering the temporary parliament to vote, thus ensuring its passage.

    Preserving democratic republics requires ongoing vigilance., especially against promises of laws waiving unalienable rights to “protect” the people.

    1. DirkH

      “The Weimer Republic of Germany was a democracy, until the Reichstag “burnt down” and Hitler claimed a communist conspiracy”

      Is is still disputed whether the Reichstag fire was a false flag. The later admission by Göring might have been one of his bold jokes.

      The major characteristic of the Weimar republic that communists and Nazis both physically attacked democrats; much like in the later days of the current incarnation of what rules Germany. Hint, do not speak your mind in todays Germany if you are not a multiculturalist leftist, if you don’t want your car to burn or your house defaced.

  14. DirkH

    The FAZ piece is still ridiculous on several levels:

    a) The writer criticizes the ideology of the WBGU but still says “if things continue this way the 2 degree warming limit will be violated” – ah yeah? zero warming over 17 years? Wekk if that continues, we’ll get exactly no warming.

    b) German constitution is trumped by EU law. It is a piece of paper that means nothing anymore.

    c) EU is not a democracy. WBGU has won.

  15. oebele bruinsma

    At last some Vernunft in Germany. A good day to start the winter (1st december) in our hemisphere.

  16. Brian H

    xkcd quote: “In science news, a new study shows that 85% of news organizations repeat “new study” press releases without checking whether they’re real.”

    And statistics reveal that 86% of all statistics quoted publicly are made up.

  17. Chuck L

    I hope the same happens in the US but we have the EPA doing Obama’s bidding through regulation and rules, bypassing the will of the People and Congress. Even worse, Harry Reid’s “nuclear option” which overturned Senate rules allows judges to be appointed to the Washington DC Circuit Court which rules on EPA regulations and rules on the basis of a simple majority vote. There is no doubt that the judges appointed will be sympathetic to Obama’s EPA ruling by fiat and decree, virtually the entire economy of the USA.

  18. BobW in NC

    …and the US media’s response is: “La-la-la!!! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!”

  19. Doug Proctor

    Totalitarian regimes never impose their views on anyone who doesn’t agree with them, only on those that beg to differ.

    Despite world-wide news, education and cultural examples, there are still those who think that when they have found a solution, it is The Unique Solution: by definition, all other solutions must be wrong or worse. It is a shame – but perhaps a chilling reflection of the human spirit – that in Germany there is still a large portion of power-weilders and supporters of same who think that an elite know better, can determine actions better and understand the gains-and-losses better than the multitude of citizens. A group who can, should and given the option, will make your lives better through a benign dictatorship of The Worthy.

    Since Al Gore also speaks of the current proponents of fossil fuel usage as equivalent to slave holders, perhaps we are seeing an international group. Maurice Strong, Paul Erhlich, Al Gore, David Suzuki et al: perhaps they all have interesting uniforms in their closets.

    Wasn’t someone else both a great promoter of knowing everything that should be done by everyone else, and also a vegan?

    1. DirkH

      ” It is a shame – but perhaps a chilling reflection of the human spirit – that in Germany there is still a large portion of power-weilders and supporters of same who think that an elite know better”

      Well, it was the explicit intent of the American occupation forces to cover Germany under 3 miles thick propaganda. Until the re-unification and maybe beyond that a law from military occupation times stayed valid that prohibited all German media from ever reporting about WW 2 war crimes by Allied forces. This is only one example of the heaviest meddling in German affairs; so; it was designed as a colony from the start and is to this day. There is no open debate in Germany and never has been.

      1. david eisenstadt

        yeah..the united states just couldnt wait to invade germany… those peace loving multiculturalists in berlin.. sending their love to the soviets and poland and france and england and africa…. showing the world how to live….and die. maybe, just maybe, if hitler hadnt declared war on the united states, the entire country would have fallen to the soviet union. I suppose that would have been better?
        give me a break. Many feel that germany did okay after the war,after killing the better part of 50 million people in the pursuit of world domination.
        meddling in the affairs of germany?
        thats the lesson you take from the 20th century?

        1. DirkH

          What lessons I take from the 20th century are more than I can write in one comment. This is one of them.

          BTW, did you know that Eisenhower is responsible for the deaths of 1 million Germans while he had the command over the POW camps in occupied Germany?

  20. John West

    Thank God it’s almost over. The world can get on with all the normal BS it insists on wallowing in.

  21. Lloyd Martin Hendaye

    Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber and his WGBU are typical Luddite “thanatists”– not nihilists per se but murderous haters of humanity in general, on-record as willing to “cull” 95% of Earth’s inhabitants (about 6.65 billion souls) for ritual purification purposes.

    Wearers of this armband include Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, Keith Farnish, the execrable Kentti Linkola… better known Green Gangsters such as Briffa, Hansen, Jones, Mann, Trenberth et al. are close brutalitarian cousins to Schellnhuber’s manic psycho-tropisms.

    Indescribably dishonest and malicious, this is a crew of Public Enemies writ large. How anyone with the remotest grain of common sense or even “decent self-repect” could accommodate such drivel is a damning commentary on our times.

  22. Arno Arrak

    I am certainly glad that we won this time but to me it is just a tactical win in a continuing struggle. A struggle to to completely obliterate the lies of the global warming movement. What characterizes this movement is claim to scientific certainty – settled science. In science, if a theory makes a prediction that is completely wrong that theory is is itself considered wrong and must be abandoned. Not so with global warming theory – prove them wrong and they simply ignore it and keep bringing up the same faulty arguments. Here is one example. The 2007 IPCC report (AR4) predicted that global warming in the twenty-first century shall proceed at the rate of 0.2 degrees Celsius per decade. This warming was supposed to be greenhouse warming from carbon dioxide we people add to the atmosphere. Nothing has happened, however, and there has been no warming at all for the last 15 years. But their next report (AR5) that was just released still claims that “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal…” Well, that is just impossible if there is no warming today. There has been no warming for fifteen years and a scandal with a previous no-warming period has just come out. I am referring to the eighteen years of no-warming time in the eighties and nineties that people did not even know about. And that is because it was covered up in official temperature curves with a non-existent “late twentieth century warming.” All ground-based temperature curves showed this fake warming but satellites did not. I spotted that when I was doing research for my book “What Warming?” [1] and even put a warning about it into the preface of the book when it came out. Nothing happened for two years but then, suddenly last fall, the big three of temperature, GISTEMP, HadCRUT, and NCDC, decided, in unison, to not show this fake warming any more. What they did was to align their data with satellites that do not show the warming. It was done secretly and no explanation was offered. It required trans-Atlantic cooperation to pull it off smoothly. Now that these 18 no-warming years have been “liberated” we can add them to the 15 present-day no-warming years and find that there has been no greenhouse warming at all for the last 33 years. Fifteen years without warming is alone sufficient to prove that there is no greenhouse warming. Extending it to 33 years is just icing on the cake. And it is not likely that there was any greenhouse effect in earlier years when carbon dioxide was a lot lower than today. And greenhousecwarming is the lifeblood of anthropogenic global warming. Hence, it is firmly established that anthropogenic global warming or AGW simply does not exist. This absence of warming when their theory predicts it is of course incomprehensible to the pseudo-scientists supporting the global warming myth. That is because their greenhouse theory of warming is simply wrong. Carbon dioxide is not the only or even the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Water vapor is more abundant and they simultaneously absorb in the IR. Ferenc Miskolczi [2] has shown that when several gases simultaneously absorb, an optimum absorption window exists that they jointly maintain. For the water vapor — carbon dioxide combination the IR optical thickness of this optimum absorption window is 1.87. This corresponds to an IR transmittance of 15 percent or absorption of 85 percent. If we now add carbon dioxide to air it will start to absorb and the optical thickness will increase. But as soon as this happens water vqpor in the air will start to diminish, rain out, and the optimal optical thickness value is reestablished. He published his work in 2007 but it was not accepted by climate scientists, probably because they did not understand his math. But by 2010 he had empirical proof [3]. Using NOAA database of radiosonde observations that goes back to 1948 he studied absorption of infrared radiation by the atmosphere over time. And discovered that absorption had been constant for 61 years while carbon dioxide at the same time went up by 21.6 percent. This means that the addition of this substantial amount of CO2 to atmosphere had no effect whatsoever on the absorption of IR by the atmosphere. And no absorption means no greenhouse effect, case closed. That is why no one has observed greenhouse warming for the last 33 years. And that is the reality that IPCC is denieing now in the “Summary for Policymakers” section of the their new AR5 report.

    [1] Arno Arrak, “What Warming? Satellite view of global temperature change” (CreateSpace 2010)
    [2] Ferenc M. Miskolczi, “Greenhouse effect in semi-transparent planetary atmospheres” Quarterly Journal of Hungarian Meteorological Service 111(1):1-40 (January-March 2007).
    [3] Ferenc M. Miskolczi, “The stable stationary value of the Earth’s global average atmospheric greenhouse-gas optical thickness” E&E 21(4):243-262 (2010)

    1. Mindert Eiting

      The development of science in the few centuries behind us, is unique in the history of mankind, especially doing comparative experiments, using mathematics as language, and falsifying hypotheses. This is simply not present in the individual mind. People are looking for confirmation of their ideas and think the more confirmation they have, the better the idea. They do not realize that a wrong idea may have numerous true consequences. Even scientists often do not realize that ‘p implies q’ is true for p false and q true. A friend of mine regularly goes to Indonesia, and always says, when he is back, that the climate there has become weird. He is honest and really sees it. A hot day or heavy rainfall, it proves again and again that something is wrong with the climate, not to speak of hurricanes and tornadoes. The IPCC cleverly exploits this weakness, but at the same time has corrupted climate science, perhaps beyond repair.

    2. Vilnius

      Re Arno Arrak – 1. Dezember 2013 at 03:54

      The papers [2] and [3] you refer perform clear-sky (cloud-free) radiative transfer calculations on average cloudy atmospheres. As clouds are practically opaque in infrared, the result is an unreal radiation structure. The cloudless atmosphere might have an average of ~1.8 infrared optical thickness, but as clouds block the way of the longwave photons, the cloud IR optical depth is practically infinite. So a cloudless + cloudy global mean IR optical depth of 1.87 is unphysical. What is worse, the papers do not declare this method. They might say: “We will make clear-sky computations on cloudy atmospheres, which is meaningless, but we are going to do this on purpose and see what we’ll get”. But no, they try to cheat the reader that there is no problem with this method at all. And this is not a scientific problem: this is an ethical question. Case closed.

      1. DirkH

        “And this is not a scientific problem: this is an ethical question. Case closed.”

        You’re confusing your accusation with the verdict. You’re a nobody; you don’t speak a verdict.

        1. Vilnius

          Arno, you say: “no absorption means no greenhouse effect, case closed”.
          Following DirkH, you’re confusing accusation with the verdict; you must be a nobody. – NoTricksZone? Hmm. CheatZone, better.

          1. DirkH

            Excuse me. I was being unclear.
            In fact, your accusation already has no merit, as you are insinuating malfeasance without the slightest reason.

          2. DirkH

            Vilnius, I don’t speak to the scientific validity of Miskolczi’s argument. What I consider your unfounded accusation is the insinuation of malfeasance or unethical behaviour by Miskolczi; a totally preposterous insinuation.

            What kind of frustrated nobody are you? Miskolczi’s theory even explains reality better than all GCM’s taken together and there you stand blathering about ethics.

            I have my own opinion about the ethics of squandering billions of taxpayer Dollars on GCM’s that don’t work.

          3. Vilnius

            Re: DirkH 11. Dezember 2013 at 18:42

            Thank you for your kind answer. Me, as a frustrated nobody, just contemplating on the theory you refers to. This theory is based on computer simulations – actually, on clear-sky radiative transfer calculations on cloudy atmospheric profiles. That is, tracking the paths of long-wave photons downwards and upwards, up to 60 km in the stratosphere, as if there were no clouds in the air at all. When there ARE clouds in the air, blocking the way of the infrared photons completely. So this method is meaningless, its results are useless. The author knows it, as he supplies the cloudy input data into the clear-sky program all the day. And he tells the reader nothing about this nonsense; he lets you, and every non-expert of the field (and probably most of the readers of the journal Energy and Environment are non-RT-experts, incl. Arno Arrak) to think this method is fair. — What word would you use to describe this behavior other than I have used above, starting with the letters CH and continued with EAT?

  23. Dr Norman Page

    The IPCC forecasting from models paradigm needs to be replaced as a basis for discussing climate policy.
    The key factor in making CO2 emission control policy is the climate sensitivity to CO2. By AR5 – WG1 the IPCC is saying: (Section”The assessed literature suggests that the range of climate sensitivities and transient responses covered by CMIP3/5 cannot be narrowed significantly by constraining the models with observations of the mean climate and variability, consistent with the difficulty of constraining the cloud feedbacks from observations ”
    In plain English this means that they have no idea what the climate sensitivity is and that therefore that the politicians have no empirical scientific basis for their economically destructive climate and energy policies. In summary the projections of the IPCC – Met office models and all the impact studies which derive from them are based on specifically structurally flawed and inherently useless models. They deserve no place in any serious discussion of future climate trends and represent an enormous waste of time and money. As a basis for public policy their forecasts are grossly in error and therefore worse than useless.
    How then can we predict the future of a constantly changing climate? A new forecasting paradigm is required. It is important to note that it in order to make transparent and likely skillful forecasts it is not necessary to understand or quantify the interactions of the large number of interacting and quasi- independent physical processes and variables which produce the state of the climate system as a whole as represented by the temperature metric.
    A simple rational approach to climate forecasting based on common sense and Quasi Repetitive- Quasi Cyclic Patterns has been developed on several posts at
    There has been no net warming for 16 years indeed the earth has been in a cooling trend since 2003 which will continue until about 2035 and perhaps for hundreds of years beyond that. For estimates of the timing and amount of the coming cooling see the link above.
    German and British Climate and Energy policy is based on delusional fantasies of future warming.

  24. Mike

    Democracy : yes there is a funny word.
    The need to spread the word and of the need to fight AGW was started many years ago. I remember the British diplomat Sir Crispin Tickell in the late 1980’s in a radio interview being ‘utterly’ convinced about it. He must have got this from somewhere. This indoctrination was occuring all over the place to convince those who had the opportunity to be close to the ear of policy makers and politicians. In other words it completely subverted the democratic process. These people – if they were so convinced – should have started new political parties, and justified their beliefs openly and subjected the options to fight it – if necessary – to the electoral process. They did not !

  25. Kurt in Switzerland

    We live in a post-normal world when this is claimed yet left unchallenged:

    “Scientists acted like politicians who applied pressure and exercised power, and did not act like scientists who show solution paths.”

    Since when do scientists “show solution paths”?

    I was under the impression that scientists analyzed data and came up with hypotheses to explain trends, freely accepting that if the state predicted by a hypothesis fails to transpire, said hypothesis must be flawed.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  26. oebele bruinsma

    I think we still have to convince some people. From the EU climate webpage:

    The 19th of Nov. 2013: “Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action, said: “Today is an incredibly important day for Europe and for the fight against climate change. At least 20% of the entire EU budget for 2014-2020 will be climate-related spending.This is a major step forward for our efforts to handle the climate crisis. Rather than being parked in a corner of the EU budget, climate action will now be integrated into all the main spending areas. This underscores yet again Europe’s leadership in the fight against this crucial challenge. I believe the EU is the first region in the world to mainstream climate action into its whole budget.”

  27. DennisA

    I don’t wish to rain on the parade, but in spite of the smoke and mirrors from David Camergreen, they are still pushing ahead, with more legislation planned.
    Lord Deben, chairman of the UK Climate Change Committee and President of Globe International.
    “He listens to the Climate Change Committee, he listens to all sorts of other people. On this issue he has been a very significant supporter. After all, he’s just presided over a government which has put £7.4 billion into the necessary changes between now and 2020, so it’s been a pretty remarkable situation in a time of restraint.”

    But ultimately, wherever it eventually settles in the leader board, Britain must act on climate change, because it has an historic responsibility that it needs to face up to, as well as its obligations on a number of other fronts. “We were the leaders in the industrial revolution,” he says, “so first of all we have disproportionate responsibility for where we are.”

    This is a sentiment echoed by Ed Davey, who said that the carbon budgets and climate policy of the UK already reflect a need to accept the “deepest cuts” in their emissions.

    The obligation is also one that stems from Britain’s role in the modern world: “If you look at the companies that are represented on the British stock exchange, you’re then talking about something near 11% of the world’s emissions, so it’s a mistake to think that we don’t have responsibility for those,” he says.”

    Ed Davey: “I agree that there should be a power sector decarbonisation target for 2030. That is why the Government are legislating so that a decarbonisation target range can be set in 2016, once the fifth carbon budget has been set. When that target has been set, we believe it will be the world’s first such legally binding decarbonisation target.”

    “We are working with all our EU partners to raise ambition in the EU. This Government have proposed that we should have an EU target of a 40% reduction in domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and be prepared to go up to 50% if we can get a global deal in 2015. We are leading the way in Europe on ambition.”

    1. John B

      And did you notice who wrote the article you linked to. None other than Sophie Yeo, who I understand is one of Tim Yeo’s offspring. Don’t know if she’s one of the illegitimate ones or not.

  28. Richard

    The depressing thing is this is never going away. There is just too much money involved and you can never beat the cry of doom laden scenarios far into the future, had this experience on a warmist blogs to many times.

    Maybe if the winters get far worse and the temps do not rise for another ten years and the arctic increases ice over the next ten years but even then I still doubt it.

    The only good news is that governments are running out of other peoples money to spend on renewables and cutting back on subsidies.

  29. It’s official: “Greenies attempts to destroy Democratic Society is finished”! …….. “tyrants exposed!” | The Big Green Lie

    […] Europe Climate Policy Blows Engine…”Giant Failure” … Scientists “Failed Tricking Their Way… […]

  30. Shellie Correia

    Good riddance to the Climate Change Nazis. We need greentard socialism, like we need a hole in the head.

  31. Robin

    I am afraid this is in fact not going away but it is going more covert. Germany remains actively involved under the leadership of the US and UK with the political, social, and economically transformative agenda laid out in the Belmont Challenge documents and the creation of what is called the Future Earth Alliance. It commenced operations in 2013 and basically took over the work of the Earth System Partnership. Based in Sweden away from outraged taxpayers of much of the funding countries.

    My specialty is the education reforms globally and the real intentions and UNESCO remains dedicated to using education “reforms” to inculcate false beliefs about CAGW so it becomes the excuse for radical and collectivist political, social, and economic transformations whether we consent or not.

    Plus the OECD has now embarked on its Great Transition Initiative using global warming as the excuse. All these pushes are determined to use education to manipulate perception of a crisis whether the facts justify it or not.

    1. DirkH
      “as an opportunity for forging a new category of consciousness – a global citizenship that understands humanity’s place in the web of life and its link to the fate of the earth.”

      Oh bless their putrid hearts. Sounds like a major exercise of evoking the Law Of Unintended Consequences.

    2. Stuart B

      Robin, you bring a different (and greater) perspective to this. If you are the Robin I think you are, I much admire your blog.

      My conspiracy brain (too painful to inhabit all the time, though): if you wish to rule by lies, benevolent or not, you first of all need to corrupt the organs of truth. Broadcast media, science, religion (ok, not everyone’s candidate, but often with a stake in long-lasting hardwon insights) are all candidates.

      Lots of ways to go about this – being devilish is easy, because you don’t have to be consistent, honest, moral, once you give yourself the ‘noble cause’ license. Spread confusion by inducing internal corruption, self-doubt, analyse the specific fears of each type of institution and exploit them against that institution. With science, just push push push a phoney theory accompanied by ruthless actions against its opponents. Pretty soon, you can push the disillusionment button and watch the edifice crumble. See science become a laughing stock.

      The ‘nice’ thing about it, from the devils’ viewpoint, is that almost anything will serve their game. Confusion, conflict, disillusion and despair, all accomplish the purposes of those would step in to a vacuum and offer a framework of apparent stability and purpose to those left rudderless. Nothing new in this of course.

      In this situation, I would urge those on either side of those conflicts of which CAGW is just one, to consider that their apparent opponents and even enemies, may eventually turn out to be their best friends in vigilance against the scavengers who would pick everyone’s bones. It is a serious step to have lost respect for one’s opponents, and it may be more productive to find those among them that can be respected, than to spend too much time on deriding the idiots and schemers.

      These conflicts don’t go away so easily, but sometimes the best ploy is not to fall into the traps that are laid for us?


  32. Philip Foster

    A good start but we must get it into the heads of these people that CO2 is a benificent gas we have too little of; that it does not cause warming, but rises in CO2 are caused *by* warming; that the rate of rise of net CO2 is proportional to surface temperature and surface humidity (both natural effects). Thus when temperature flatlines, as it has done for the last two decades, then net CO2 will still increase linearly (net CO2 increases quadratically if temperature rise is linear). Details here:

  33. AJ Virgo

    The change over to more advanced forms of energy must be a completely natural change within the paradigm of market economical principles otherwise there will be failure disasterous and any high school economics student could tell you that, yet the Greens seem utterly unaware.
    This is the reason the the Greens must be not just ignored but constantly shouted down and exposed for the nutters they are.

    Ironically it is The Greens that are the bringers of a dystopian future.

    1. DirkH

      All German bloc parties have the exact same renewables subsidy policies.
      (From left to right: Piraten, Linke, Grüne, SPD, CDU)

      1. DirkH

        Oh I forgot FDP (but they’re out of the Bundestag)

  34. Euro Climate Policy “Failed Tricking Their Way Past Democracy” | Scott Rhymer

    […] some delightful news and decent commentary from Pierre L. Gosselin. It’s a long post, so I’m just highlighting a few […]

  35. Mervyn

    You can always tell when something is all propaganda rather than science. If it were about the science of climate change, these warmists would be looking at the many proven scientific benefits of having more CO2 in the atmosphere versus the insignificant negatives. Instead, they demonise CO2 and totally ignore its benefits.

    These global warming alarmists say that CO2 is pollution. Well, you simply cannot reason with such people.

  36. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup | Watts Up With That?

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