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Shattered Consensus! Survey Of Climate Science Blogs Shows 65% Think Science Is NOT SETTLED!

Scottish Skeptic here has tabulated a ranking of climate science blog sites. To no one’s surprise Anthony Watts’s Watts Up With That? took the no. 1 spot, followed by Marc Morano’s Climate Depot. The ranking was done using internet site rating service Alexa. First I’m really thrilled to see that NoTricksZone made it all the way […]

Top Leftist Oskar Lafontaine Comes Out Against Wind Power..."Landscape Being Robbed Of Its Poetry"

Top Leftist Oskar Lafontaine Comes Out Against Wind Power…”Landscape Being Robbed Of Its Poetry”

Germany’s top leftist, “Red Oskar” Lafontaine has a commentary in the Thursday’s print edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, where he comes out against wind power. The title: “How wind turbines are destroying the environment.” He realizes that the whole scam is only benefitting capitalists, is causing more CO2 and is ruining the beauty of Germany’s […]

Joe Bastardi On US December: “This Is An Extremely Extremely Cold Month So Far…”

Hear it all here… On pace to be the coldest December on record.” You can listen to Joe’s Saturday Summary every week. To me this is a must for any weather hobbyist out there. Lots of interesting charts and insights from a veteran  expert meteorologist. Look at this in the Middle East! It’s been snowing […]

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