Joe Bastardi On US December: “This Is An Extremely Extremely Cold Month So Far…”

Hear it all here…

On pace to be the coldest December on record.”

You can listen to Joe’s Saturday Summary every week. To me this is a must for any weather hobbyist out there. Lots of interesting charts and insights from a veteran  expert meteorologist.

Look at this in the Middle East! It’s been snowing with these temperatures way below normal in the Holy Land.”



8 responses to “Joe Bastardi On US December: “This Is An Extremely Extremely Cold Month So Far…””

  1. Joe Bastardi

    Gasp, I doubled an extreme.. My dad taught me not to do that. Just saying extremely cold was enough.

    over 4c below normal in US. First 2 weeks may be coldest on record for US

  2. Frank Boling


    That’s ok we still love ya!!..Looks like pattern would really rock if we can get the AO/NAO to go NEG!

  3. Pete

    Joe Bastardi is an excellent weather man and climatologist. His observation based work runs circles around the agenda driven weather agencies of the US. And his knowledge of the past as prologue underscores how fatuous claims of extreme weather are.

  4. John Chaffe

    I guess it depends on where you live. Not in New Orleans…..

  5. alex

    Holy snow. It’s snowing in Jerusalem, ….. and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria,

  6. Buddy

    Yes…in fact it’s been a cold year as seen in the following link:

    Oh wait. Hmmmmmmm. It was the WARMEST NOVEMBER ON RECORD. Now how did THAT happen when the world is cooling?

    1. Manfred

      November 2010 makes 2013 a warm year ?

      1. DirkH

        Well, it was worth a try.

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