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Cold Weather Foils German Efforts To Fight Global Warming! Coal Consumption Rises Again…Wind Falters

If you think things couldn’t get more absurd with Germany’s Energiewende, think again. The German Bundesverbandes der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft (Federal Association of Energy and Water Management) or BDEW, released its latest report on electricity production in Germany. The BDEW represents about 1800 companies of the energy and power sector. Germany burns more coal, emits […]

Consumers Rebel – Germany’s Leading Daily Launches Campaign Against Exorbitantly High Electricity Prices!

Germany’s energy feed-in act is skidding out of control – and risks causing a social uprising. The power grid is becoming ever more precarious and electricity prices for consumers are at record levels. The German government, on the other hand, is reacting like a petrified deer caught in the headlights. It doesn’t know what to do. Yesterday, Germany’s […]

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