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Andrew Revkin, If It Wasn’t For Black Carbon Nobody Would Be Prosperous Enough To Buy Your Music

I see New York Times science journalist Andrew Revkin has applied his musical talent to record and release a song criticizing evil black carbon: I’m still trying to figure out people like Revkin. They constantly rail against the very things that make their lives pleasant, safe and fulfilling. To me it’s as rational as hating African-Americans, […]

Spiegel: EU Aims To Abandon Aggressive Climate Protection Targets … Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ Now At Risk!

Germany’s Der Spiegel writes here that the EU is moving to abandon its ambitious climate protection targets. This, Spiegel writes, is now a real threat to Germany’s much ballyhooed Energiewende (energy transformation to renewable energies). The EU used to be a leading, unrelenting proponent of CO2 emissions reduction, even often ostracizing other industrial nations like the USA for not […]

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