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Spiegel Reaffirms Warming Stop: “Climate: Warming Of the Atmosphere Has Paused 16 Years”

Science journalist Axel Bojanowski at the online Spiegel writes a report on the warming stop, reaffirming that it indeed has stopped for 16 years. But at the same time the article says, citing NASA, we that could see a record warm 2014. The heat is out there, somewhere. Interestingly, Spiegel now says it’s the atmosphere near […]

Quote Of The Week: From Willis Eschenbach…Whines He’s Been Attacked…Preaches Ethics, Proper Behavior!

Willis Eschenbach is starting to remind me of Michael Mann, the global-warming obsessed alarmist who tries to destroy everyone while crying like a little sissy as soon as someone criticizes back. Willis commented here: Finally, attacking me for what I said, without using my name and without quoting what I said? Really? Is this your idea […]

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