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German DWD Weather Service: “You Cannot Craft A Climate Statistic From One Singular Extreme Weather Situation”

The intense but short heat wave that struck parts of Central Europe earlier this month created quite a bit of hysteria among some German activist climatologists and most of the media. For example IPCC climatologist Mojib Latif attributed the heat and severe thunderstorms to global warming. Stefan Rahmstorf tried to hint this may be the […]

Deutsche Wetterdienst New Rheinstetten Weather Measurement Station Located

Deutsche Wetterdienst New Rheinstetten Weather Measurement Station Located

Yesterday I wrote a post about the Rheinstetten weather station here. At first I thought it was the one located at the local gliding airfield, but found it peculiar that siting was pretty bad – as Anthony Watts commented. This is not something that’s typical of Germans, who like to be precise with everything. But […]

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