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Coming Meat Ban? New Study: Meat-Eaters Emit More Than Twice As Much Greenhouse Gases As Vegans

A new study by researchers in England claim that people who eat lots of meat emit much more CO2 than vegans. Worse: the nutty scientists are urging governments to change dietary guidelines. At the journal of Climatic Change, Peter Scarborough et al claim that “reducing the intake of meat and other animal based products can make […]

Candidate Lenar Whitney On AGW: "Any 10-Year Old Can Invalidate Their Thesis...Obama Knows It's Getting Colder"

Candidate Lenar Whitney On AGW: “Any 10-Year Old Can Invalidate Their Thesis…Obama Knows It’s Getting Colder”

Breitbart brings us a video produced by Congressional candidate Lenar Whitney who hits out powerfully at the global warming “hoax”. Hat-tip: Climate Realists. WATCH VIDEO HERE Photo right: Lenar Whitney website. Whitney reminds her listeners that since Al Gore’s “propaganda film” An Inconvenient Truth, things have not turned out as he predicted. She states that “quite […]

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