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Why Does The Solar Cycle NOT Show Up In Climate Data?

Why Does The Solar Cycle NOT Show Up In Climate Data?

By Ed Caryl Several researchers have noted that the 11-year solar cycle does not show up in temperature or precipitation data. Most recently, Dr. David Evans has introduced his “notch filter” answer to the problem. I think the answer is much simpler. The solar influence on earth has several components. The Total Solar Insolation (TSI), […]

Spreading Climate-Religion Wackiness... Now "Mobile Phones Are Climate-Killers"..."13 Megatonnes Of CO2"!

Spreading Climate-Religion Wackiness… Now “Mobile Phones Are Climate-Killers”…”13 Megatonnes Of CO2”!

Just a couple of anecdotes today to illustrate how wacky the climate-change religion is getting. First is a short blurb appearing at the online Linux Magazine bearing the title: “Mobile phones are climate killers“. This is for real. Using your mobile phone and sending text messages apparently is contributing to bad weather and the death of […]

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