German Climate Group Discussion To Focus On 2014 Global Temperature: “No Evidence Of An Especially Warm 2014”

German climate science critical group is holding its next meeting at the Freizeitheim Linden in Hannover, Germany, 19 February, at 7:30 pm.

The group regularly has meetings on climate and is known for taking the discussions directly to the public, but doing so with respect, courtesy and politeness. It writes:

The main topic of the next meeting is the reliability of the temperature measurements. There’s the frightening suspicion that NASA (GISS) has manipulated the temperatures upwards. How much of this is true?

At the last meeting we discussed the topic of 2014 being the warmest year in Germany and worldwide since records began.

Short summary:

Germany: Despite the warmest year since records began, the overall trend shows no increasing temperature, (see 1 and 2), over which the German DWD Weather Service has yet to inform the public.

Globe: 2014 was a warm year, like 2010, but it was the warmest with only 38% certainty. The Met Office in Great Britain has even distanced itself from the claim that it has been the warmest ever because the temperature was only 0.02°C above the old record, which is well within the range of uncertainty (Met Office).

Satellite measurements show no evidence of an especially warm 2014 (UAH).

The warm temperatures of 2014 were weather and therefore do not symbolize any temperature trend. The stagnation in global temperature persists.

Satellite measurements by RSS: No temperature increase in 18 years:


Source: The huge stop extends once again.

If you have questions about climate or energy, we’ll gladly answer them.

The discussion is easy to follow and an open discussion that includes varying points of views are at the forefront, and will remain the most important characteristic of this initiative.

Those interested in joining the Hannover discussion are welcome to contact (in English if you prefer): Achim Fahnenschild:


4 responses to “German Climate Group Discussion To Focus On 2014 Global Temperature: “No Evidence Of An Especially Warm 2014””

  1. Papy Boomer

    Excellent comme toujours.

  2. Mike Heath

    It is a bit confusing. Is it possible to blame it on the weather?

    For one country of course it can be explained by the weather, but not for the globe as a whole.

    The statement about weather is only not about Germany but comes after the statement about the Globe. How does this make sense?

  3. Bjorn Ramstad

    NASA/Giss eventual manipulation of temperatures is part of Don Easterbrooks testemony and his claim is astonishing.
    Video of his performance her.

  4. DD More

    How about asking NOAA about the temperature as found by Nick.

    posted to the blog story –

    Nick February 10, 2015 at 6:14 am
    (1) 1997 annual global surface temperature = 16.92°C.

    (2) 2014 annual global surface temperature = 14.59°C

    Falsify either of these two claims if you can.

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