If This Cold Is Warming, Then ISIS Is Peace … USA’s Stunning Shock-Freeze Contradicts NOAA Warmth Claims

Not only last winter was a brutal one for the USA, which saw the Great Lakes freeze over, this year is also turning out to be an epic one as record cold temperatures continue their unrelenting grip across the nation and massive snowfalls bury large regions across the east.

The UPI’s Fred Lambert recently wrote the bitter cold extends all the way to Siberia and had killed dozens across the US. Lambert writes:

According to the Weather Channel, the cold air mass now seizing the country stretches as far west as Russia, moving down through Canada and into the United States in what some meteorologists call the “Siberian Express.”

New all time records

The UK’s Mail online here reports that New York City’s 1°F reading set yesterday broke it’s 65-year old all-time cold record temperature. In Minnesota the mercury plummeted to -41°F. The Mail continues:

The temperature in Boston is below freezing, as the city is set to break the record of 16 days below 32F set in 1961.

In Florida, strawberry and orange crops have frozen over because of the harsh winter weather.”

The online English daily presents a spectacular series of winter photos. Even Niagara Falls has frozen over!

Unexpected freeze

As of Wednesday, over 85% of the Great Lakes was frozen over with experts predicting 100% ice cover in perhaps just a matter of a few more days. The USA Today here quotes George Leshkevich of the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory:

Nobody expected 2014 to be as bad as it was, almost record breaking for ice cover and this year it’s the same thing with these very cold temperatures.”

“Historical ice cover record”

This morning mlive.com here shows images of Lake Huron, which it writes: “Lake Huron is almost entirely covered in ice. It is only 2.7 percent away from its historical ice-cover record.”

All this in the “6th warmest winter”?

Strangely, despite all the record freezing, the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) claims that it has been the sixth-warmest winter on record. NCDC officials may want to go back and check their thermometers, as these claims are looking a lot like “padded room” quality.

If this cold and ice are warming, then ISIS is peace.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi explains the breathtaking, acrobatic tricks the NOAA used to produce the reality-disconnected result (see 1:30 mark).

Next cold blast to arrive next week

Dr. Ryan Maue at Twitter tells us that the cold wave is not yet done:

Maue Twitter

Note Maue warns of more records to possibly come. Obviously the US weather never got the message that it is supposed to be the 6th warmest on record.


15 responses to “If This Cold Is Warming, Then ISIS Is Peace … USA’s Stunning Shock-Freeze Contradicts NOAA Warmth Claims”

  1. Boyfromtottenham

    Hi from Oz. At last, with successive NH winters like these, the MSM may have to start asking organisations like NOAA and NASA why their claims about this being the nth “warmest” summer, winter, etc. are (ahem) slightly at odds with, er, reality. And when these august organisations start the usual hand waving, then the MSM needs to actually act like real journalists, and start quoting research from “other” well qualified scientists that explains exactly why these claims are cr@pola, and demand some real answers from these very generously government (and AGW NGOs) funded organisations.

    1. Sean

      You are way too optomistic about American journalists. One popular TV weatherman sees the coldest, snowiest winter in New England as evidence of climate change and laments the original label “global warming” as unfortunate. MSM in not about challenging the the powers that be but reinforcing the narrative. They are making themselves irrelevant.

      1. mwhite

        They’ll have to redefine the greenhouse effect.

        1. BobW in NC

          Ugh! I agree, but…

          Unfortunately, anything pertaining to “Climate Change” is whatever they say it is at the moment.

          Think Orwellian.

    2. DirkH

      Boyfromtottenham 28. February 2015 at 13:08 | Permalink | Reply
      “And when these august organisations start the usual hand waving, then the MSM needs to actually act like real journalists”

      That won’t happen, since invention of mass media 95% of all of it was mass manipulation, and there is at any moment just a tiny percentage of honest people in the entire mess; it is just too profitable for, let’s call them rent-seekers, so you won’t get rid of them and their influence-taking.

  2. Windsong

    A post today at Ice Age Now shows a chart with one town in the state of Kentucky crushing their previous low record by 38F.

  3. KTWO

    Orwellian is right.

    CC isn’t about science, facts, or answers. The question is “Who is to be master – that’s all!”

    1. BobW in NC

      KTWO 1… You are exactly on target! Five shots in the 10 ring!

  4. Mervyn

    The IPCC’s mantra is that man-made global warming leads to a warmer northern hemisphere, warmer winters and less snow. That is what would be expected if the atmosphere was truly getting warmer, irrespective of whether CO2 is or is not causing warming.

    We know this from the evidence of past cooling-warming-cooling-warming cycles experienced over millennia.

    It is therefore ridiculous for the global warming establishment to back-track and change its mantra now that Mother Nature is doing the complete opposite to what the IPCC claimed in its “gold standard in climate science”… the settled science.

  5. Peter Whale

    Why do we play their narrative and use their changed term of Climate Change when the original term was Global Warming. If we just use Global Warming in all comments it makes for stronger comment. Who can possibly deny climate change, who can deny spring,summer,autumn,winter when the climate changes?

  6. cementafriend

    I saw the Niagara falls frozen solid in 1970 (I have a picture). So if Boston had record low temperatures in 1961 and one takes into account 60 year cycles maybe the cold winters will extend for at least another 9 years.

  7. Loodt Pretorius


    Your comment:-
    …If this cold and ice are warming, then ISIS is peace… is bound to become a classic.

  8. John F. Hultquist

    The quote saying “the cold air mass now seizing the country stretches as far west as Russia” is somewhat clearer with the clause “moving down through Canada”, but this should not go unnoticed.
    In Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia there is not a cold air mass – the area and its mountains are short of snow and relative temperature is warm. The part of Canada between Siberia and the eastern part of North America is north of, not west of the MSM centers of US progressives.
    Geography is not much studied in the US of A.

  9. John Woodward

    The Media is not discussing the damage to the economy. Last year, GDP was a negative 2.9 for the first quarter 2014. A similar figure should be expected for the first quarter 2015. Let the Warmists adjust that figure.

    1. DirkH

      “Inflation-adjusted” GDP growth is easily and constantly adjusted upward by revising the CPI downward. Take a realistic value for price inflation and the USA is in recession since Lehman.

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