German DWD Weather Service’s Own Data Contradict Its Alarmist Claims Of “Uninterrupted Warming”

The DWD German Weather Service used to be a highly professional outfit. But over the last few years it seems to have been taken over by activists who have an agenda that is foreign to weather forecasting.

Statements released by the DWD over the recent years often contradict each other. For example in a recent press release the DWD claimed that the trend to a warmer climate remains uninterrupted, both globally and for Germany.

But this is in stark contradiction to the real global data which shows a stagnation approaching 20 years. Moreover the DWD’s own data on mean temperatures for Germany also show a clear stagnation. The warming trend is in fact interrupted:


Figure 1. Both global temperature and Germany’s annual mean temperature show interrupted warming. Chart: K.E. Puls.

Although 2014 saw a record warm year in Germany, the overall temperature trend over the last 17 years is one of cooling, as Figure 2 shows:


Figure 2: Germany’s annual mean temperature has been cooling over the last 17 years. Source: EIKE/K.E. Puls.

In 2012 the DWD wrote that the long term trend of rising temperatures was uninterrupted in both Germany and worldwide. But then just one year later, the DWD wrote in a May 7, 2013 press release (Hat-tip K.E. Puls):

The earth’s mean temperature has stagnated at a high level for 15 years…”

Is the temperature rise uninterrupted, or is it not?

On June 3, 2012, Gerhard Hofmann of the DWD confirmed on German public radio that the global temperature had not increased in 14 years.

Also Germany’s winters have also cooled over the past 28 years:


 Figure 3: German winters contradict Germany’s DWD national weather service. Source: Josef Kowatsch, using DWD data.

 Summer temperatures also have not been going up in Germany either:


Figure 4: Summer temperatures have been cooling over the past decade. Plot source: Josef Kowatsch; Chart K.E. Puls.

So where does the DWD get the idea that the climate warming has been uninterrupted? Answer: Certainly not from its own data.


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