“Very Unusual” Mid-June Cold Surprises Germany…Surface Temperatures Around Hamburg Fall To -3°C!

The year started out on the mild side in Central Europe, but since early May temperatures have been stubbornly on the low side.

“Rarity”: 5 consecutive June days of surface frost

Over northern Germany, for example, the last 10 or so days have been gripped by cold weather. The online Sudkürier here cites meteorologist Dominik Jung, writing how last week there was “a very unusual phenomenon: five days in a row in North Germany there was surface frost. That according to Jung is a rarity for June.”

Ground surface frost is already rare enough over the northern German lowlands in May, let alone June!

In Germany farmers and weather hobbyists often talk of these annual June cold spells, calling them Schafskälte – or “sheep cold”. They often occur in mid June when cold polar air grips the country.

“Record suspect low”

But this year the phenomenon appears to be especially pronounced.


German meteorologist Dominik Jung explains what’s behind this year’s “very unusual” June cold spell. Image cropped from: https://www.youtube.com/

Not only last week was cold, but so is this week. In today’s wetter.net  forecast video, Jung tells viewers how this morning: “…around Hamburg ground-surface temperatures fell to -3°C. Yes, for this time of the year this is a record-suspect low.”

In the video the commercial meteorologist also says that after today’s milder temperatures the “grizzly summer weather” shows no signs of letting up. Daytime temperatures are forecast to stubbornly remain stuck in the 50s and 60s (14 – 20°C) over the rest of the week.

“Numerous days with ground level frost”

The online sachsen-fernsehen (Saxony television) writes that not only was the Hamburg region hit, but the cold was widespread across northern Germany:

“In Lübeck and Hannover, just above the ground readings of down to -2°C were taken. Even in Berlin early this morning the thermometer showed ground level frost with readings around 0°C.

Precisely at Germany’s number 1 beaches, the North and Baltic seas, June has been quite fresh so far. The month’s half in the north has been about 1°C colder than the longterm mean. And with the numerous days with ground level frost that June has seen so far, it’s hardly a wonder.”

Drought also taking hold…

Moreover, large parts of northern Germany are being gripped by a deepening drought. Here as well no significant amounts of rainfall are in sight.

The latest buzz is that Germans should not be expecting any type of “barbecue summer” this year.

32 responses to ““Very Unusual” Mid-June Cold Surprises Germany…Surface Temperatures Around Hamburg Fall To -3°C!”

  1. Ulrich Elkmann

    Global Warming, er, Climate Disruption. It’s much worse than we ever expected. Let’s get some cherry-picking, logically stymied paper published; after that, our models will always have predicted this to a T.

  2. sod

    so far, 2015 was an extremely hot year globally.


    That is the real unusual!

    1. DirkH

      sod, it is not unusual at all that warmunist scoundrels pose as scientists and forge measurements. That is what they DO!

    2. David Johnson

      You have a strange understanding of the word “extremely” but then you are an idiot

      1. sod

        “You have a strange understanding of the word “extremely” but then you are an idiot”

        Are these kind of insults the norm here?

        the first five months of 2015 look pretty extreme to me.


        (rather similar to the 1998 spike so far, we will see if the rest of the year will change this)

        And i did challenge the claim that the trend is down over the last 10 years with real data.

        Where are your arguments, where is your data?

        You should offer more than insults!

        1. David Johnson

          Lower than the Minoan and Roman warm periods, so pray tell me, how is that extreme?

          1. sod

            “Lower than the Minoan and Roman warm periods”

            Wow, so you have data of annual global changes from Roman times?!?

            Can i borrow your time machine next week for a short trip?


            Again: is the trend over the last 10 years up or down? Where is your data?

          2. AndyG55

            The trend over that last 10-15 years is ZERO.

            There is an enormous amount of data showing that the MWP, RWP and the rest of the Holocene was warmer than now by at least a couple of degrees.

            Temperatures during the current tiny molehill out of the coldest period of the last 10,000, are not extreme, they are actually quite cool for this interglacial.

          3. AndyG55

            The satellite land data shows the land COOLING at -0.054C/decade since 2005

            The ocean data says warming of +0.048C/decade

            Both these are indistinguishable from ZERO

            There is ZERO temperature trend this last decade.

        2. DirkH

          sod says:
          18. June 2015 at 10:59 AM
          “the first five months of 2015 look pretty extreme to me.

          Hey genius, why is there a “NASA” in the image title when NO SPACE ACTIVITIES contributed ANYTHING to the “data”?
          Why does NASA not use ITS OWN SATELLITES for its climate propaganda?
          Maybe they have two products – one for the propaganda and one for the real strategic planning?
          Why would they not use satellites when Global Warming is the WORST problem of humanity EVER?
          Isn’t that weird?
          I’m sure you have the explanation so please give it to us.

  3. DirkH

    German Greens protest against wind turbines because they destroy the countryside and make the land uninhabitable for the natives – who do not even earn money through it.

    The German Greens talk, of course,only about Mexico. No such rights exist in their opinion for German natives.

  4. Stephen Richards

    You need the idiots at the UKMO and their useless model to predict bar-B-Q summers.

  5. Feldheld

    Isnt CO2 supposed to trap more heat especially when no clouds are present like in high “Yoko”?

    1. Jeff

      Ono … (sorry, couldn’t resist).

      I think it’s only water vapor that’s responsible for trapping heat.
      CO² is a “nano-player”, if at all. Radiative “farcing” as it were…

    2. John Silver

      Why is “YOKO” on the map?

      1. AndyG55

        I can’t Imagine !

  6. Val Martin

    The Germans are freezing to death from Globull warming, its time to build a wind turbine.

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    […] That doesn’t strike me as much of an explanation. And it’s not just Scotland that has been experiencing this colder weather. German has also been experiencing unusually colder weather: (notrickszone.com) […]

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