Germans Resoundingly Saying “No!” To Clearing Forests To Make Way For Wind Parks

A survey conducted by the German Emnid polling institute found that 79% of Germans reject the installation of wind turbines in forests. That’s the result of a survey commissioned by the Deutschen Wildtier Stiftung (German Wildlife Foundation).

Lowell Mountain Daniel F July 2015

Not only are there plans to disfigure and destroy forest regions in Germany, it is already a sad reality in Vermont (New England). Here an aerial photo of a portion of the Lowell Mountain wind park shows how the once natural mountain was blasted with dynamite and forests cleared and industrialized. Photo: courtesy of Daniel F.

When asked if they agreed with the statement: “For the construction of more wind energy, in general no forest areas should disappear or be cut down.”, 79 percent replied with: “I agree!” Only 11% agreed with: “for additional wind parks also forest areas should be cleared away or cut down.” The Emnid Institute survey also determined that the public’s interest in the issue of wind parks in forests is very high. Only 8% said that the issue did not interest them.

For the Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung, the Emind results prove that a large majority of the German population reject wind parks in forests. “Wind power at any cost must not be the result of the Engergiewende,” emphasized Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, Chairman of the German Wildlife Foundation. “The citizens of Germany do not want forests to become the victims of a one-dimensional climate policy.“ People think it is important to keep forests and biodiversity intact. Even 65% of those responding said: “In the case of any doubt, the construction of wind turbines must yield to the protection of birds and other animals”.

The thoughtless construction of wind energy in the forest is a serious threat. “Opening up forests to allow wind parks leads to the endangerment of rare species,” Prof. Dr. Vahrenholt criticized. Every year in Germany up to 240,000 bats are killed by wind turbine rotors. Although they are able to dodge the moving rotors, the negative pressure in the rotor’s wake causes the bats’ lungs to burst. Most of the domestic bats are on the endangered species list.

Bird species like the rare lesser spotted eagle, the red kite and the black stork are especially sensitive to turbines. For example half of the breeding population of the black stork disappeared in just 6 years at the Vogelsberg site in the state of Hesse after 125 wind turbines were constructed. Many predatory birds die in collisions with rotors.

“So far only the state of Saxony Anhalt has opted not to allow wind parks in forests,” says Prof. Vahrenholt. In German states with large forest areas, such as Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine Westphalia, Hesse and Brandenburg, there are already decrees to allow the construction of wind parks despite regional resistance to them,” said Vahrenholt.

Moreover Emnid found that among those surveyed, wind energy in forests is not a matter of personal preference, but one of a greater good – namely forest as a space for life. On the question: “Would you feel disturbed about wind turbines in the forest?”, 43% answered with “yes”.

10 responses to “Germans Resoundingly Saying “No!” To Clearing Forests To Make Way For Wind Parks”

  1. Moose

    Last April I drove to Friedrischhafen from Holland.. it brought tears to my eyes to see that the once beautiful landscape of the German hills are ruined by these monsters…..

  2. Bernd Felsche

    We have to cultivate the “industrialised by wind power” meme because that hits home hardest with those who’d support wind power on an “environmental” basis. “Wind Parks” aren’t parks at all; but the killing fields of all things natural. They won’t listen unless you sound passionate about preserving nature.

    At the same time, make them aware that there are reliable energy options that leave more land to nature and traditional landscapes.

  3. R Lentz

    While I was in the US Navy, I was stationed at New London CT. At least 3 times a year I drove up to northern VT, Summer, Fall for the glorious foliage, and winter for the snow. I must have 20 rolls of film of the beautiful scenery. As I look at the mountains in Vermont now, it reminds me of the strip mining and the mountaintop removal mining, also known as mountaintop mining, of coal in West Virginia. They both look equally destructive to the mountains, environment and the impact on the once wonderful views. How any true environmentalist could allow this defies explanation and reason.

  4. Loodt Pretorius

    I saw the same scaring of the landscape in the Moselle region of Germany. It is so sad to see the madness that have gripped the peoples of Europe – the Scots and Irish also included.

    We tend to forget that the Pied Piper is based on a real life event and that we may have advanced technically but still suffer from the same mindset, be it in fashion or populist politics. Still searching for that guru or Pied Piper to follow to this day.

  5. IDontBelieveInCAGW

    How anyone can call those monstrosities ‘parks’ is beyond my understanding. But I’m a skeptic, so what do I know? 😉

    1. Jeff Wood

      I should guess that the word “Park” was chosen for public relations purposes.

      Now, it has long been my impression that the German has an almost religious outlook towards his forests. This could be a good place to make a stand and push back.

  6. R Lentz

    Look carefully at the picture above. That gray area around the base will remain like that for the life of the wind farm. They will spray it with industrial herbicide that kills everything. all plant life. As the trees around the towers start to grow, they will be trimmed as grotesquely as the worst tree trimmer does around the power lines for your home. Worse yet the eradication of the trees will be out to a distance of at least twice the height of the tower. Thus that scar will be there for your unborn son/daughter to show their children – if they want to look at that grotesque site.

  7. Stephen Richards

    I drove through spain this year and right across central spain ridges are plastered with turbine andin france they have been given permission by the socialist to destroy whatever they want to put up 250m turbines. We have hundreds of raptures, eagles, falcons, buzzards and many bats all protected by law except if you are a subsidy farmer. It saddens and disgusts me that the French government are so keen to destroy our ancient forests and landscapes.

  8. DirkH

    Now where is sod to defend putting whirlygigs into the last retreats of the Red Kite; to save the planet from becoming a second Venus. We have to destroy the forest in order to save it! Otherwise, Germany might become warm enough to grow Pomegranates again, like we did in the MWP!

    (Only, that it looks very much like CO2 won’t do us the favor – well at least it already enhances plant growth in Germany. I’ve never seen the trees so big and full. Ironically the last surviving Greens still roam distant corners of the Internet bemoaning the Waldsterben – yes I really still see such comments – probably citizens of Hamburg who never leave the city)

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