July Analysis: Gore Ice-Free Arctic Fantasies Have Seen Their Waterloo… “Polar Ice Caps Are In Fact Growing”

A few days ago German website wobleibtdieglobaleerderwärmung (where’s the global warming – hereinafter WBDGE) also looked at polar sea ice.

The site writes that despite all the global warming and ice-melt fantasies circulating through the circles of climate alarmism, “Arctic sea ice extent in July 2015 increased strongly compared to a year earlier.”

Linearer Trend der arktischen Meereisflächen (extent) im Juni 2015. Von Juni 2004 bis Juni 2015 gibt es keinen signifikanten Rückgang der arktischen Meereisflächen mehr.
Linear trend for Arctic sea ice extent for July. Since July 2006/7 to July 2015 there’s been a brisk rise in Arctic sea ice extent. Source: nsidc.org/data/seaice_index/

The WBDGE site writes:

“Wasn’t Arctic sea ice spposed to be gone already in 2013? Al Gore predicted in 2008 that the Arctic would be completely ice-free by 2013! Such amazing nonsense. The unfalsified reality appears as follows: The polar ice caps are in fact growing– record sea ice in Antarctica.

The upward linear Antarctic sea ice trend has been continuing since 1979! The trend there remained unchanged also in July this year:

Stetig steigender linearer Trend der antarktischen Meereisflächen (extent) im Juni 2015: Zweithöchster Stand seit Beginn der Messungen 1979.
For 37 years the linear trend for Antarctic sea ice has been on the rise: This last July was the fourth highest since measurements began in 1979. Source: nsidc.org/data/seaice_index/.

This has been going on despite the repeated data falsifications surrounding global warming, see NOAA study falsifies data: The global warming pause simply gets calculated away.

Now that it’s clear the Gore fantasies of 2008 failed to materialize, the Arctic now is supposed to be ice-free in the summer of 2016, according to 2013 calculations by the US-Navy: Arctic to be ice free at the latest in 2016.

Anyone ready to bet that it won’t happen? New solar model: “Little Ice Age” already in 15 years – icy winter in Europe and North America.”

28 responses to “July Analysis: Gore Ice-Free Arctic Fantasies Have Seen Their Waterloo… “Polar Ice Caps Are In Fact Growing””

  1. John F. Hultquist

    I wonder if the US Navy was asked to produce the folks that made the calculations along with the data and the equations if they could, in fact, find someone wearing a naval uniform? The commander-in-chief is the POTUS.

    1. bit chilly

      i wonder if the head modeler at the navy would wager his house on the outcome of the model ? if any of the climate modelers ever get a physical stake in the game i will start paying attention to them, until then, well , i will assume they are full of shit.

  2. sod

    Just in case somebody wants to know, what Al Gore really said:

    “Last September 21 (2007), as the Northern Hemisphere tilted away from the sun, scientists reported with unprecedented distress that the North Polar ice cap is “falling off a cliff.” One study estimated that it could be completely gone during summer in less than 22 years. Another new study, to be presented by U.S. Navy researchers later this week, warns it could happen in as little as 7 years.2″


    1. Mike

      You imply that people here do not want to know what was really said. Clearly there is something in this statement from Al Gore that you want us to understand more clearly, which is good – what is it?

    2. DirkH

      Nice attempt at running interference for the Big Oil millionaire Al Gore, sod.
      He also said The “entire North Polar ice cap will be gone in five years,”
      He also said the Earth is a few million degrees hot just a few kilometers down when he tried to peddle geothermal, but we both know that.

    3. DirkH

      An in 2009 he said
      “They’re seeing the writing on every wall they look at. They’re seeing the complete disappearance of the polar ice caps right before their eyes in just a few years.”

      Wanna continue playing?

      1. DirkH

        Notice, of “the ice caps”, that obviously includes the Antarctis!!!! The CONTINENTAL antarctis!

  3. John F. Hultquist

    … with unprecedented distress …


  4. Mike

    I suppose the extra heat from this El Nino year will mean some reduction in the Arctic ice again thus continuing a decreasing trend for ice extent and volume in the Arctic.The graph indicates that it has turned a corner, but it may be obscured a bit by the global temperatures this year.

  5. sod
    1. AndyG55

      No scientists mentioned there.. just Mark Serreze, one of the Kool-aide makers.

      You live on climate Kool-aide, don’t you science of doom.

      1. sod

        “No scientists mentioned there.. just Mark Serreze,”

        That is false. They also spoke to the author of the study, Rachel L. Tilling.


        Notice the title of the original scientific article and what right wing media made out of it!

        1. AndyG55

          “Rachel L. Tilling. ”

          A PhD candidate..

          ok, whatever you think matters. 😉

        2. AndyG55

          And seriously, Serreze is probably her supervisor, so the climate kool-aide will be flowing in copious quantities.

          Maybe they can get Mann and Gleick as examiners. !

        3. DirkH

          sod 6. August 2015 at 7:49 PM | Permalink | Reply
          “Notice the title of the original scientific article and what right wing media made out of it!”

          Nothing astounds me anymore with sod. Sod, did you just call the WaPo a right wing medium?
          Sod, you are such a world class ignorant you should get an award.

          1. sod
          2. AndyG55

            “How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmists”

            Gees, looks like that’s the correct one. !!

            Whereas the WaPo headline is just a joke.

            Arctic Ice will be ok, even if it edges back to the norm of the first 2/3 of the Holocene. ie open Arctic during summer.

            There is NO PROBLEM with having no Arctic sea ice in summer. It was like that for 6000+ odd years !

            So stop PANICKING and sobbing…..

            .. it will all be ok, no matter what the Arctic sea ice does.

      2. DirkH

        He’s not science of doom. Science of doom was actually smart.

    2. David Johnson

      “However, she adds, “It is only five years worth of data, so it’s very difficult to say one way or the other,”

    3. bit chilly

      i periodically read your blog. you are a smart guy. your only failing is having too much in the way of faith in text books. physics can explain processes and interactions in the climate, wat it is unable to do is predict weather and climate over anything other than short periods of time.

      al gore is an asshole, i am surprised anyone with any intelligence even attempts to defend his ignorance. amo going cold, there will be no super el nino this year or next. all that energy in “the blob” was the energy required to pump up el tinio into something significant. instead it went north,even in a slightly warming world, anything that starts off near the equator and moves towards the poles gets cooler.

      who knows what will happen to arctic sea ice in coming summers, i seriously doubt any of the proclamations of gore, wadhams or paul beckwith will even come close to reality.

  6. edmh

    If the ice core records from Greenland are correct.

    Our current beneficial, warm Holocene interglacial has been the enabler of mankind’s civilisation for the last 10,000 years. The congenial climate of the Holocene spans from mankind’s earliest farming to the scientific and technological advances of the last 100 years.

    1 The last millennium of our current benign Holocene was the coldest of the whole interglacial epoch

    2 the early Holocene had a pretty flat average millennial temperatures for its first 8000 years a drop of only 0.05 degC per millennium.

    3 but the recent Holocene for the last 3000 years since 1000BC has seen a temperature diminution at 10 times that earlier rate 0.5 degC / millennium

    4 our Holocene interglacial at about 11000 years old and it is probably drawing to its close in this century the next century or this millennium.

    5 any current warming will eventually be seen as just noise in the longer term progress of continuing cooling.

    Concern about Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fallacy and there is absolutely nothing that Man-kind can do about it. Whatever is done will never impede the progress of impending cold in the longer term.

    All Man-kind’s concern should concentrate on the outcome of the end of our happy Holocene epoch.

    That will be a real climate change. It is inevitable and it will be devastating .


  7. Dan Pangburn

    If you understand the relation between mathematics and the physical world, you understand that, for a forcing to have an effect, it must exist for a period of time and the effect of the forcing is calculated by its duration. If the forcing varies, (or not) the effect is determined by the time-integral of the forcing (or the time-integral of a function thereof).

    The CO2 level has been above about 150 ppmv for at least the entire Phanerozoic eon (the last 542 million or so years). If CO2 was a forcing, its effect on average global temperature (AGT) would be calculated according to its time-integral (or the time-integral of a function thereof) for about 542 million years. Because there is no way for that calculation to consistently result in the current AGT, CO2 cannot be a forcing.

    Variations of this proof and identification of what does cause climate change (R^2 > 0.97) are at http://agwunveiled.blogspot.com

    1. sod

      we all know, that an increase of CO2 can be the cause AND the effect of a temperature increase.

      Your claim is total nonsense, hidden behind some mathematical hocus pocus.

      1. DirkH

        “we all know, that an increase of CO2 can be the cause AND the effect of a temperature increase.”

        I certainly do not know that an increase of CO2 can be the cause of a temperature increase. What gives you that idea?

        1. sod

          “I certainly do not know that an increase of CO2 can be the cause of a temperature increase. ”

          read some book on the subject. Or speak to a scientist.

          Even most “sceptics” accept this fact.


          If you do not, you are in an extreme position!

      2. Dan Pangburn

        You need to get out more. Those who agree with you, and it is a shrinking minority, are benefiting from the mistaken claim that CO2 has an effect on climate or are still being misled by those benefiting.

        Your assertion that the simple mathematics involved is hocus pocus is revealing. If CO2 had an effect on climate, life as we know it could not have evolved.

      3. AndyG55

        “we all know, that an increase of CO2 can be the cause AND the effect of a temperature increase”

        You will not find any proof anywhere that CO2 causes warming of an open atmosphere. Because it doesn’t.

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