Global Temperature Stuck 18 Years And 7 Months, “Oceans To Bring Cooling Phase in Near Future”

Just a quick post today, German site wobleibtdieglobaleererwaermung here writes that whenever one observes a number of datasets, they have one thing in common: There’s no detectable CO2 warming, and there”s verzylittle out there suggesting the warming will continue.

Most temperature datasets don’t show warming, sea ice doesn”t show it, lower troposphere temperature data do not show it, snow cover data don’t show it, historical climate cycles do not show it, and on goes the list.

wobleibtdieglobaleererwaermung now tells us that “the global satellite measurements by UAHv6 now show a warming ‘pause’ of 221 months spanning from March 1997 to July 2015, which is over half of the satellite record, which began in January 1979: (36×12+7 = 439 months/2 = 219.5 months).” See their first figure.

Even the current El Niño has not been able to stop the pause up to now. And once again the “Super El Niño” is struggling. True the current ElNiño is expected to end the warming pause, but only temporarilly as the expected subsequent La Niña 2016/2017 will compensate and once again continue extending the warming pause, possibly well beyond 20 years.

The gaping divergence continues

Even a slight trend warming would not be enough to salvage the global warming theory wreckage. The wobleibtdieglobaleererwaermung site reminds us: “The unfalsified measured global reality since 1990 continued to diverge again from the IPCC model projections again in July 2015“, see their second figure.

Moreover realistic estimations of global temperature development tell us to expect the opposite in the future (cooling), says wobleibtdieglobaleerderwaermung:

‘…Because of the thermal inertia in the climate system, formost the heat capacity of the ocean, the current temperature stagnation will turn into a cooling phase in the near future.’ Source: 2015 SO xxx Cf-Klima – Berliner Wetterkarte.”

7 responses to “Global Temperature Stuck 18 Years And 7 Months, “Oceans To Bring Cooling Phase in Near Future””

  1. John F. Hultquist

    They seem to be using Christopher Monckton’s stuff.
    I wonder if this is the first time for such info on the site, or whether someone there just caught up with “the pause” and related issues?

  2. BobW in NC

    Oh, my… I hope when the cooling sets in for real, that the warmistas will be ready for it (be careful what you wish for?).

    My grandfather skated on the Hudson River in NYC when he was a boy at the end of the last LIA… Don’t need to see that again, nor anyone else.

  3. AndyG55

    I have three questions for all,…

    1. What SHOULD the average global temperature be, and why?

    2. What level of summer Arctic sea ice SHOULD there be, and why?

    3. What SHOULD the level of atmospheric CO2 be, and why?


    Pierre or moderator, I don’t want to hijack this thread, would you consider starting a new one with these three questions ?? Cheers

    Hoping to also get it started at other forums.. will be very interesting to see the answers 😉

    1. DirkH

      1) 14.5 deg C. Because I like girls in trenchcoats.
      2) None. Who needs ice?
      3) 1000 ppm sounds good to me. Because, plant growth.

      The forests left and right of German Autobahns look like green explosions these days.

    2. sod

      Those questions are easy:

      1. global average temperature should stay about the same it is.

      2. Level of summer arctic sea ice should about stay the way it is.

      3. CO2 level in the atmosphere should stay about the same it is.


      Why? That is simple. because the whole world has adapted to the situation as it is “now”.

      So any change shouled be extremely carefully considered.

      In case people have not noticed it yet, migration is one of the biggest problems of our planet. Unless you can basically guarantee that the net effect will be positive, we should stay as far away from geoengineering experiments as possible.

      a global temperature increase of 2-3°C will lead to local increases of possibly 6°C and to local seasonal increases in the range of of 10°C.

      This is the type of change that transforms skiing resorts into places without meaningful snow and good agriculture into deserts.

  4. DirkH

    Great to hear that Global Warming has been successfully stopped; because the US-American attempt of fixing it by selling 50,000 ridiculously expensive electric luxury limos a year to American oligarchs will have run out of juice (read, cash) in 6 months.

  5. David

    Question(s): If there has been no warming.
    What caused the Blob to form in the N. Pacific more than a year ago ? What caused tuna and sunfish to show up in Prince William sound ? Why are ocean temps. In much of the Pacific in the upper 50’s to 60’s ? Why has the Arctic ice pulled away from northern Greenland ? High temps. In Alaska and Siberia ? Massive forest fires in AK. and Canada ? Craters forming in Siberia ? Rising methane levels ?

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