For Quality Life, Health And Virility, Ignore The Decades-Long Scientific Medical Consensus On Nutrition

UPDATE: Some have been claiming that I’m on a so-called paleo-diet. But that is not accurate. I guess I may be on something that resembles to a significant extent a paleo-diet, but it is not. I eat a fair amount of dairy products, which cavepeople didn’t eat. I thought the following was interesting:

Something totally different today, but I think it will surely benefit some readers here who are not yet aware. If it changes the life of just one person, then it’s worth it.

Many readers know that I changed my diet some 15 months ago – as a result of a paper that was published last year and a video DirkH posted in a comment.

In a nutshell, all the national dietary guidelines promoting the low-fat, high-carb diet (yes, all endorsed by a universal medical scientific consensus) have been dead wrong for decades. In turns out that saturated fat, meat and eggs are in fact not dangerous – rather they, and many other often demonized foods, are in fact healthy and essential for good health.

You can’t go anywhere today without seeing suffering

So what has been the result of our modern, western enlightened populations being fooled decades long into thinking that low-fat, high-carb diet is healthy? Just look around you. Today we are seeing an unprecedented, mass-scale epidemic of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. You can’t go anywhere without seeing people in public who are dragging themselves around and suffering immensely. Sadly many children are now severely afflicted.

Today I am convinced that at least half of the pharmaceutical industry owes its existence to this decades-long nutrition disinformation, one that I believe they have been actively complicit in promoting. A lot of executives and doctors should have been locked up long ago.

Tens of billions made with Viagra

Many readers here are grown men, and so I thought this site and the excerpts that follow would interest them. There’s nothing to buy here – it’s free information – and I agree with the dietary recommendations they make 100%. Big Pharma does not want you to know it. They want to pump you up with statins, beta blockers, Viagra, anti-depressants, etc. etc. etc.

So gentlemen, here you go. The site writes:

1. “Losing body fat, especially belly fat, is a primary method for increasing testosterone naturally.”

Losing fat is easy. Simply switch to a high-fat, low-carb diet. Carbs make you fat, and not fat. See below.

2. Strength training gives you many benefits: stronger muscles; a higher metabolic rate; a leaner body; and a higher testosterone level. Exercising large muscle groups has been shown, through studies, to increase your testosterone levels.”


3. “…you’ve been inundated with misinformation about cholesterol and fat. A testosterone-friendly diet will seem to fly in the face of everything you’ve heard from your doctor, the federal government, the American Heart Association, and every magazine health article written for the past four decades. …your doctor, the federal government, the American Heart Association and every magazine health article is wrong. Your body produces all the cholesterol you use, and the bulk of what you eat goes straight through you.

Here’s another shocker: fat DOES NOT make you fat. Because everyone purporting to be a diet expert has said, ad nauseam, to restrict your calories, fat has gotten the same bad rap as cholesterol. Fat is higher in calories, per serving, than most foods; however, your body NEEDS high quality fat to be healthy.”

Saturated fats are not the Devil’s spawn, either; naturally saturated fats are necessary for your body to produce hormones, and these hormones are necessary for proper metabolic processes to occur.”

The next one is the toughest, but is very important: Stay away from “healthy whole grain” bread!

4. The tinkering with genetics has led to some bad side effects, with the worst one being the grains make you overeat. Also, a high-carb diet is usually high in processed carbs, so they are death to your blood sugar and a ticket to type II diabetes.”

The site summarizes:

5. “These methods of natural ways to boost testosterone will increase your health overall, and give you back the energy you had when you were in your teens and twenties, as well as giving you back your libido.”

I’ve received some e-mails from some readers who told me of the vast improvements in health they have seen since they’ve changed their nutrition, and I think they will second me on all this. My diet, which now consists mainly of Kerrygold butter, cheese, eggs, meats, vegetables berries, fruits, etc. (and very little in the way of grains) has led me to lose the 20 lbs of excess weight I had been carrying around, my blood pressure to be back to normal, and my energy levels to multiply. So all the claims made at the linked site all ring true.

Give it a try. Not only will you appreciate the immense health improvements, but so will your better half.

Must see:

The Oiling of America
A/Prof. Ken Sikaris
Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0

Not only Big Pharma has been rotten on this, but also Big Food has played an equally devious role in the current health crisis.


36 responses to “For Quality Life, Health And Virility, Ignore The Decades-Long Scientific Medical Consensus On Nutrition”

  1. Paul Carfoot

    Totally agree with all the above, I am 62, switched to this diet around the same time period as P Gosselin, after seeing a video on this site by Dr David Diamond last year. For many years I suffered IBS type problems, was also beginning to develop fat around my mid section, this despite regular exercise, eg. running 3 times a week and working out in the gym. Since converting to this new way of life, my running has improved no end, managing PB’s, ran a mile in 6:06 recently, my previous best before, even though running for 20 odd years was around 7 minutes.
    Almost all fat around my mid section has vanished, now the proud owner of a six pack. My girl friend also changed over to this way of life, previously to changing she suffered arthritic pains in her knees, hips and shoulder joints, since changing over, all her symptoms have vanished and she no longer relies on medication to kill pain, and runs 3-4 times a week, she says she has never felt healthier and the same goes for me, feel great, and that’s in all departments, oh and food tastes great, eggs and bacon cooked in lard.

    1. Windsong

      Paul: Those are outstanding one mile times. I was running routinely until the knees complained too much around age 55 (now 65). Last saw a seven minute mile around age 45. Keep up the good work.

      1. Paul Carfoot

        Cheers Windsong
        Have tried to better that recently, though not managed it yet, though tend to run longer distances at the moment, 4 to 7 miles. I must say the high fat, low carb way of life really suites me. It is a shame your knees are keeping you back, hopefully this type of diet will help you. (‘Diet’ a word i don’t like to use really as it implies short term) This for me is for life. It certainly got my girlfriend back running, (within weeks) as she had to stop when in her 40’s due to her painful knees. Now she can run 3 miles without a hint of pain.
        Best wishes..

  2. Jeff

    Great infos. I use KerryGold unsalted butter, to cut back on salt, plus it’s better for cooking. I do a “hamsterkauf” whenever they have it (Netto, LIDL) and freeze it, as it keeps much longer that way.

    It’s amazing the stuff that “big pharma” and the food industry try to put over on us. Almost like the climatologists and their “consensus”. Never trust a
    word they say while their lips are moving.

    I’m moving to a low-carb diet, and my waistline is showing the results. No more high-carb garbage for me…

    1. Kelly Mitchell

      You guys should really try beef tallow – much better than butter. Get grass-fed beef – the fat is fabulous. Render the bones by slow cooking, then freeze it in ice cube trays. Drop one in any dish you make -GREAT! The body does not crave protein – it craves high quality fat.

      Tallow is the suet – the fat packs – on the cow, rendered to a pure, hard consistency. Like lard, only more saturated, harder and more stable. It’s got a great consistency, slightly chewy at room temp.
      And healthy as hell.
      good luck!

  3. John

    I totally agree with you here Pierre. I have started my low carb high fat diet in June 2014 and I feel great!! Blood values now normal and blood pressure too. This is the way to go and what our bodies need.
    I have promised myself that I will not go the big pharma way of having to depend on statins and all kinds of chemicals with their ugly side effects.. Not for me.
    But at the same time I see people around me getting heavier, using drugs while they can be without. Just by eating the right food, but still they refuse to eat is as they have been ‘programmed’ that fat is bad.
    I do try to point them into the right direction and even when seeing the good results with me, they just continue eating their nice white sandwich with low fat butter and low fat cheese..
    The horror…

  4. DirkH

    “My diet, which now consists mainly of Kerrygold butter, cheese, eggs, meats, vegetables berries, fruits, etc.”

    Hey! That’s what I eat!

    Let me add: Salad (for Vitamin K. Other leafy plants like spinach will do as well); Turmeric (or a Curry Masala); some oil to help dissolve the fat soluble parts of it: Sesame oil, Linseed oil, Olive oil extra virgin. You should use all of them to get a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids as well.
    Berries are great with kurd cheese (or Quark, in German).
    Fatty fish: Tuna, Herring, Salmon, Mackerel.

    AND: PULSES! Beans, peas, lentils. Contains Phosphatidylserine which you need for cell membranes. Fatty fish also contains the stuff, and calf brain does but I think I don’t like that. We easily forget the boring old pulses in our concentration on meat or no meat but they’re important.

  5. Billy

    I agree with most of what you are saying here.
    I stop short of the conspiracy theory part. Producers of products are free to promote their products, people don’t have to buy them. American agriculture made great strides in the production of wheat, corn and other crops. This is good.
    The public have overused sugar and starch and oil because they give a good taste sensation and really, they are addictive. Poor nutritional knowledge has been spread by government and medicine.
    Now we know better, lets move on. Farmers and industry will produce what people buy.

    1. betapug

      The dialogue from Mark Twain’s 1883 “Life on the Mississippi”, which has a salesman explaining how margarine made from cottonseed oil, a processing waste, will put the dairy farmers out of business, is noted in Mary Enig’s fascinating history, “The Oiling of America”.

      Although the mid-century demonization of cholesterol owed more to the personal bias of Dr. Ancel Keyes and his access to the US president (eerie parallels with germinal climate alarmist, James Hansen) the (vegetable!) oil industry certainly exploited and fomented it.

      1. DirkH

        There’s oil and oil. Use cold pressed oils of linseed, sesame, olive. Avoid sunflower, and unidentifiable industry oils, and rapeseed oil if not cold pressed. When you can’t find out what they did with the oil don’t buy it.

      2. Jeff

        Good point and great essay about the criminals den known as the food industry.
        I never liked the BS explanation they gave to us about hydrogenated peanut butter at the Skippy factory back in 1964 – now I know why…

        This damning expose not only resembles Hansen and his “death trains”, but the whole climastrologist movement as well, including “Carbon Credits”… wonder if NYC would react so quickly when things start getting a LOT colder (one can only hope they change.
        Some really telling excerpts:

        In November of 1986, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a series on the Lipid Research Clinics trials, including “Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease: A New Era” by longtime American Heart Association member Scott Grundy, MD, PhD. The article is a disturbing combination of euphoria and agony—euphoria at the forward movement of the lipid hypothesis juggernaut, and agony over the elusive nature of real proof.

        “Many physicians will see the advantages of using drugs for cholesterol lowering. . .” said Grundy, even though “a positive benefit/risk ratio for cholesterol-lowering drugs will be difficult to prove.”

        Physicians, however, have “seen the advantages of using drugs for cholesterol lowering” as a way of creating patients out of healthy people.

        “Hundreds of millions of tax dollars are wasted by the bureaucracy and the self-interested Heart Association,” he wrote in his invitation to participants. “Segments of the food industry play the game for profits. Research on the true causes and prevention is stifled by denying funding to the ‘unbelievers.’ This meeting will review the data and expose the rascals.” – George Mann (an honest Mann)

        Scientists who must go before review panels for their research funding know well that to speak out, to disagree with this false dogma of Diet/Heart, is a fatal error. They must comply or go unfunded. I could show a list of scientists who said to me, in effect, when I invited them to participate: ‘I believe you are right, that the Diet/Heart hypothesis is wrong, but I cannot join you because that would jeopardize my perks and funding.’ For me, that kind of hypocritical response separates the scientists from the operators—the men from the boys.” – ibid

  6. John F. Hultquist

    This seems to be written for 30 year old males that have gone flabby.
    … the energy you had when you were in your teens and twenties, as well as giving you back your libido.
    Being a half century past my teens, I don’t think this will work. My wife isn’t looking forward to it either.
    Anyway, we already eat what we want, except beef is rarer in our diet than years ago. The USA mid-west drought a couple of years ago put a dent in cattle herds and a spike in prices. Chicken and pork sell for 1/3 the price of nice cuts of beef. One just has to be a better cook. Also, changes in the Pacific O. have coincided with record Salmon harvests – and lower or steady prices. Roast it over an open fire!

    I never bought into the “don’t eat things high in cholesterol” (fat too, I suppose, such as bacon, eggs, shrimp). I have never had real high cholesterol while my sister’s number is always 50% higher than mine (~300 versus 200). Foods eaten did not change her number. [I believe the US and Europe use different systems or scales –- so don’t know how that will seem to non-US readers.]

    1. MJSnyder

      John, this diet regime is for us old guys too. I’m 71 and started this ketogenic diet last January…with amazing results. My blood pressure is now like a teenager’s, my diabetes type II is controlled without meds, and I’ve dropped lipitor (cholesterol). I’m still obese, but down 45 lbs (stalled lately though).
      A common response I get from family/friends is “Yuck, you’re eating all that fat?!!” Our whole society has been conditioned that fat and cholesterol are bad. Their reaction is psychological and not based on the modern understanding of the science of metabolism. I can buy a ham now and eat everything but the “oink”! (Well, I give the bone to the neighbor’s dog.)

  7. DirkH

    …and, when buying readymade salads or sauces, whether Ketchup or Chili sauce, look at the ingredients, food industry LOVES to sell you highly marked up sugar where you don’t suspect. Simple Krautsalat contains a quarter of its weight in sugar IIRC; with ketchups, the hotter the more sugar they add as your taste buds won’t notice.
    It’s so bad I try to avoid ANY processed food except sausages.

    1. DirkH

      …for those who say, what, no more ketchup? I replaced it with pure tomato paste, added chili powder or curry for taste, and got used to it. Combines the valuable antioxidants and taste of tomatos with no sugar.

      1. John F. Hultquist

        Make that no refined or added sugars. Tomatoes are low in sugar but the paste has been concentrated. Most fruits will have about 10% sugars (apples, orange, …) while nicely ripe grapes will be higher, >15%
        The push in US schools for juices, rather than sodas, solved nothing.

  8. eilert

    I like your article. We need to expose this fraud for what it is.
    However I am bit disappointed that you seem to put the mayor blame on the big pharma and big food corporations (like so many articles which can be found on the web).
    In fact it is the collusion of these corporations with technocrats in government and academia which allowed this to happen. The latter two are often the driver in this relationship.
    I am not defending these corporations, but I am afraid that by singling out these, the technocrats will again be able to extract themselves and claim to be blameless. They will then move to other pastures and the whole cycle will be restarted.

  9. Tedl

    You’ll find a lot of support for your observations along with enjoyable skepticism of medical dogma on Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s blog:

  10. ColA

    Oh so right – bring back the lard/dripping pot!!

  11. Josh

    I woke up to the big lie about Saturated fats being ‘bad’ when I was still at University 10-12 years ago. I can honestly say that, even though I have never experienced weight gain before, that I feel better when consuming more of the high fat foods such as butter, sausages, steak, chicken. prawns, cashews and eggs. I also do most of my cooking in Coconut Oil. These foods appear to give energy (the kind our bodies actually need) and give greater mental clarity. Since waking up to this I have noticed a big overlap in the thinking employed by greenies and food cranks. Both are ‘wiser than thou’ types and as a result are intrinsically arrogant.

  12. Arsten

    Pierre, I don’t intend this to cast doubt anything you or the others supporting your statements say, but do you have more than a single study? I would like to read as much detail as possible about your advocated life style.

    1. Raffi

      Check these:

      there is a ton on youtube and the web has a myriad of stuff too.

      There are tons of cook-books out there – check for Paleo-Diet. Some have personal stories included. I have books from AUS, CAN and Germany and they have all their own recipes. You can assemble the cooking ideas you like – some are fast and simple – those are the ones I like. Enjoy!

  13. Raffi

    I started a few weeks before Pierre posted the first article on this. I tried “pure” Paleo-diet first for several weeks which was really hard (actully more timeconsuming than hard because you need to think a lot what you cook and eat) but now have adapted a bit and allow occasional grains (try to use Einkorn-flour for bread, pizza, etc). I have not lost 20 lbs but my bloated gut is gone a long time ago and I also feel great. Even my kids sit at the table and make comments about protein! Love it!
    some other ingredient we often use is coconut oil, maple syrup and lots of nuts. My favorite snack is maple-syrup glazed walnuts/almonds. All you need is frying pan – add a bit of coconut oil and put nuts in, swirls and heat up and then add ca. 1/4 maple syrup and reduce heat and keep stirring for ca 20-30 min. Midway through – add chili powder, ground pepper and coarse sea salt or Himalayan salt.
    I just did some blood tests and will see what the doctor has to say. Thanks Pierre for these sites, Keep going and stay away from all the sugar they want you to eat.
    Check out also this Paleo Experiment with Mike Willesse Downunder

  14. TexCIS

    I developed an auto-immune disease that was getting progressively worse (3 years) UNTIL I started eating this new way. I’ve read several books on the subject but the best one is “The Wahl’s Protocol” written by a doctor who had end-stage multiple sclerosis and was in a wheel chair, the kind where she laid back because she couldn’t sit up. She discovered nutrition and read new research studies at the teaching hospital where she worked. She quit gluten, quit being a vegetarian, added meats, organ meats, fats (doubled/tripled her fat intake), and more greens and vegetables than anyone I’ve ever seen. NOW she rides her bike to work! Her book explains WHY our cells need certain nutrients, proteins and fats, and how they use them. One example – the myelin that surrounds nerves is MADE of fat. She recommends a MINIMUM cholesterol level of 200.

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