Welcome Islamic Neighbors: Europe Welcomes You With Open Arms! …Yours For The Taking!

I’m feeling cynical this evening. Off topic…

How incompetent and clueless are Europe’s leaders?

Well this may be the first time in human history that Europe has chosen not to defend itself against an invasion. In fact it is even surrealistically welcoming it!

Dear Islamists, you have been dreaming a long time of overrunning Europe, with many of you thinking it will involve patience and might take some decades, or even a century or two. Well, good news for you – your wait is over! It can be yours in less than 10 years! It’s for real. Tens of thousands have already done it.

Why now? Never have European leaders been so incompetent, naïve, and so generous. They are welcoming you with open arms, gifts, food, money, free healthcare and warm places to stay. They want to show the whole world how good and moral they are – because they are suffering from a guilt trip of some strange sort.

Now is the time!

Now more than ever Islamic leaders need to be telling their flocks to spread the word, and to pack up and leave for Europe immediately. The continental borders to the south have totally collapsed – now wide open for crossing. Patchy resistance you might run up against is easily just run over by just a couple dozen men. Nobody is checking anything anymore.

Security for European citizens? What for? That’s not important anymore. No one is checking! We know you are all peaceful.

No passports? No problem. You can get them made in Turkey, or any other country along the way. Real passports are only for citizens.

So come on over! It’s wonderful here. Many are even ready to put you up in their homes should you need a place to stay. It really is so. The motto: “My home is your home!”

We are even ready to serve your every wish. Really.

We’re one happy world without borders now.

51 responses to “Welcome Islamic Neighbors: Europe Welcomes You With Open Arms! …Yours For The Taking!”

  1. DirkH

    ISIS is a Mossad+CIA creation to take over Syria; to finally get the gas pipeline from Qatar built. Which would give the EU a second source for NatGas and remove Putin’s control over the gas supply. So Putin supplies Assad to prevent that.

    Chasing all the Muslim refugees to Germany is the NeoCon strategy explained here by George Friedman, NeoCon, Stratfor founder and CIA operative (as wikileaks documented).

    Destroying Germany again is crucial to prevent a Russo-German alliance – together with China such a block would instantly break US hegemony – the maritime empire would end.

    Germany is the victim of an immigration attack (see “Weapons of mass migration”).

    Merkel, Gauck, Gabriel, Thomas de Maiziere, Ursula von der Leyen are “Young Leaders” of Warburg’s Atlantikbrücke club; so I see them as enemy agents (or, excuse me, “Allied” agents – the US is not officially an enemy).

  2. DirkH

    “No passports? No problem. You can get them made in Turkey, or any other country along the way. Real passports are only for citizens.”

    You don’t need a passport to cross the border into Germany and apply for Asylum. In fact, not telling the authorities where you come from, not even lie about it, means they don’t know where to send you back so you might stay.

    The only reason to get a fake one is to pretend you Syrian; as the Merkel government has promised not to send any Syrian back.

    If your application for Asylum is rejected and you are ordered to leave the country and you don’t do it, YOU STILL GET BENEFITS.

    Any doubts now about the intentions of the SPD-CDU leadership?

    Deportations in 2014 were 20,000; at 220,000 Asylum seekers;
    deportations in the first half of 2015 were 20,000 as well, at 400,000 Asylum seekers in the first half of 2015 – so the deportation rate is microscopic and getting smaller. In fact you could scratch it completely and it wouldn’t make a difference.

    1. DirkH

      If we use our newly found knowledge about the true motivation of the SPD-CDU leadership, the past catastrophic decisions about the energy supply for Germany suddenly become perfectly understandable. Their goal was never to save the world from Global Warming; their goal was to siphon off as much money as possible from the German people, waste it on useless boondoggles, destabilize and weaken German industry, and destabilize the nation.

  3. Paul

    It’s all part of the bigger plan for Germany whose long term demographics mean that there will be a massive shortfall of young workers to keep the economy cooking. Along with some other European nations with a negative birth rate they are encouraging this inflow.
    See here:


  4. handjive

    From Australia, the images we see are amazing.
    People saying they are going to “paradise.”
    When the money runs out and they realise “paradise” isn’t what they were told, they are going to get very angry. Good luck with that.

  5. Anonymous

    Loved this site, sorry but stick to science/facts or become Mann et al, please.

    1. Walter H. Schneider

      Sorry? You are not sorry. You are cowardly.

      Aside from that, it is Pierre Gosselin’s blog.

    2. Moose

      I am very sorry that you refuse to see reality for what it is. The end of Europe is very near, if we do not act now!

    3. Jeremy Poynton

      Manners. You do not tell the owner of a blog what he can and cannot post.

  6. Jeremy Poynton

    And without so much as a by your leave, eh? What Ms. Merkel says goes. Schengen? Pah!! No bail outs?? Pah!!!

    Thanks god the UK is opted out. This may well be what it takes for the country to vote to leave the EU in the forthcoming election.

  7. Jeremy Poynton

    And of course it is a very quick means to reach the end of the EU – being the destruction of the nation state.

    This doesn’t fill me with joy, either.


    “EURISLAM is an European comparative research project that analyses how the incorporation of Islam in European Member States is influenced by national traditions of identity, citizenship and church-state relations. EURISLAM studies how these traditions have affected interactions between Muslim immigrants and their off-spring and the receiving society. Fieldwork is currently conducted in Belgium, France. Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.”


    Cultural suicide. This will, as my Granny used to say, end in tears.

  8. Pops
  9. Green Sand


    A word and meaning both likely to become rare to this and future European generations.

    We hear “Jihad” more than we hear “Shalom”. Why is this acceptable?

    “Jihad”? – Maintain the religion

    “Shalom”? – Peace

    Thankfully I am not religious,in anyway.

  10. Paul Vaughan

    This event has triggered the most noteworthy shift I’ve seen in Canadian political polling in more than a decade.

  11. ME Wood

    I’m really interested in what you think the Green Politicians make of this as Syrians may have very different views from those the Greens have on ‘gender’ and marriage and Earth. Many will be well educated scientifically and so will Iraqis.

    1. DirkH

      German Greens love Muslims to bits, because every minority is a pressure group. German Greens are believers in Critical Theory, environmental issues were only a tool for them. Homo rights, Muslim rights, Femi rights are more tools.

  12. Mike

    Good topic!

    I was a bit surprised at this “off topic” topic, and the tone of it, but it is clear that many people are wrestling with this difficult issue, and I don’t know any place where it can be discussed openly.

    It is easy to put forward the political agenda driven by you know who, but it is also easy to forget what it means to be human.

    For all you folks who still think mankind evolved from pond scum, then there is little hope. Why would one bag of chemicals care about any other bag of chemicals?, especially since none of them have any value at all. But, mankind being made in the image of God means every one of these people is valuable, and worth helping.

    The western world abandonment of Christianity and now the persecution of Christians even in the USA of all places, all replaced by neo-liberal and neo-con ideology, is a simple cause and effect scenario.

    Whatever the plans of these political people lib or con, even if they are “using” what remains of our western compassion and high value for life in the ex-Christian world, it doesn’t mean that we should stop being who we are.

    In its stupid short term thinking, these political ideologies will get what is coming to them, and vast numbers of “us” may suffer the consequences, but for those who maintain the high value of mankind there is no choice but to help those fleeing war and poverty.

    If Europe is overtaken by Islam and then the USA follows suit, so what. It is nothing less than they deserve.

  13. Asmilwho
  14. D Matteson

    If you follow the pictures of the recent wave of refugees you will see that they are overwhelmingly young, adult males this ensures that there will be conflict.

  15. sod

    I am shocked by this post.

    So i will not comment, but just ask questions:

    Will it stop terrorism, if we close borders?

    will it stop terrorism, if we leave all those refugees in camps in Turkey and other neighbour countries?

    will it stop terrorism, if we leave more people to drown in the Mediterranean sea?

    1. Mike

      I think you are right to ask these questions but it is important to ask the other questions too.

      Will the way of life in the EU be transformed in any seriously bad way?
      If so, does it matter?

      Since the terrorists are clearly embedded with the refugees, some have been found already but not many, how long will it take to for all the not so happy immigrants to rise up as one and take control of various EU states?
      …and is there anything that can be done about it?

      Is there such a thing as true Islamic democracy?
      If not, is it any worse than the corrupt western democracies?

    2. DirkH

      sod 10. September 2015 at 10:53 AM | Permalink | Reply
      “I am shocked by this post.”

      Well you still believe in climate models so you’re not the fastest fella anyway.

      “Will it stop terrorism, if we close borders?
      will it stop terrorism, if we leave all those refugees in camps in Turkey and other neighbour countries?
      will it stop terrorism, if we leave more people to drown in the Mediterranean sea?”

      Terrorism can only be stopped by taking down the Empire that sponsors the terrorists.
      Terrorism can not be stopped by fulfilling every order of that Empire.

      1. nightspore


        Do you really think that Jihad John is actually one of the lesser Bush brothers in drag? Do you really think that Ayatollah Khomeni’s Iran is a Western invention? (And was Mohammed a Western invention too?)

        Like some other posters you don’t seem to be able to get your head around the idea that there are people with points of view, Weltanschauungen, that are completely alien to your own. And that these same people can be determined to impose their own Weltanschauung on everyone else. You don’t seem to have learned much from human history. (Incidentally, read up on the Muslim invasion of India one thousand years ago; was that also a neocon caper?)

        1. Mike

          I was shocked when I first heard and read about the history of Islam over the last 1000 years. Figures are of course not precise but between 50 and 80 million seems to be the ballpark with entire tribes wiped out.

          Anyone who ignores the recent history (last 200 years or so) will not understand the central issue of the caliphate and its demise. This cannot be ignored in the current debate, but it is not the only factor, not to mention oil or Russia, or even Iran and Saudi, or Israel for that matter, there are clearly other agendas in progress. As the media is busy trying to rewrite history, and prevent real news getting out, it is hard to know what is real and what is not.

          The climate scam is real, but it takes quite some time and reading to overcome the media propaganda. Thankfully, more and more people have taken this step, but the media hasn’t.

          One thing we can see from the climate issue is that there are many dirty tricks around. We cannot know how deep the manipulation really is. It is as easy to overstate or understate it.

        2. DirkH

          nightspore 10. September 2015 at 5:56 PM | Permalink | Reply
          “Like some other posters you don’t seem to be able to get your head around the idea that there are people with points of view, Weltanschauungen, that are completely alien to your own”

          I’ve read the Quran -to confirm that what people cite from it is really in it, and yes it is- , thank you very much; and these crazies are EXACTLY the kind of people *I* would equip with some 5 Dollar AK 47s if *I* wanted to cause maximum mayhem.

          One does not exclude the other.

    3. roger

      Are you suggesting that European nationals, behind closed borders will commit acts of terrorism upon each other?
      Just how will leaving refugees in middle eastern camps, amongst their co Muslims, aka religion of peace, cause terrorism in Europe?
      Firm action against boat people seems to have worked well for Australia – few now risk the sea crossings and no one drowns.

    4. nightspore

      Sod’s answer to terrorists seems to be to allow them to live in one’s basement.

  16. Twan Hendriks

    What’s wrong with the Germans anyway?

    I live in the Netherlands near the German border. I’ve often wondered what happened to Germany.

    First the destruction of the German economy with the Energiewende and now this; the destruction of the German nation.

    Is this guilt for the world wars of the last century? Surely the Germans don’t really think there is anyone in their right mind who blames presentday Germans for that.

    I sometime wonder if there is something wrong with Angela Merkel. Are regular psychological checkups required to become Counselor?

    Is she on the pay-list of the Russians? Is she a mole?
    What does she think she is doing? Saving the world by destroying Germany?

    Why does she do it? It doesn’t make any sense for anyone in their right mind.

    Why aren’t the Germans en mass on the streets demanding the removal of Merkel? They in fact embrace Merkels policy on immigration.

    Pièrre, what is wrong in your country? Immigration is a far bigger threat to Germany than the Energiewende ever was.

    1. DirkH

      Twan Hendriks 10. September 2015 at 11:20 AM | Permalink | Reply
      “What’s wrong with the Germans anyway?”
      “Is this guilt for the world wars of the last century? Surely the Germans don’t really think there is anyone in their right mind who blames presentday Germans for that.”

      After creating the BRD, the USA payed Adorno and Horkheimer to go back to Germany and embark on a mass brainwashing called denazification. Being Jewish, they believe in collective guilt. It is a middle Eastern tribal concept, prevalent in Judaism and Islam, not a European/Christian one. This Frankfurt School project of instilling collective guilt in the Germans is constantly ongoing via a never ending barrage of Nazi documentaries in the state media and heavy indoctrination in the state schools.

      Even though todays children do not have the slightest idea about WW2 they are constantly being indoctrinated.

      Adorno, the leader of the campaign, reached the pinnacle of his fame in 1968, when the revolting leftists students worshipped him like a god. He basically called the capitalist society inherently fascist. He is the inventor of “Critical Theory” – criticize everything about the capitalist society, not to build a logical argument, but simply to destroy it. He and the rest of the Frankfurt Schools were and are Marxist after all.

      Well anyway. Shortly after finding himself worshipped by hippies, he died of a heart attack. His last known words are something like “I was mistaken”. Well too late.

      1. Jeremy Poynton

        Yes – adding to that Gramsci’s “Long march through the institutions”, which we now see clearly has taken place, with placemen and women inserted at all levels into the public sphere, we see that Cultural Marxism (in itself a contradiction in terms) has succeeded. Islam simply helps to hasten the end of the West.

        Are people aware that Obama has outsourced anti-terrorism activity to the Muslim Brotherhood?




        And before you cry “conspiracy theories”, may I suggest

        1. You read the above

        2. Much of the material above was put together by Stephen Coughlin, who was a top guy in Homeland Security until Obama decided to excise all references to Islamic terrorism from their documentation. He is also an expert on Sharia law.

        My conclusion?

        We’re f—–. Thank God at 64 I won’t live to see the worst of it, but there will be, as one now dead white Englishman prophesied, rivers of blood.

  17. itsfaircomment

    This is perhaps the most important post you have put up. they get it over at the Spectator big time – http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9628872/merkels-big-gesture-on-syrian-refugees-will-lead-to-many-more-deaths-at-sea/

    1. Jeremy Poynton

      Which is why Cameron is right to help those in the camps.

  18. A C Osborn

    Very few people, especially politicians are asking the question that the Hungarian representative put to the BBC yesterday morning.
    That is “When is a Refugee” no longer a refugee?
    It is as soon as they leave the “Refuge” that they have found outside their own country.
    As soon as that happens they are “Economic Migrants”.
    All you here in the press and mass media is “these people (or We from the migrants themselves) are fleeing from WAR & DEATH”
    Which is total bull, they have already left the war & death as soon as they crossed the Syrian border.
    The other question to ask is why the apparent surprise by all the Politicians when these people must have been “on the road” for months, crossing country after country without any kind of controls.

    1. sod

      ” “When is a Refugee” no longer a refugee?”

      I do not think that this is a relevant question, at it definitely is not one, that a non-refugee is able to answer.

      The releavnt question to answer is this one:

      What would i do, if my country was in turmoil and i and my family end up in a refugee camp in the next country, which also is in disarray. Will i stay for 5 to 10 years and just hope that i might get back one day?

      and on those economic migrants, the relevant question also is:

      What would i do, if there was no economic future in my country? would i use even illegal means, to get a new opportunity in another country?

      Last year, i had the opportunity to listen to a speech by a woman, whos family fled from NAZI Germany to south America. There they crossed a border, because there family could not adapt to living on a farm after trying for some years.

      What she said was “OF COURSE we crossed the border illegaly” and i am 100% sure that that is what most people posting here would do, if put in the same situation.

      1. DirkH

        Of course these people have their own rational interest. Even a terrorist at ISIS has. He gets 200 bucks a month or so from a black budget. Or was that the moderate rebels, I forget.

        I’d shoot the terrorist anyway. And whether I’d open the border for that perfectly rational border-hopper is my own decision, acting in my own best interest.

        Letting 1 million illegal immigrants in over 2 years is complete treason by the CDU.

      2. Jeff

        Sod, here’s your word for the day: Hijra (there are various spellings for it).

        In German it’s been called Völkerwanderung, or perhaps mass migration in English. Please note that the vast majority of the so-called refugees are males, of military age.

        They’re not running AWAY from their homeland. They’re running TO Europe, to take it over, for the new Caliphate. And they’re doing it (mostly) on Germany’s dime.

        Pretty soon there won’t be any dimes left, for Greece, the PIIGs, or anyone else, for that matter (and that includes building your beloved bird-choppers).

        Oddly enough, the folks fomenting all this “trouble”, in Syria and throughout the middle east, including the vacation destinations of Dubai and nearby, don’t want to have any beggars and losers, aka refugees, nearby.

        Fancy that. They won’t even take care of their own.

    2. Mike

      So a refugee leaves his refuge and does what?
      Goes to work?
      Builds a house?
      Does some shopping?
      or just die in a convenient way, so as not to bother anyone.

  19. mothcatcher

    Germany will not lose by this, economically at least. From Turkish Gastarbeiter, through the re-unification with the DDR, to the present welcoming of Syrian migration, they expect it to be a medium and long term plus to the economy and pretty much all of world history says they are right.

    Whether EU leaders have the right to impose mass migration upon the settled population without regard to the wishes of that population, claiming a moral imperative, may be challenged and the pendulum may swing, however.

    The influence of Islam on the political life of Europe (and it seems to me, the near certainty of terrorist infiltration and proliferation) is another matter and I’m very doubtful that European political leadership has the backbone to keep a lid on it. It is, as others here have stated, another very good reason for the UK to leave the tyranny that is the EU and begin to decide once again its own immigration and foreign and trade policies. Nothing, repeat nothing, to be lost by doing so.

    1. DirkH

      “Germany will not lose by this, economically at least.”

      “Germany” will replenish its population but dilute the IQ / capabilities so I’d assume it will reduce German development capacity.

      Germans, as opposed to Germany, lose massively, as we who pay the load of the taxes will finance the million CDU migrants for years, the Germans who pay few taxes because they have the bad jobs will find themselves in wage competition with the million CDU migrants.

      It is a war by the CDU against the German people.

  20. Twan Hendriks


    It doesn’t matter what I would do in the same situation. I understand that they try to do this. But that doesn’t mean we have to oblige them.

    This is our country, our welfare state. This is the future of our children. I’ll be damned if I will let them take that away. We have to look after those that are close to us. Our family, friends and fellow countrymen, but not the whole world.

    1. DirkH

      If Leftists were NOT using Critical Theory to destroy their host society, but were capable of logical thinking, they would say – we have a leftist socialist welfare state that we, the leftists have made, a commonwealth, and the million CDU migrants are brought in here, have never contributed, and take from our socialist commonwealth – to which they have no right, obviously.

      Even Marx argued this way long before 9 of the 10 planks of his Communist Manifesto got implemented in the BRD. He demanded secure borders for his utopian socialist state.

  21. William Teach

    No one should be surprised. Most European governments have been tolerating the inflow of radical Islamists for decades, if not enabling them. Look at all that happened with the Rotherdam rape/child abuse scandal. Look at what’s happening in Sweden. France is slightly less tolerant, yet, they have a massive problem with Muslims running roughshod, with quarterly riots. This is multiculturalism gone beyond wild.

    I’d say “at what point do these Leftist idiots realize that they are putting themselves in danger”, but, then, we look at Sweden, and realize the answer is “when they’re actually beheading Leftists”.

  22. Jeff

    Here’s a good analysis via Crossroad.to . There are other, related articles as well. Rahmstorf may have “nightmares”, but this one coming up in Europe is real…


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