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Warming? 171,000 Alpacas, 15 Children Died Due To “Unusually Harsh Winter” This Year In Peru!

In South America winter is coming to an end, and in some parts with great relief because of its “unusual” harshness. The Peru Reports site here wrote that extreme cold killed 21 people, among them 15 children in Peru (emphasis added): Peru’s government is rushing to provide relief in the southern state of Puno, where a […]

Climate Ambulance Chasers Without Borders! Every Location Now Designated The Climate “Ground Zero”

As the pause extends and many regions not cooperating with the earlier forecasts on a number of measures, climate alarmists and activists media have been left with chasing isolated weather events across the globe and designating them the “ground zero” of climate. Reader Jimbo has complied a list of these so-called “climate ground zeros”, scattered all […]

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