Climate Ambulance Chasers Without Borders! Every Location Now Designated The Climate “Ground Zero”

As the pause extends and many regions not cooperating with the earlier forecasts on a number of measures, climate alarmists and activists media have been left with chasing isolated weather events across the globe and designating them the “ground zero” of climate.

Reader Jimbo has complied a list of these so-called “climate ground zeros”, scattered all over the world, in places as isolated as Antarctica, the Sahel, or even Utah. Each claiming the selected location is the “front-runner” (There can only be one frontrunner).

Climate Ambulance Chasing Across the Globe

By Jimbo

For years Warmists have confidently told us about the canary in the mine of global warming and the ground zero of global warming. The problem is trying to figure our which one is right. Where exactly is the ‘ground zero’ of ‘global warming’ and/or ‘climate change’? It seems to be all over the place!

Huffington Post – 27 February, 2015
By Seth Borenstein and Luis Andres
Glacial Melting In Antarctica Makes Continent The ‘Ground Zero Of Global Climate Change
…Parts of Antarctica are melting so rapidly it has become ‘ground zero of global climate change without a doubt,’ said Harvard geophysicist Jerry Mitrovica…

Smithsonian Magazine – March 2010
“Barrow, Alaska: ‘Ground Zero for Climate Change'”
At climate change’s ‘Ground Zero
COUTONOU, BENIN – Women are most vulnerable but also a resource for survival
(UPDATED) – Here at the fringes of climate change’s ‘Ground Zero’, no mourning bell tolls for the women who are most vulnerable to climate change’s impacts,…”

Negative Population Growth – August 1, 2012
The Southwest: Ground Zero for Global Warming
Experts warn that the American Southwest will be the part of the nation hit first, worst and hardest by global warming…”

Miami HeraldAugust 1, 2015
“…Most sentient people in what we like to call the Sunshine State already knew that Florida was Ground Zero for climate change…”

Ground zero for climate change
Former CEJ environmental journalism fellow Susan Moran reports from Palmer Station in Antarctica

News Lincoln County – 13 September 2013
“Agate Beach: Ground zero for new research on Global Warming and resulting ocean behavior
There is some commotion going on at Agate Beach these days as ocean scientists set up equipment to measure wave ‘run up’…”

Miami Herald – 04/27/2014
“With rising waters in South Beach, FDOT busy on Alton Road drainage
Alton Road may be Ground Zero for climate change as flooding woes have environmentalists and activists warning about the effects of sea-level rise.”

Chesapeake Climate Action Network – July 9, 2014
Safe Coast Virginia: Report Offers Bold Flooding and Climate Action Plan
Coastal Hampton Roads is already ground zero for climate change impacts in Virginia. By the year 2100, sea levels are projected to rise by as much as seven feet or more, …”

IRIN News – 2 June 2008
SAHEL: Region is ‘ground zero’ for climate change – Egeland
The Sahel region of West Africa is ‘ground zero’ for vulnerable communities struggling to adapt to climate change, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on conflict, Jan Egeland, said…”

Time – April 22, 2014
Spending Earth Day at Ground Zero for Climate Change In America
…..Dr. Sellers remembered catching a glimpse of the Florida peninsula between his boots during a spacewalk……
Now that climate is changing, and as Nelson said at the start of the South Florida hearing: ‘This is Ground Zero.’…”

Ensia Magazine – January 28, 2014
In a Global Warming World: Protect and Rebuild or Retreat?
Hurricane Sandy decimated coastal communities. Now what?
Consider, for instance, that a full-bore retreat would mean abandoning such historic sites as Ground Zero — a scenario that any New Yorker, let alone a mayor, would find hard to stomach….”

USA Today – 4/16/2007
“Canadian north offers ‘ground zero’ view of global warming
‘This is really ground zero for global warming,’ said Will Steger, a 62-year-old Minnesotan who has been traveling the region for 43 years and has witnessed the impact of warming…”

National Geographic – Oct 15, 2011
“Maldives, Ground Zero for Climate Change Impacts
If there is a ground zero for observing the impacts of a changing global climate the Maldives are definitely a front-runner…”

Huffington Post09/01/2012
“Heart Of The Arctic: A Dispatch From Ground Zero For Climate Change
…I’m standing at ground zero for climate change. Nowhere else on Earth is it warming as quickly as in Greenland, the world’s largest island.”

Ecos Magazine
“APR–MAY | 2009
…In our region, a rise of one metre would effectively put the small Pacific Island nations of Kiribati and Tuvalu at ground zero,…”

Huffington Post– 12/24/2008
A Journey Across the Ground Zero of Global Warming
…Bangladesh is a flat, low-lying land made of silt, squeezed in between the melting mountains of the Himalayas and the rising seas of the Bay of Bengal. As the world warms, the sea is swelling – and wiping Bangladesh off the map…”
======= – November 18, 2011
“India’s Climate Change Ground Zero
…the annual monsoon, and this season’s rains, which ended a few weeks ago, were a constant topic of conversation during the five days I’ve just spent traveling around the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. U.P., as people call it here,…”

Discover Magazine– 8 September 2008
The Ground Zero of Climate Change
Antarctica’s Whillans Ice Stream helps researchers predict climate change—and the fate of coastal cities around the world.
…It’s a typical summer afternoon on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. …”

Courier Mail – December 05, 2008
Climate change ‘ground zero’ is far north Queensland
FORGET the melting ice caps – when it comes to climate change, Queensland’s vulnerable reef and rainforest is Australia’s ‘canary in the coalmine’.

According to experts, north Queensland is ‘ground zero’ for global warming…”

Daily Kos – Feb 17, 2013
The U.S. is ground zero for climate change
“…As climate change heats up the north Atlantic, the U.S. will heat up and dry out. Last summer was just the beginning of the catastrophic warming that will cause droughts that make the dust bowl look like the salad days…”

WildEarth Guardians ~2014
The Powder River Basin — Ground Zero in Confronting the Climate Crisis
Getting to the Root of the Problem”

Post and Courier – Mar 24 2013
“Charleston ‘ground zero’ for climate change
…Future generations may look back on 2012 as the year the majority of our country took climate destabilization seriously,…..
…Climate change brings an added urgency to the Holy City. We are at its ‘ground zero’ with the emissions of the industrial economy…”

The Montserrat Reporter – 15 August 2014
“Caribbean population need to be more informed on climate change
…’For countries that we claim, correctly, are at ground zero of climate change, our populations are alarmingly un-informed of the wide -ranging impacts of this global crisis.’…

The Nature Conservancy
“Oceans and Coasts
How We Work to Adapt to Climate Change
Oceans and coasts are ground zero for climate change, and we’re helping people and marine life adapt.”

Wired – 5 December 2014
Cities in Climate Change Danger, Warns Captain Planet
[Cities: ground zero for climate change…]
But urban locations may also be ground zero for climate change, both as perpetrators of a warming atmosphere and as victims of its multi-tiered effects. So says Dr. Marshall Shepherd, a professor of Geography and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Georgia…”

MRZine (Monthly Review) – Feb 17, 2010
“In the Tropical Forests of Sumatra: Notes from Climate Change “Ground Zero”
…While Indonesia is often referred to as Ground Zero of climate change, Palembang should be considered one of its most telling monuments…”

Earth Institute, Columbia University – 8 November 2012
Arctic Archipelago: Ground Zero For Climate Change
….Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic, constituting the northernmost part of Norway. The archipelago features an Arctic climate, …”

Foreign Policy – November 12, 2013
Why the Philippines Is Ground Zero for Super Storms …And Why Recovery Is So Difficult
…Philippines negotiator Naderev Saño made an emotional plea to his peers, asking them to finally establish an international mechanism for addressing losses and damages linked to climate change…”

Grand Canyon Trust
“Beaver and Climate Change
They are the West’s most savvy water engineers. Here on the Colorado Plateau, ground zero for climate change, we humans have a lot to learn from these furry creatures…Please spread the word to anyone who might enjoy and benefit from this opportunity to talk beaver!”

The Daily Green – 10.10.2007
“Utah is Ground Zero for Global Warming?”

Dr. Michael H. Glantz, University of Colorado – Boulder – May 2010
UNU-IC 2010

Every area on planet Earth is defined as the “Ground zero”
…The Ground Zero of Climate Change: Antarctic
…The Arctic is ground zero for climate change…
West Africa is ‘Ground Zero’ for Climate Change…
…Climate Change Ground Zero: Drought and Fires Devastate Australia
…Climate Change Ground Zero: New Orleans
Florida: ‘Ground Zero’ for climate change…
…Bhola (Bangladesh) has been referred to as ground zero of climate change…
Tropics as ground zero for change…
North Queensland is “ground zero” for global warming…
Canadian north offers ‘ground zero’ view of global warming…
Alaska has been described as “ground zero” for climate change…
…The Maldives and other low-lying coastal areas
…Ground zero for the global-warming debate: the island country of Tuvalu
Is there a climate change ground zero coming to your neighborhood?
…Global Warming Hotspots…


15 responses to “Climate Ambulance Chasers Without Borders! Every Location Now Designated The Climate “Ground Zero””

  1. DirkH
  2. DirkH

    The lunatics at the Anti-German SPD-CDU government throw some more irrelevant goodies at electric vehicle purchasers:
    -An “E” in the license plate! For the bragging.
    -Free bus lane usage. That’ll show those stupid bus drivers!
    -More slow recharging stations. Excuse me, “fast recharging stations”. Well I guess it’s fast to a garden snail.
    Because, there are no real problems.

  3. Ed Caryl

    When you are chasing a chimera, it is anywhere and everywhere.

  4. sod

    “The lunatics at the Anti-German SPD-CDU government throw some more irrelevant goodies at electric vehicle purchasers:”

    Germany is earning a lot of money, by selling cars. It would be plain out stupid to miss the new way that cars are run.

    Both of us will likely see a time, when all cars run on e-power.

    1. ClimateOtter

      And what will be the Source of that e-power?

      Sure as Hell won’t be solar + wind. Not unless you carpet the continent from Lisbon to Moscow.

      1. sod

        “And what will be the Source of that e-power?”

        Latest analysis has shown, that in most paces the electric power is “greener” than a car run on petrol.

        In Germany, the first 6 month of 2015 saw renewables providing 34% (over one third!!!) of electricity demand.

        And we broke a new record recently with over 80% renewables on a day, for several hours.

        In the US, with Aspen we see the thrird town going for 100% renewables:

    2. DirkH

      “Both of us will likely see a time, when all cars run on e-power.”

      The battery car is, as I never tire to explain, the result of a wrong requirement analysis. Electricity is mobile. Carrying around tons of batteries is idiotic. You give away the key advantage of electricity.

      As long as this is not recognized, the hydrocarbon car is the next best solution: It has a high energy density storage, can be refilled instantly, is safe and produces plant food. Fuel is abundant and more and more of it is discovered. Just recently the gas field off the shores of Egypt.

      1. sod

        “As long as this is not recognized, the hydrocarbon car is the next best solution:”

        Tell that those idiots running Porsche (they do not know anything about cars obviously, while you know everything about it!)

        The Porsche Mission-E will reach 500 km range and will reload to 80% in 15 Minutes (That is the time of your average stop on the highway anyway).

        But again, what does Porsche know about cars?

  5. John F. Hultquist

    Except for the following, this is an amazing collection of nutty** media statements.
    The one from Ensia Magazine (never heard of it) of Jan. 28, 2014 is a reference to the World Trade Center site and the destruction of the twin towers. The writer mentions it is an “historic” site and was called “Ground Zero” as regards the terrorist attack. Thus, it should not be in this list.

    By the year 2100, sea levels are projected to rise by as much as seven feet or more, …
    The “more” is a nice touch. If the “feet” is changed to inches or cm. it would be possible to read without laughing. Of course, then, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network [July 9, 2014] would have nothing to spur action.

    From the Utah one (I just had to look):
    But, on the bright side, the panel came up with 200 options for reducing the state’s contribution to global warming …
    The result of Utahans jumping all over these 200 options will have zero impact on global warming. But, please, do whatever!

  6. Mark Stoval

    Great list! Thanks.

    ~ Mark

  7. R2Dtoo

    Some time ago I saw a list of “canaries in the coal mine”. Does anyone have the site for this?

    1. Jimbo

      The canaries in coalmines galore!

      Pierre, a small correction. John F. Hultquist is correct, the Ensia Magazine quote should not be on the list. My apologies.

  8. Graeme No.3

    The sites are called Ground Zero because there is zero ground for panic and hysteria.

  9. David Johnson

    Excellent list

  10. J Calvert N(UK)

    Dr Mickey Glantz’s list* of manmade factors affecting climate listed just about everything EXCEPT growth of Urban Heat Islands. Those guys at Boulder CO seem to be absolutely steadfast in their denial of UHI effects.

    * The ‘PDF’ link towards the end of the article links to a list of ‘Ground Zeros’ made by Dr Mickey Glantz of Boulder Colorado

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