Autumn Halftime: Central Europe “Record Cold” Shatters DWD Prediction Of “Warm Fall” …Cologne Breaks Cold Record!

German website wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung (WBDGE) here reports some autumn halftime statistics for Central Europe. It turns out that earlier predictions by Germany’s Deutsche Wetterdienst DWD for a warm fall have been shattered so far, just the latest in a string of blunders we’ve been witnessing from the DWD.

The WBDGE site tells us:

After an already cool September, an historic cold wave with snow reaching into the flatland during the first half of October saw mean temperatures in parts of Germany clearly well below the 30-year mean as the following chart shows:”

NOAA-Renalyse der 2m-Temperaturabweichungen zum internationalüblichen modernen WMO-Klimamittel 1981-2010 für Westeuropa und Deutschland. Die verbreiteten blau/lila gefärbten Flächen zeigen die unterkühlten Bereiche für die Zeit vom 1.9. bis 16.10.2015 - also die erste Herbsthälfte - an. Quelle:

NOAA reanalysis of the 2m temperature deviation from the internationally commonly used WMO climate mean of 1981-2010 for western Europe and Germany. The widespread blue and lilac colored surfaces show a cold Western Europe for the September 1 – October 16 period. Source: Hat-tip: WBDGE.

Back in September Germany’s DWD Weather Service had forecast October in Germany to be “warm”. However so far the exact opposite has been the case. This is in part the result of the deeper than expected cold spell that just occurred.

How cold was it? here reports that some places saw all-time record lows for the date. The site writes:

On Wednesday winter started at what may be a record early date. At times a blanket of snow formed in the lowlands. At some locations it was colder than ever recorded since temperature records began.

On Wednesday new record low temperatures were set across a large region. In the west the thermometer showed high temperatures of only 5°C. At some locations, such as Cologne and Essen, it was the coldest since records began back in 1881. From Thuringia, across western Saxony, and down into northern Bavaria high temperatures reached only 1 – 3°C.

Björn Alexander blames 2015 cold on 2012 Arctic ice extent!

Comically the unexpected extreme cold had parts of the German media scrambling to explain it, blaming it all global warming. For example meteorologist Bjorn Alexander of German NTV public television site here said the cold was due to the widespread Arctic ice cap melt – of 2012! NTV tells its readers:

Why such cold days in times of climate change? As absurd as it may sound: Especially because of global warming Europe will see record breaking cold more often. That is increasingly so because of greater ice melt in the Arctic. Models show: The less sea ice there is in the Arctic, the more probable it is that a high forms up there and brings cold to Europe.”

The link he provides, however, takes the reader to the 2012 record low sea ice extent, and not this year’s sea ice extent – which is now close to a 10-year high for this time of the year. Alexander also seems to be unaware that the models he refers to were slapped together by red-faced PIK scientists after the cold winters began hitting Europe back in 2009. These models have since been dismissed by a number of scientists and meteorologists

Temperatures in Central Europe are expected to moderate in the days ahead. However, recent GFS models show that winter maybe returning by the end of the month. See here.

11 responses to “Autumn Halftime: Central Europe “Record Cold” Shatters DWD Prediction Of “Warm Fall” …Cologne Breaks Cold Record!”

  1. DirkH

    It takes exactly 3 years for the heat over the North Pole to spiral down to Germany. By this time it has changed into abnormal cold. Man is to blame! We can only stop this by building more wind turbines.

    The other, equally valid reason for building more wind turbines is that we will get very rich by subsidizing them.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      We can only stop this by building more wind turbines.

      Many of them can be motored using the electricity grid so during those calm periods, they can provide a breeze for man-made climate change. Even from nuclear power. 😉

    2. ClimateOtter

      I looked at the ‘heat over the north pole’ when the polar vortex descended in 2011. The core of the vortex air was around -175 or something like that (this is at 35,000 feet). I’m sure sod could tell us all about how that’s caused by ‘man-made’ global warming.

      1. G.P. Alexander
        1. sod
  2. DirkH

    New tactic by Warmunists: Buy up energy competition and destroy it.
    Swedish Greenpeace division, Swedish State in cahoots to destroy energy production from lignite in Germany.
    Buying up the competition to destroy it is normally something that leftists hold against capitalist companies trying to become monopolists. What is evil when corporations do it is good when warmunists do it, obviously – to weak to compete – so buy up and shut down the competition.

    This also proves that renewables are not competitive – as such tactics would not be needed if they were.

    1. DirkH

      Greenpeace clarifies: They do NOT want to pay money. They want the governments to pay , and then shut down the competition.
      Now THAT’s how you do warmunism!

  3. Vermeer

    Last week was a cold one in the Netherlands too. Snow fell in the southern
    hills on the 14th of October: see the pictures in this on the Dutch Met
    Office site :
    The article also mentions the widespread snow event on the 13th of October 1975. I remember that in the eastern half of the country the snow remained on the ground until the next day.

    For the lowlands of Germany I found an even earlier snowfall event , interestingly enough at the end of September 1885 , one of the years mentioned in the article comparing Sunspot cycles 12 and 24.

    Berlin and surrounding areas had snowfall all day on the 28th of September 1885. Temperature circa 1 °C. Fields covered with snow.

    Loosely translated from this newspaper article : scroll down to “Berlijn”, 28 september.

  4. Statistik: Kalter November 2015 in Deutschland und Europa wegen El Niño? | wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung
  5. Autumn Halftime: Central Europe “Record Cold” Shatters DWD Prediction Of “Warm Fall” …Cologne Breaks Cold Record! | wchildblog

    […] From NoTricksZone, by P Gosselin, Oct 2015 […]

  6. IDontBelieveInCAGW

    When you have to resort to blaming record cold and snow on warming, you have clearly lost the plot (and the ‘debate’).

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