Greens In Denial: Health Impacts From Wind Turbines Are Real – And Not “In People’s Heads”

The following video is really worth taking the time to watch.

It explains clearly how very low frequency sound waves (infrasound) from wind turbines have an adverse effect on some people, making them feel ill.

Like the motion sickness that people experience in a car, plane or boat, infrasound sickness results from “sensory conflict” in the central nervous system (CNS).

Hat-tip: Wolfgang Neumann at FB.

Sensory conflict is when two or more of your senses disagree with each other with respect to your own personal motion. For example when on a boat the inner ear and the sense of touch perceive motion, but your visual system does not. This “sensory conflict” can make some people get ill.

The middle ear and touch of course sense motion by detecting changes in pressure. When you walk, for example, your head bobs up and down, and moves back and forth in rhythm, and the inner ear registers the pressure changes of -0.12 Pa to +0.12 Pa as the head accelerates and decelerates. Your feet (touch) sense the pressure changes, and your eyes perceive the motion as well – so everything agrees and so you do not get sick.

The problem with wind turbines is that they create low frequency infrasound with a frequency of under 20 Hz, which is a cyclic barometric pressure change in the air that gets sub-consciously registered by the inner ear. As a result the brain is fooled into thinking that the body is in motion, when in fact it is not. Sensory conflict is the result and it leads some people to feel ill.

Known back in 1985

Scientific tests confirm the phenomenon: some people are sensitive to infrasound and the sickness linked to wind turbines is real. In 1985 psychology professor David Nussbaum at NASA exposed people to infrasound in an enclosed cabin for 30 minutes as part of an experiment. The result: 15% of the people felt the onset of motion sickness. Now imagine being subjected to the low frequency non-stop for days, which can be the case for wind turbines. Little wonder that some people get extremely sick.

It turns out that the tested subjects responded to the steady, symmetrical waves, and not the random-type asymmetrical waves (see 8-minute mark). Wind generators produce constant symmetrical waves. And the bigger the turbine, the more powerful the infrasound wave. Yet today a number of government officials and green activists refuse to acknowledge these well-known findings and ignore the impacts wind parks are having on the health of people living near them. They continue permitting their installation.

And let’s also not forget the blighted landscape they create.


20 responses to “Greens In Denial: Health Impacts From Wind Turbines Are Real – And Not “In People’s Heads””

  1. Robert Doyle

    Mr. Gosselin,

    As usual, an excellent post. I recall reading a post about the impact of offshore turbines on harbor aquatic life. I do not remember the story was on NTZ or some other site.


  2. Rich Lentz

    In the 60’s a neighbor went through periods where he could not sleep for several days at a time. Even after going to a research hospital his problem remained a mystery. When the research hospital got another patient, who lived nowhere near the other, with the same problems and with the same days they could not sleep they released there was a real problem. Luckily a news article in the paper had a story about the new Wind Tunnel that GM had built and what they were using it for. After getting a calendar of when it was used, they found the dates matched up perfectly. Further research showed that the exhaust duct was acting like a massive, very low frequency pipe organ.

    1. DirkH

      The German regime would classify them as insane and drug them after a lengthy stay in an insane asylum. Chemical straitjacket.
      Can’t have anyone jeopardize the billion Euro theft.

  3. sod

    “. Yet today a number of government officials and green activists refuse to acknowledge these well-known findings and ignore the impacts wind parks are having on the health of people living near them.”

    They do not deny it. They look at all kind of scientific results, which are actually struggling to show the effect.,d.ZWU

    I find this a little strange. People here do not believe that coal plants make people sick, even though we know about the poisonous chemicals in the smoke.

    But infra sound is supposed to be a dangerous thing, with basically no scientic or medical proof.

    1. John

      “I find this a little strange. People here do not believe that coal plants make people sick, even though we know about the poisonous chemicals in the smoke.”

      First, coal plants are the cleanest they have ever been. Show me one in Germany with a thick black column of smoke. You can’t.

      Second, how many wind turbines does Germany have (some 25000) and how many coal plants? I am guessing a whole lot less!

      Thirdly, how many coal plants are being build in everybody’s backyard compared to those landscape monsters? You know the answer!

      So, yes. Infrasound is a becoming problem.

    2. DirkH
    3. DirkH

      BTW sod you have just confirmed Pierre’s headline “Greens In Denial” like a Pavlovian dog.

    4. Bon

      Yes Mr/Ms sod coal plants can make people sick as a result of chemical emissions although modern plants produce very little in the way of chemical emissions and certainly not at levels likely to make people sick. These days people are more likely to be troubled by noise emissions sometimes associated with power station draught fans, with gas flow ducts of gas turbines and compressor stations or even building air conditioning fans and ducts. It is not common but all of these sources have the potential to create infrasound problems but in each instance appropriate sound enclosures or structural changes to ductwork will allow the problem to be eliminated. However, unfortunately in the case of wind turbines such mitigation measures are not available options i.e. a sound enclosure is obviously impossible and since duct resonance is not involved, structural changes will have no effect.
      The comment “infra sound is supposed to be a dangerous thing, with basically no scientic or medical proof.” is questionable in itself but maybe a good analogy is to consider motion sickness in general. There is no scientific or medical proof for motion sickness either but just try convincing the countless millions of sufferers around the world that their sickness is all in their minds, it’s “nocebo”. Good luck?

    5. NoFreeWind

      There is no pollution from modern coal plants. It’s all in your head. I live in Pennsylvania where we have a high % of electricity from coal. We are downwind from Illinois, Ohio and Indiana who also have a high % of coal. Yet we have no pollution in the rural areas away from big cities. Our big cities have mild to moderate levels of pollution, yet there are no or very few coal plants near big cities. The pollution is coming from something else. If coal plants were causing air pollution, I would be breathing polluted air right now, but I live in a rural area and we have NO POLLUTION.

  4. Joe Chang

    who is a science denier now?

    1. sod

      “who is a science denier now?”

      Have you taken a look at the webpage of this guy?

      He is not doing any relevant form of science. he is presenting his “papers2 at an anti-wind conference.

      But look out, he already invented (and is trying to sell) a machine, that will stop the unproven effect. Great business!

      1. roger

        Hello sod! I see you are still posting your inane defence of wind turbines.
        Here in the UK our 5600 are right now producing 0.47gw or 1.13 percent of demand at 41.46gw.
        Now run along, be a good boy, and attend to your education.

      2. GP Alexander

        “Have you taken a look at the webpage of this guy?”

        sod. At least the dude has a web page. Good on him for his entrepreneurial spirit. His product may or may not work, the fact of whether or not his device works will decide his sales and success, unlike the IPCC and it’s various syncophants and acolytes where facts don’t appear to matter.

        sod. Feel free to make your own web page. You can use it to catalogue how the wheels are falling off the Man Made Global Warming Wagon. And, it’s not people like me who are responsible for this loss of Global Warming Faith, it is people who are cut from the same cloth as you are. Rhetoric, B.S., obfuscation, failed, failed and more failed predictions, pronouncemtn of banning Evil Speak, people have hit the WTF? stage not because of the realists, but because of people like you. I didn’t have to convince my trading desk buddies that Man Made Global Warming was crap, I just showed them posts from you and your like-minded colleagues in this and other sites. These hipsters are now telling me what crap it all is and sending me sites to get a DDOC.

        sod, put in as much effort as the gentleman that you belittled. I’m sure we will all pay a visit. I am certain I would even recommend it to the other fellows at the trading desk.

        Thanks sod, for contributing to my DDOC (Daily Dose of Chuckles)

  5. Bob/W in NC

    I gave out a loud “YES!!!” when I read this post, Pierre. Been tracking this problem for some years, now to see it documented and well explained is fantastic!

  6. DirkH

    Bill Gates says we need socialism to fix climate change.

    Well, as I said – Warmunism is a Fabian fraud designed to introduce world communism. Here ya go.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    ” …the impacts wind parks are having on the health of people living near them.”

    Does near have a numerical definition?
    We live 10 miles from towers to our west and another set 12 miles east.
    However, there are houses about ¼ mile (400 meters) from some of the towers.

    1. Bon

      Well yes John, believe it or not distance is relevant particularly if you happen to be one of those unfortunates susceptible to sopite syndrome. Firstly infrasound propagation is legendary when it comes to propagation distance, i.e. the low attenuation characteristics of infrasound allow it to be used to listen for nuclear testing on distant continents.
      You and many others have probably heard the base sounds of distant open air “Woodstock” type rock concerts, well infrasound while not normally perceived as audible sound, will propagate over much greater distances than these base sounds do. So 10km is really just child’s play when it comes to infrasound!

      1. John F. Hultquist

        Thanks Bon.
        We haven’t noticed any issues and the local paper (small town) hasn’t reported anything. It is worth watching for.

  8. DirkH

    Hopin to gain warmunist points, economists postulate a causation of average temperatures to nations GDP. Say that when temperatures rise, countries will lose productivity. (Reason: heat makes you think worse.)

    Of course, nowhere in the article is it pointed out that since the invention of the A/C, the causation (which might well have existed) has necessarily been broken. So the correlation that the economists observe is due to inertia of existing hegemonies. Their forecast that a warming world would wreck the productivity of the developed nations is therefore bullcrap.

  9. jaymam

    I am fortunate to live in a city which will never allow wind turbines. However for many years there has been an odd low frequency sound heard by many people and that kept them awake. Triangulation shows that the sound comes from container ships that have large generators running all night. Each ship makes a different sound. After a couple of kilometres, only the low frequency remains. If your bedroom happens to be the right size for that frequency there will be a sympathetic resonance that makes the sound appear louder.
    I imagine that wind turbines will cause the same kind of sound within a distance of a few kilometres. Installers of wind turbines should be aware that large compensation may have to paid for any noise.

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