A Hell Week For Global Warming Alarmists: Crumbling Consensus, Inconvenient Data And Policy Rejection

It hasn’t been a good week for the global warming alarmists. Three events have rocked the movement and caused alarmists to go into a state of alarm.

Putin calls global warming “a fraud”

The first event Russian President Vladimir Putin, who used to play along with the issue, has come out and called global warming science “a fraud“, one that is “designed to restrain industrial development“. According to the New York Times, Putin’s skepticism is based on Russian scientists having done “very, very extensive work trying to understand all sides of the climate debate” and that it is “clear that the climate is a complicated system” and that “the evidence presented for the need to ‘fight’ global warming was rather unfounded.”

NASA satellite measurements refute preposterous PIK models

The second event is described at the Swiss online daily Tagesanzeiger which presents a vivid example as to why people like Putin don’t believe the wild climate alarmism: There’s a huge chasm between the scary model projections coming from “leading” climate institutes and the real observations themselves.

The Swiss daily begins by writing that the Germany-based Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) projects that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could “rapidly disintegrate” and cause sea levels to rise 3 meters, all based on “their own model simulations“, which incorporate “feedback effects“. The Tagesanzeiger writes, however, that the PIK was unable to provide “a reason for the loss of stability in West Antarctica“. The Swiss online daily in effect presents a PIK theory that is fraught with assumptions, and is ultra-lean on recorded data.

To illustrate that there is a total lack of consensus with respect to Antarctica, the Tagesanzeiger brings up the latest NASA study by Zwally et al, citing Breitbart: “Antarctica is not shrinking – it is growing”, and writes that the NASA study “completely contradicts” the PIK model projections. The Tagesanzeiger continues:

A satellite survey by NASA tells a different story. It contradicts a number of other studies, which are mostly based on rough estimations and assumptions.”

Poland refuses to ratify Kyoto treaty in Paris

The third set of bad news to come out over the past week is that Poland’s new president, Andrzej Duda, refuses to extend the UN Kyoto Treaty until 2020 and that this “blocks the ratification process” just a month before the UN climate summit in Paris (COP21). Duda is requesting “a more detailed analysis of the climate matter“, writing in a statement:

Binding Poland to an international agreement that will affect Poland’s economy and the therein connected social costs should require a detailed analysis of the legal and economic impacts. These impacts have not been sufficiently explained.”

Greenpeace Poland called Duda’s announcement a “bad sign” threatens to stall Europe’s movement on emissions limitation. Let’s hope!

Asia moves ahead with coal power plant expansion

Also the news tell us that many, especially poorer, developing countries aren’t taking PIK climate science seriously at all. The London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation here writes that “in Asia alone this year power companies are building more than 500 coal-fired plants, with at least a thousand more on planning boards.”


32 responses to “A Hell Week For Global Warming Alarmists: Crumbling Consensus, Inconvenient Data And Policy Rejection”

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  2. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

    Sad to say, I now realise why Russia got to space first.

    1. DirkH

      They got the better Nazi rocket scientists.
      Amusingly, von Braun and his buddies not only shot one rocket across the Mexican border, leading to much political caterwauling; they also mailed all sorts of plans to their friends in Moscow in their free time. They just went to the post office and mailed Moscow some plans.

  3. Bob/W in NC

    Been waiting for this for a long time. But, Question: Does it come too late to blunt the climate dictatorship-type treaty sure to be forged in Paris?

    I hope (and pray!) that there is one H*** of a rebellion and active resistance against it!

    1. Powers

      And rebellion is what is required against this climate tyranny being forced upon the great unwashed masses by the Environmental World Government “Earth” Church and the doctrine of the IPCC. We are on the verge of a new Inquisition and Obama fancies himself as Earth Pope and Grand Poobah ready to mete out consequences for non-believers and heretics with RICO statutes and the Rack.

  4. Robin Pittwood

    That brought a smile. And don’t forget the global climate bet. Even though there’s an El Niño happening at the moment this decade is persistently tracking cooler than the previous decade.

  5. Bob Armstrong

    HocheySchtick’s derivation and demonstration of the accuracy of equations calculating the non-optional effect of gravity , eg : http://hockeyschtick.blogspot.com/2014/12/how-gravity-continuously-does-work-on.html , explaining atmospheric temperature profiles needs to be put in their faces to make next week worse .

    For anyone who groks classical physics , should realize upon reflection that gravity is the only asymmetric centripetal force which can satisfy the demand of the Divergence Theorem that mean energy density on the interior of a radiantly heated ball must match that calculated for its surface I pointed out in my http://cosy.com/Science/HeartlandBasicBasics.html talk .

    To believe that some spectral filter can “trap” energy on the side away from the source is to believe in the possibility of a perpetual heat engine .

  6. Sam Pyeatte

    Obama can use a phony procedure to simulate a treaty but without Senate ratification it can be reversed by a new President at the stroke of a pin.

  7. Edward.

    The best news is out of Poland, and just in time, stuffing it right up Mutti for good measure.

    Emissions limitations treaty, a scam is all it is, was all it ever was and – agenda 21 with it. Scam, scam and more scam and follow the money men, what a financial bonanza it could be for investment bankers Goldman Sachs, evidently for they are desperate for a world emissions limitation agreement – and thus is another reason to hope that Obarmy and Dough boy Hollande are shot down in Paris.

    On the Antarctic,

    The continental ice sheet growth – comes as little surprise to some.

    Boreal Temperatures in the interior of Antarctica have been breaking record lows for a number of years, tales about volume melting ice are just alarmist fantasy.
    Next, the twaddle talked about ice sheets cracking and shearing, the spectacular natural processes of glacial calving – and consequent rumour mongering although these process are totally natural and to be expected; the doom laden scenarios claimed about the Western Antarctic peninsula were always hypothesizing ‘modelled’ noise and nothing more than that.
    A look at the sea ice extent and is, another nail in the warmists coffins – not that accurate measurements and real life observation – ever had much truck with the politicians and for that matter – those warmist loons at PIK.

  8. Fred Colbourne

    In the Hockeyschtick post the number 4 paper by Den Volokin and Lark ReLlez has been removed by the publisher, I presume at the request of the authors for further work / correction.


    There is uncertainty about the status of this paper, but as I recall from first year university physics, dimensional analysis is a technique to ensure that a calculation avoids being structured in a way that is “unphysical”.

    In my opinion, the authors may have shown what the structure of an planetary atmospheric model ought to be. Perhaps they wish to to elaborate the model itself. Alternatively, the authors may wish simply to describe what they have discovered about the dimensionality of the problem without referring to future proposed modeling work.

    Hockeyschtick post is well worth a read, but I am keeping an open mind. Since this is fundamental physics we probably won’t have long to wait for confirmation or rebuttal.

    These physical issues should have been settled before climate mitigation policies were adopted that has cost consumers and taxpayers billion of dollars in both developed and developing countries.

    1. D. Volokin

      The paper by Volokin & ReLlez “Emergent Model for Predicting the Average Surface Temperature of Rocky Planets with Diverse Atmospheres” has only been temporarily removed and will likely soon be reinstated. The removal has nothing to do with the scientific merit of the article, which is not in question at this point as indicated by the fact that the manuscript has successfully passed a normal peer review and was accepted for publication… The latest version of the paper can be accessed here:


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  10. Lawrie Ayres

    The real problem these days is that the warmists and the politicians don’t take any notice of the facts and are prepared to chase an illusion in order to sell us all out. One thing gives me hope and that is the people are awake and the sceptics will soon outnumber the faithful idiots and that is one fact even the dumbest politician understands.

    1. GP Alexander

      Lawrie, I am very much in agreement with what you are saying. Here in Canada, we have just elected a new government with policies, for the most part, that I can support. Except, for one, being their slavish devotion to the Global Warming scam.


      We get a double whammy here in the Greater Vancouver Region as the mayor of Vancouver, who we call Mayor Moonbeam, and his city council has declared that Vancouver with be powered totally by renewable energy by 2050.

      Programmes like trading in our old perfectly working refridgerators and deep freezers for new “energy efficient” ones. Typical delusional mathematics from the carbon crowd (math does not lie, mathematicians do… as seen at PIK). Over the lifetime of fridge, it takes more electrical energy to make a new “energy efficient” one that what would be saved by the continued use of the original fridge. My parents have a huge chest deep freezer that has been working for over 30 years, using freon as a refrigerant, which ironically is energy efficient compared to R-134A and the rest of the “ozone friendly” replacements.

  11. Gavin

    And this drivel passes for proof or journalism these days does it? A handful of unrelated opinion pieces.
    Putin doesn’t like the economic impacts and so calls climate change ‘a fraud’. No evidence given, and this from a guy who says ‘we don’t have troops in the Ukraine’.
    The NASA article, if your read it through, talks about inconsistent changes. Shrinking in some areas, growth in one particular point. Weigh it up against the body of evidence of receeding glaciers and its one solitary data point.
    Poland doesn’t want to extend Kyoto because they believe it will hurt their economy? So? That’s doesn’t mean it not happening. It just means they have their own self interests over the good of the world/mankind.

    And this article, by the way, shared by a Victor Vurpillat, who with just one minutes research showed him on the board of directors of Global Mining and having his PhD in Human Behaviour. Wow, great source guys!

    1. DirkH

      Hey Gavin, how’s the temperature fabrication going at GISS?

  12. sod

    I agree with most of what Gavin wrote above.

    Apart from that, we see a couple of countries which are lead by people who sceptical of climate change and promoting fossil fuels. among them, Poland, Australia, Russia and Canada.

    The problem with all these countries is simple: They have an obvious agenda in this topic. Their coal/oil/gas business is threatened and what is even worse today, they are faced with the prospect of significant amounts of their “treasures” being never used at all.

    1. DirkH

      “The problem with all these countries is simple: They have an obvious agenda in this topic.”

      While warmunists, as we all know, are innocent as a newborn lamb.

      1. GP Alexander

        …. as innocent as a newborn lamb

        …. as prone to following as sheep.

      2. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

        Dirk, this is just the standard approach of these jokers – the same approach that is used by bad lawyers. Rather than argue against the testimony of witnesses (because they can’t), they try to impeach the witnesses. Notice how they never state their disagreements (factually) – they just sniff that whoever is disagreeing is obviously corrupt and should be ignored. Funny thing – Lyndon LaRouche (remember him?) used to dismiss questioners by saying that he didn’t have to pay attention to drug-pushers.

        However, what’s really interesting about Putin’s comments is that he’s basically admitting that not only is the whole anti-CO2 agenda a total crock, but that he knew the truth while riding on the nonsense (as a cynical opportunist) because it was a good vehicle for his own good.

        One of the interesting things that both Putin and the EUniks have long tried to do is set the CO2 emission baseline year as 1990 – everyone would be base-lined via comparisons with their CO2 emissions in that year. Well, why is 1990 so critical? This is one of the ugliest instances of cynical opportunism that has ever slithered out of the crooked swamp that is the “climate change” game. 1990 was basically the last year that the entire inefficient, heavy-industry-based Soviet bloc economic complex was running at full tilt; the CO2 emissions of those countries were in general much higher than they are now (if I recall correctly, Lithuania’s CO2 emissions today are something like a tenth of what they were in 1990).

        These unforced changes of course greatly favor Russia – but they also favor the EU due to the addition of the 10+ former-communist eastern countries.

        So the game was to be quite simple. Using that 1990 baseline, Russia and the EU could easily just sit and basically do nothing – and be judged as being the best of the best in “reducing” their CO2 emissions. (Economic collapse is demonstrably the best method of effecting that.) And even better, those who did better than their 1990 baseline would be given “carbon credits” (“Free money!”) that they could sell to the “malefactors.”

        It’s interesting to see Putin come clean on this one. It means that he’s given up on the “1990-baseline” scam. And it also means that he understands that without that game, the “agenda” will harm rather than help Russia.

        Interesting times…

        1. sod

          “the same approach that is used by bad lawyers.”

          Sorry, but i hear a similar argument all the time from the “sceptic” side.

          Basically science is a scam and scientists are in it for money.

          The problem there is, that that connection doesn t make any sense.

          A oil/coal country has a direct interest on talking down climate change.

          a scientist could easily switch sides and say the exact opposite to get money from there (and there is much more money in the oil/coal side than in the pro-climate change camp).

          1. The Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D.

            Umm… err… that’s exactly what I said.

            An obvious problem is that the “alarmist” set is not only comprised of closed-ear religious fanatics – they confine themselves to a bubble where they soothe themselves by avoiding contrary evidence… via inventing some excuse as to why the witness providing that contrary evidence must be biased and that they can thus ignore his testimony. (Again, just like Lyndon LaRouche always dismissing his critics as “drug pushers” who should be ignored.)

            Don’t try this in court – you’ll get (deservedly) roasted.

            What’s more interesting, as I said, is that Vladimir Putin has not only flat-out admitted that the whole thing is a big, steaming pile of nonsense – he has also admitted that he and his circle knew that a very long time ago. Basically, they were happy to ride along with the nonsense (Putin being a cynical opportunist of the first order) as long as it looked like they could use the 1990 baseline as an advantage… and once that would no longer happen, the advantage was no longer there, the game-playing would hurt (rather than help) Russia, and he said so.

            That’s what’s going on in the real world outside the green fantasy bubble.

          2. DirkH

            “(Putin being a cynical opportunist of the first order)”

            Oooh sob! In the 2+4 treaty 1990 the West promised to move NATO not one inch closer to Russian borders. Now look what Russia did! How close they put their country to our air bases!

            You can’t blame Russia for fighting back wherever they can. I know, things were easier when you had a US sponsored drunkard in the Kremlin.

    2. GP Alexander

      My dear sod, I should be consulting you on how I can get investment tips. You are connected to the right people.


  13. John F. Hultquist

    On the topic of food:

    Title: Fast Food, Soft Drink, and Candy Intake is
    Unrelated to Body Mass Index For 95% of American Adults

  14. John F. Hultquist
  15. Escroquerie du réchauffement climatique anthropique: çà sent le gaz pour le COP21 de Paris !… | Resistance71 Blog

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