Northern Hemisphere Fall Ice/Snow Cover Explodes…9 Million Sq Km More Than In Hansen’s 1988

German climate website wobleibtdieerderwaermung here writes a post showing that the poles are not aware of global warming. The once high hyped canary-in-the-coal mine Arctic is just not getting much attention this year from the alarmists this year – because it is doing the very opposite of what they predicted!

The German skeptic site writes (translated/edited by P Gosselin):

With an ice extent of 8 million square kilometers at the start of November, the Arctic has reached the highest sea ice extent of the last eleven years. A chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) clearly shows the highest extent for sea ice cover with 30% or more ice on 7 November 2015:

(Click to enlarge)

Die DMI-Grafik der Meereisflächen mit mindestens 30% Eisanteil sind am 7. November 2015 deutlich gößet als in den zehn Jahren bis 2005 davor. Quelle:
The DMI chart for sea ice extent (30% and more) shows that it is now (7 November 2015 – black line) considerably more than at any time for the date over the past 11 years. Source:

This chart comes as no surprise for those who have been monitoring the weather and ice developments in the North Atlantic and Greenland.

You’ll find the latest on this at: Global Warming” Reality Check October 2015 – global cooling since 1998 continues: RSS 0.44

“…The net growth of the Greenland ice sheet, which surely is a surprise for many, saw an increase in October of approximately 200 km³ (200 billion cubic meters) since September 1, 2015, i.e. in just 2 months:

Die Massebilanz (Brutto) des Grönlandeises ist vom 1, Septzember bis Anfang November 2015 um rund 200 km³ (Kubikkilometer) oder 200 Milliarden Kubikmeter gewachsen. (blaue Linie in der unteren Grafik). Quelle: wie vor
The gross mass balance of Greenland’s ice shows a growth of 20o cubic kilometers just since September 1 2015 (blue line in the lower chart). The brown line in the lower chart ends on the right side at 31 August 2015 and shows a gross ice mass growth of approximately 230 km³. Source: same as above

Also take a look at the: Surprising NASA study: The Antarctic ice sheet is growing! IPCC 2013 report is wrong!

Moreover snow coverage of the northern hemisphere is telling us the same story. In October 2015, at 21.4 million square kilometers, it was the fourth greatest extent since measurements began in 1967, and is 4 million km² above the international WMO 1981-2010 mean:

Die Schneeflächen der NH sind im Oktober 2015 rund vier Millionen km² (Quadratkilometer) gößer als im international üblichen modernen WMO-Klimamittel 1981-2010. Quelle:
Northern hemisphere snow and ice coverage in Octoaber 2015 is close to 4 million square kilometers above the WMO 1981-2010 mean, placing it at no. 4 since recordkeeping began in 1967. DieThe chart shows an increase in October northern hemisphere snow coverage of close to 9 million square kilometers. Source:”


14 responses to “Northern Hemisphere Fall Ice/Snow Cover Explodes…9 Million Sq Km More Than In Hansen’s 1988”

  1. Ric Werme

    We’ve had a great “Indian Summer” here in New England for the last week or so. I figured someplace must have been cold. 🙂

  2. Edward.

    Its been pretty unseasonably warm over in ‘old’ England.

    In the UK last week, an anti cyclone positioned over to the east and feeding warming air up from the Azores, the thing is the wind was very light to calm still.
    This meant that, most if not all of our whirlygigs were only providing not much if any electrical power and the grid authorities had to ask big industry to power down for a number of hours over the peak period [last Wednesday I believe it occurred]. Thus, with a number of coal plants recently decommissioned and some others out of service thanks to maintenance and repair issues – the UK was in imminent danger of an outage and all thanks to our idiot MPs, stupid liberal establishment who have all supped deep at the Kool aid green room bar.
    Now picture if you will, a blocking high pressure feeding in winds from the east in say January, rather like the conditions of March 2013 and I really do begin to wonder, how long will it be before the grid goes down due to lack of emergency ‘spinning’ reserve. The UK grid is ageing and one transformer going down will trigger a domino effect the thought of which is truly terrifying.

    But it is what you get when the country is run by a bunch of ****wit Socialists and green loonies, ref’ Ed Milliband & Bryony Worthington, Chris Huhne, Ed Davey, David Camoron and George Osbornomics – “lets run up the National debt” while at the same time – pushing the country over the cliff of energy insecurity – Brilliant, industrial suicide here we COME, if it ain’t already arrived.

    1. Jeff Todd

      Spot on Edward, spot on. The one thing that has always caused me some confusion; if the 2science is settled”, why do we need to employ and pay so many climate scientists? Surely the whole lot should now be out of work and joining the queue of unemployed workers. Like the miners, steel workers, aluminum workers, refinery workers, ettc who their pet theory has put out of work.

      1. Edward.

        Why indeed Jeff, I am sure that I cannot answer that, the very idea that the science is settled – on any matter is preposterous bombast.

        Peter Hitchens, in the MoS ponders why we vastly subsidized bird mincers and PV arrays while closing coal fired plant and on EU instruction – no less? I beg, surely someone in Westminster on the Labour benches could raise up some sort of protest about the imminent closure of two more coal power stations, and yet their silence is deafening.

        At last.

        We have been failed by a generation of halfwit gimps calling themselves MPs, who so purblindly cling to the liberal mantras of, Cultural Marxism and the green insanity. Alas for us, they are just lowly line managers, incapable or, more likely frightened witless of raising their head above the parapet by daring to question the received wisdom.

        Is it not time, that, one of these timid Berks raised his/her voice in, summoning up some courage and to shout, “ENOUGH – IS ENOUGH!”

    2. DirkH

      “But it is what you get when the country is run by a bunch of ****wit Socialists and green loonies, ref’ Ed Milliband & Bryony Worthington, Chris Huhne, Ed Davey, David Camoron and George Osbornomics”

      You don’t even have Corbyn yet and you’re already complaining.

      1. Edward.

        Most fortunately for the British, that possibility and that [Jeremy Corbyn] idiot will never get his hands near the levers of power, though with a brother in the likes of Piers – I actually think that, Corbyn junior would be better able to see – and even correct…. the mess the likes of his Blairite, Miliband et al – his Commie [and Tory cultural Marxists aka the ‘red lites’] peers made of UK energy policy.


        1. DirkH

          They. Are. Brothers? Lordy mine.

          1. Edward.

            Yes, indeed they are Dirk.

  3. Stephen Richards

    9.7m Km² yesterday 7/11/2015

  4. Svend Ferdinandsen

    And then think of the albedo. It was supposed to deminish, how does it work when it increases?
    The amplification to warming from whatever works both ways i assume, so be very worried. We are told that less ice means warming, so what does more ice mean.

    1. sod

      “And then think of the albedo. ”

      There is no sun in october. (4 hours?) so albedo does not have any effect.

  5. john caley

    This report is extremely important. It shows that 2015 is the tipping point for the next Ice Age

    1. sod

      “This report is extremely important. It shows that 2015 is the tipping point for the next Ice Age”

      You are 100% right. The only other possible explanation is a cyclical effect, so the curve will turn down again next year.

      And we could also start a trend line in 1977 and conclude a seriuously falling trend.

  6. sod

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