So Far November Global Satellite / 2m Temperature Measurements Show No New Record Will Be Set!

Schneefan (snow fan) looks at the global temperature here.


After a globally warm October 2015 the unfalsified satellite data from UAH and RSS show that mid tropospheric temperature dropped significantly in the first 10 days of November: -0.5°K.

After reaching high levels in October the daily recorded global mean temperature at 7500 m for the year 2015 in the UAH chart has at times fallen below those the during the El Niño impacted years of 2014, 2010, 2009, 2005 and 2002 (click to enlarge):

Die Satellitenmessungen im Jahr 2015 (lilafarbene Linie) liefgen nach einem Höhenflug im Oktober in der ersten Novemberdekade am Ende (kleines weißes Quadrat) klar unter den Jahren 2014, 2009, 2010, 2009 und 2005.

The 2015 satellite measurements (lilac curve) at 7500 m altitude were at a high in October, yet during the first ten days of November (white box) temperature was clearly under the years 2014, 2010, 2009, 2005 and 2002: Source: AMSU-A Temperatures.

Also the daily recorded mean global 2m temperatures eased to +0,361°K after the October record value of +0.495°K deviation compared to the WMO climate mean, putting it so far only at 4th place for the month of November:

Die Analyse der globalen 2m-Temperaturen zeigt von 1. bis 10. November 2015 eine Abweichung von 0,361 K zum international üblichen modernen WMO-Klimamittel 1981-2010. Quelle:

Analysis of global 2m temperatures show that November 1-10, 2015 had a deviation of 0.361 K compared to the commonly used modern WMO 1981-2010 climate mean. Source:

While the ongoing powerful El Niño event that has been taking place since the summer of 2015 allows us to expect a further 5-month delayed global warming as seen in October, November so far is pointing to no record value with the satellite temperature measurements and with the 2m temperatures.

Of course we have to wait and see if it stays that way. See: ENSO Update: SOI-Tageswert erstmals seit zwei Monaten positiv – El Niño beginnt zu schwächeln… or here in English at NoTricksZone.


17 responses to “So Far November Global Satellite / 2m Temperature Measurements Show No New Record Will Be Set!”

  1. sod

    November is very warm in Germany so far. “in shorts to the chrismas market” is a question, being asked in a recent article.

    But i am really glad that we found a place in 7.5 km heights that is cool in comparison to the hottest years in the recent past. Global warming simply must be a hoax then!

    1. GP Alexander

      “in shorts to the Christmas market”

      Thanks for the warning sod. I am cancelling my pre-Christmas holiday to Bavaria in fear of running into Heino wearing a pair of lederhosen.

      Running into Julia-Maria Köhler (even in lederhosen) would not, on the other hand, be so bad.

    2. R James

      Germany – a small country covering 0.07% of the Earth’s surface. Why don’t I find it’s climate significant on a global basis?

      1. Leslie Graham

        It’s not just Germany that is hot.
        Every part of the world is hot except for north east USA and a part of the north Atlantic south of Greenland.
        In fact it’s hotter by a huge margin.

        1. R James

          That’s strange. I checked satellite data from RSS and UAH, and they show no warming for the past 18 years. I checked NOAA USACRN data (started in 2005 using new weather stations that didn’t need adjustments). This also shows no warming for the past 10 years (since established).

        2. R James

          We’ve seen a 0.7 degC increase over the past 170 years. Is that the “huge margin” you are talking about? Do you think we’d notice it?

    3. DirkH

      sod 12. November 2015 at 8:36 PM | Permalink | Reply
      “But i am really glad that we found a place in 7.5 km heights that is cool in comparison to the hottest years in the recent past. Global warming simply must be a hoax then!”

      sod, so you deny that the warmunist theory claims that the troposphere must warm FASTER than the surface? You are denying the very theory that you constantly claim to believe in.

      Obviously you don’t even know the first thing of the CO2AGW theory. You are first and last and always just a salesman for wind turbines, that’s all you are and that’s all you’ll ever be.

      1. DirkH

        And it is very interesting that for at least a decade now, as the troposphere continues to contradict the warmunist predictions, the warmunists have not behaced scientific at all: They have never modified their theory to bring it into agreement with measurements but always attacked the measurements as faulty.

        The reason for this is the incredible inertia of the warmunist pseudiscience: The theory is expressed not in a simple formula but in millions of lines of (non-quality-controlled) FORTRAN source code (not written or reviewed by professional coders or computer science faculties).

        They literally cannot afford to change their theory but must defend their obviously obsolete, false forecasts.

      2. Leslie Graham

        “Previously reported discrepancies between the amount of warming near the surface and higher in the atmosphere have been used to challenge the reliability of climate models and the reality of human-induced global warming… This significant discrepancy no longer exists because errors in the satellite and radiosonde data have been identified and corrected. New data sets have also been developed that do not show such discrepancies.”
        John Christy UAH

  2. David Johnson

    I have a brand new theory. Pierre, is SOD and posts just to get us commenting 😉 🙂

  3. ClimateOtter

    ‘November is very warm in Germany so far.’

    And I recall 70-degree weather in Pennsylvania in January- 40 years ago. So what? Besides, when we point to the recent cold winters in the US you and yours claim it is just ‘regional,’ so what makes Germany’s slight warmth in November any different?

  4. DirkH

    Crazy person and warmunist (but I repeat myself) environment minister Hendricks wants economic refugees to be relabeled climate refugees (because obviously, their countries turn to shit because of CO2, not because of corruption and laziness), and grant them asylum.

    The latest craze in Berlin is obviously finding more and more reasons to import more and more people from all over the islamic world. Warmunists are happy to contribute.

    1. DirkH
  5. kuhnkat

    On the current big El Nino, I have a question. We aren’t getting much precip in Cali so far. The other issue is that I believe the warm pool is a big part of the follow on warming from the El Nino. The warm pool I understand to be the water in the west side of the Pacific off Indonesia and Phillipines and out to sea. The trade winds blow the warm El Nino waters to the west heating up this area which is then distributed by ocean currents around the world causing the El Nino warming. If you look at the SST charts the warm pool is not above average as it should be. It seems that there have been few winds to move the warm water west from the Nino areas. This would imply that the high temps of the Nino areas are as much due to the warm water not being moved to the west as extra warming. If that is true we can expect much less warming from this El Nino than would be expected from the high temps we are seeing in the Nino areas…

    Anyone able to tell me where I am going wrong?

  6. David Appell

    “…the unfalsified satellite data from UAH and RSS…”

    Both RSS and UAH, of course, make significant adjustments to their raw data, in order to get their monthly temperature numbers.

    In fact, satellites DON”T EVEN MEASURE TEMPERATURES.

    They use a model to try and convert oxygen-emitted microwaves to temperature.

    By the way, here’s what the leader of the RSS group says:

    Carl Mears, leader of the RSS satellite group, Sept 2014:

    “Does this slow-down in the warming mean that the idea of anthropogenic global warming is no longer valid? The short answer is ‘no’. The denialists like to assume that the cause for the model/observation discrepancy is some kind of problem with the fundamental model physics, and they pooh-pooh any other sort of explanation. This leads them to conclude, very likely erroneously, that the long-term sensitivity of the climate is much less than is currently thought.

    “The truth is that there are lots of causes besides errors in the fundamental model physics that could lead to the model/observation discrepancy. I summarize a number of these possible causes below. Without convincing evidence of model physics flaws (and I haven’t seen any), I would say that the possible causes described below need to be investigated and ruled out before we can pin the blame on fundamental modelling errors.”

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