How Holly Holm Dismantled, Demolished, De-Classified “Expert Consensus” On Projected UFC Fight Outcome

A bit off-topic today…

The recent UFC women’s championship fight between loud-mouthed, über-cocky Rhonda Rousey (28) – the defending champion – and mild-mannered challenger Holly Holm is yet another example that vividly illustrates why consensus over the outcome of any complex future event among so-called “experts” is often not worth the paper it’s printed on. Like in climate change here too there was universal certainty as to who the winner would be, all based on expert assessments and lots of hype. Boy, were they wrong.

Over 90% certainty Rousey would win, odds 14-1

Before the fight experts were virtually dead-sure Rousey would win, and even do so handily. Betting outlets set the odds at a whopping 14-1. Rousey seemed invincible, almost to the point that challengers were called crazy to even dare enter the same ring with her, and so were people who bet against her.

At best it was said that Holm could only hope to hang in there as long as possible and maybe survive a round or two. In in her three previous matches Rousey disposed of her three opponents in short order – in a total of less than 70 seconds. But ultimately that success may have fed Rousey’s sense of invulnerability and overconfidence, and thus led to her demise.

The predictions, projections and expert opinions all turned out to be totally wrong. Precisely the opposite happened, as in the second round Rousey went down hard after a kick to the head, knocked out cold before she even hit the floor. Before that Holm had methodically dismantled her with a series of vicious blows. Holly Holm had done what no one imagined possible, even making the job look almost effortless. There was no lucky punch involved. The quiet girl from New Mexico humiliated the cocky loudmouth in short order.

As the video below shows, Rousey was totally outclassed. After just 6 minutes the massive favorite Rousey was out cold.

A lack of maturity

Not only was Rousey outclassed, but she completely lacked class, letting her success go to her head. In a way she personifies everything that is wrong with the American youth: ill-mannered, loud-mouthed, and annoyingly cocky.

Her downfall was her lack of respect for her opponent. This she clearly demonstrated with zero sportsmanship during the weigh-in and her refusal to touch gloves at the start of the bout. She bought into the media clear favorite hype, really believing she was 14 to 1 better than Holm, so making herself the victim of her own hyper-inflated ego. She was in a state of delusion.

Later, after the fight, Holm was asked about Rousey’s pre-fight cockiness and attitude. Being the classy and well-mannered lady she is, she attributed Rousey’s antics to the emotions that naturally boil up in the lead-up to a fight, and so held nothing against it. Here Holm was being too polite. Part of being a world-class athlete is having the ability to keep your emotions in check and to maintain a cool head. Here it’s obvious that Rousey had not yet developed emotionally to that point. That same immaturity led her to believe she was something she was not.

As her fame grew, so did her big mouth, ego and abrasive in-your-face attitude. Hopefully for Rousey her humiliating defeat to Holm will serve as a lesson in sportsmanship, maturity, respect and class. It’s a lesson she sorely needed.


19 responses to “How Holly Holm Dismantled, Demolished, De-Classified “Expert Consensus” On Projected UFC Fight Outcome”

  1. mcraig

    Never expected to see this topic here but as an MMA fan I can say that this article is quite good.

  2. John F. Hultquist

    The world would be better off if the global warming consensus could go the way of Ms. Rousey. Unfortunately, the carbon dioxide causes global warming scam just pops up in a new way every time it is dismantled and demolished.
    Like some other clowns:

  3. ClimateOtter

    Perhaps sod can find a way to spin it that AGW was responsible?

  4. Arsten

    I grew up (among the eldest millennials, ‘tweener, or youngest gen-x, depending on your generational definition) seeing this behavior around me constantly, I have to say that my parents’ and the preceding generation both had their fair share of people who talked big but couldn’t deliver – out of too much self-confidence, a show of bravado, or simple arrogance.

    The only real difference between the generations is that the old people have simply had the time to learn to hide it effectively. It is unfair to not give the young this same courtesy. They can learn how, too!

  5. Don G

    I heard an interview with Rousey a month ago and she said that Holm was the worst style of fighter for her to go against. The odds makers should have listened to her!

  6. David Appell

    What a brilliant analogy! — any and all consensus is wrong because one woman knocked out another.

    Ridiculous (of course).

    1. Colorado Wellington

      At least Rousey got knocked out by her opponent, David. You somehow managed to run into the ring and kick yourself in the head. That’s quite a feat but don’t do it again.

      1. ClimateOtter

        He does it every day!

    2. Squildly

      Hey look! … DA is back … and dumb as ever … asshat…

    3. David Appell

      P Gosselin wrote:
      “I use an example to illustrate consensus is unreliable.”

      There is a name for this: cherry picking.

      Where are your examples where consensus is reliable?

      1. Josh

        Cherry picking, Mr Appell? You and your ilk should know all about that. In case you weren’t sure the whole point of the article was to highlight the foolishness of consensus thinking. That a view is widely held is no proof whatsoever that it is not completely bunk.

  7. Layne

    In the MMA, no one is untouchable. There are stars, but they eventually get knocked out.

    In the case of Klimate Koo koo, the proponents are not only cocky, but they’ve rigged the fight, AND they own the judges.

    There is no (real) debate about climate. There is no problem with the atmosphere, and the Klimate Klan know it. This is strictly about deception, force, theft, and totalitarianism. We should cut from arguments pro and con about this clever ruse, and force them to talk about the real reasons they are doing this.

  8. R2Dtoo

    The ultimate blow would be a complete power failure somewhere in the western world. I hope is doesn’t occur during the NH winter when thousands could die over night. The face bookers/twitterers/cell phonics would die of boredom in a day and scream for reliable power; CO2 be damned!

  9. Mervyn

    Spot on!

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