Legal Lunacy: Peruvian Farmer Sues Power Company For CO2 Emitted 10,000 Km Away!

Peru Germany distanceIt’s ridiculous enough politicians are blaming the refugee crises on man-made climate change, even though everyone knows they are really caused by foreign policy ineptitude and debacles.

But now climate change hysteria has taken on new, more extreme witch-hunting dimensions that are on par with, if not even surpassing, those of the Dark Ages – a time when bad weather and crop failures were blamed on sorcerers, devils and witchcraft. The very same lunacy is happening today. But this time the responsible witchcraft is even on the other side of the planet!

NTV German public television here reports (and does so seriously) on a Peruvian farmer who is currently suing Europe’s largest power company, RWE, for its emissions 10,000 kilometers away in Germany – claiming that these emissions have caused the nearby Andes glaciers to melt through green-house gas induced climate change.

It is reported that the melting glacier has caused a nearby lake to expand, and it now threatens to burst its dam and flood the town where the farmer lives. NTV reports:

Small Peruvian farmer Saul Luciano Lliuya is suing Germany energy corporation RWE for 20,000 euros in compensatory damages because of hazards arising from the melting of Andes glaciers.”

The farmer says that the dam needs to be upgraded, and RWE should pay its share of the cost.

Normal people of course realize this is nothing but a rigged enviro-publicity stunt that is designed to look like serious news by the German sensationalist media. This stunt of course likely will hurt the climate movement more than it will help because it is in fact so far-fetched that it is serving to vividly demonstrate just how far out of control the climate activism and hysteria have gotten.

According to environmental group Germanwatch, which helped organize the lawsuit filed in Essen, Germany, the farmer fears a flood from the nearby rapidly melting glaciers, claiming that because RWE is “Europe’s largest coal-fired CO2 emitter”, it must be held accountable for the damage to the glaciers from its emissions, and the hazard posed to local property.

This story is actually being presented (abused) by the German media as a legitimate grievance.

So how can a farmer in Peru claim that a power company some 10,000 kilometers away is responsible for nature not behaving the way he would like it to? After all, when compared to the global total emissions, RWE’s coal-fired emissions are puny. Firstly the suit was arranged at least in part by German environmental activist group Germanwatch, who is likely using it to get attention-grabbing headlines. Here the farmer is cynically being used as a publicity-stunt pawn.

Concerning the basis underpinning the claim itself, Germanwatch cites the IPCC, claiming that climate change is causing the glacier to melt and overfeeding the lake which lies just a few kilometers uphill from the town. The dam holding back the water risks breaking. It wouldn’t be so had RWE not emitted CO2, the suit appears to claim.

NTV writes that because RWE is Europe’s largest CO2 emitter, “the company should contribute to the financing of the protection measures against the growing glacier lake located above the town and correspond to the company’s share on the cause of climate change.”

Gee, now that I think about it, my last vacation was ruined by lousy weather. Shouldn’t it be possible for me to get fossil-fuel power companies to compensate for the damage I had to endure. Also the weather for my wife’s last outdoor birthday party was ruined by rain last June.

Yes, the neurotically hysterical witch-hunting days of the Dark Ages are back. The bonfires are being lit.


16 responses to “Legal Lunacy: Peruvian Farmer Sues Power Company For CO2 Emitted 10,000 Km Away!”

  1. yonason

    “…now climate change hysteria has taken on new, more extreme witch-hunting dimensions that are on par with, if not even surpassing, those of the Dark Ages – a time when bad weather and crop failures were blamed on sorcerers, devils and witchcraft. – See more at:


  2. yonason

    “The dam holding back the water risks breaking.”

    Of course, the Peruvian engineers who designed the dam to deal with every contingency bear no responsibility whatever if it does break.

  3. Mikky

    I’ve always been puzzled why govts such as the US have been so ready to claim that AGW is happening now, does that not admit liability for damages from every extreme weather event.

    People signing things in Paris is extremely unlikely to have any effect on the climate, but the financial consequences are potentially enormous.

  4. MJSnyder

    Why is the farmer suing for such a small amount? I would think that “small guy” against “Big Coal” would be asking for at least a million. Or is there another layer here: perhaps the amount is so small that RWE will just pay it out because litigation will cost much more. Thus setting a precedent – “mea culpa” – opening the door for the big ones.

  5. M E

    In German principalities the witch burning was in the fifteenth century. The ‘Dark Ages’ were a cold period from about fourth/fifth century lasting upto a century or more remember the ice on the Rhine and the glaciers growing? And, no, the church did not approve of burning witches.

  6. DirkH

    I was thinking, there must be somebody writing a “charity” song for the COP in Paris so I googled and yes there is:
    “Music with a message: Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Fergie, and other stars unite for charity tune Love Song to the Earth to support UN Climate Change Conference

    Proceeds from the track will benefit the United Nations Foundation and Friends of the Earth
    Sean Paul, Leona Lewis and Colbie Caillat also appear on the song
    Love Song to the Earth will receive a wide release on September 11, the same day a lyric video will be released ”

    sod! Appell! you know what to do! Support saving the planet by sending your money to Macca!

    1. yonason

      “Love Song to the Earth will receive a wide release on September 11, the same day a lyric video will be released.”

      9/11? Really? What an appropriate choice for the disaster the policies they advocate will cause, if enacted.

  7. Mindert Eiting

    The Peruvian farmer seems as clever as the only climate refugee we have (I thought in New Zealand). Why not take the opportunity to pick some money from the billions wasted in this swindle? Or is this the privilege of Al Gore?

  8. roger

    The satellites tell a different story with UAH v6 for November coming in at just0.33 deg C and this at the height of the warming from the current El Nino.
    Downhill all the way now as La Niña pushes to the fore.
    Get popcorn!

  9. Dave in the states

    So who put the farmer up to it? Excuse my suspicion but I have been seeing arranged crisis, arranged law suites, arranged “grass roots” demonstrations, arranged media coverage, targeted and selective law enforcement, or targeted and selected non-law enforcement, for seven years now.

  10. Walter H. Schneider

    Perhaps it is just an attempt to drag a red herring across the road, so as to divert attention from the looming bankruptcy of Spain’s renewable energy giant Albengoa, the largest banruptcy that ever happened in Spain:

  11. Mervyn

    Well, we may laugh now, but if the UN encourage the formation of a ‘Climate Court’, the Peruvian farmer could well win such a case.

  12. JJM Gommers

    Is the Ghost of Polly Higgins going around??
    She is embarking on a crusade for a Climate Court.

  13. Edward.

    ‘Germanwatch’ WTF?

    The Green madness knows no bounds, it believes in can defy, logic and gravity and will twist the reality to suit its means, debasing and traducing laws and the legal process one more string to its bow.

    Be aware, that this sort of idiocy, is a new ploy from the green maniacs, who think that, there is a great case to be made here and this small step will open the door to all sorts of bogus but in their [the green blob] eyes justified claims.

    Another front but in the same war, can be observed thus:

    “The RICO affair, in which a group of green-minded academics tried to get the full force of the law used against those who disagree with them, continues to have repercussions. This is the latest.”

    Stitching up corporations for delusional claims based on mental hysteria [globalls warbling] is about par for the green mentalists. Their wet dream fantasy is the ultimate, of using the vehicle and thereby the full force of the law – which incidentally [thanks to the ECHR-ECJ] is losing its collective marbles – is the next logical step…..down the line it will mean and taking this ramp up to its nth degree – are prosecutions of individual cases – in denier trials.

    In a mirror, we are allowing the EU madmen and the green blob: to devising a green form of Sharia.

  14. AndyG55

    REW ought to send him a large invoice for all the CO2 used to grow his crops. 🙂

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